Six Figure Sneakerhead Hypemaster Playbook Review

Recent Customer reviews of Six Figure Sneakerhead’s Hypemaster Playbook PDF:

Many of the reviews that we have received without asking came in the form of direct messages and comments on our Instagram .

We took all the knowledge of what it took to make a successful sneaker resale business and thankfully from our customers we’ve received plenty of positive reviews and comments.

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We thank everyone who bought the playbook and wish them the very best in their sneaker resale career.

Read below for a few snippets of what people like about the Hypemaster Playbook:

hypemaster playbook review

Positive review #1: “Your hypemaster playbook is digital gold, really informative, helping a lot in my reselling career

six figure sneakerhead free pdf

A life changing solid foundation…

$400 Profit, making cash the right way.

“I copped” ($160 pair of Off-white prestos) “Sold for $705” (for a near $550 profit)

$1500 in the first month after reading the Playbook!

hypemaster playbook pdf free download review iG

Instagram direct message from a 3 year reseller who is inspired by the playbook because it motivates the reader to actually take action,  scaling to levels higher than ever before.



“10 out of 10” 🙏

“Best investment ever”

free playbook review dm 1 instagram

In depth and super readable !

Back from our YouTube channel days…

Emails and Facebook messages.

🙏Thanks for checking us out.

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