Six Figure Sneakerhead: Hypemaster Playbook

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  • Actionable six figure, $0-$10K step by step business blueprint
  • Get multiple pairs at retail for max profit using combined insider methods
  • The most thorough (279 Pages) sneaker resale field guide available
  • Updated for 2019 with new insider hacks
  • 5 Guides in 1: $150 Value
    • Hype Shoes 101: Gaining Sneaker Plug Level Knowledge
    • Bonus #2: Knowledge Into Action: Buying & Selling Hype Shoes Worth Thousands
    • Bonus #3: Becoming A Limited Sneaker Guru: Demystify Info Overwhelm With The Best Resources!
    • Bonus #4: The “Cook” Recipe: Mastering The Mystery Of Sneaker Bots
    • Bonus #5: $0-$10k In 6 Months Or Less: Step-By-Step Biz Plan To Become A Six Figure Sneakerhead 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!! 
  • Digital download/PDF immediately accessible via login upon purchase.

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15 reviews for Six Figure Sneakerhead: Hypemaster Playbook

  1. Jeff

    Does your guide go into depth on which combo of sneaker bot, server, and proxies work best and a guide on how to use them with success

    • JVG (verified owner)

      Hey Jeff, the guide goes in depth of recommended specific proxies and servers which work best with different bots; however since this is always changing we are opening up a private forum for those who have bought the guide in the near future to continually update what the best combos are specific to current releases and different websites/brands.

  2. Jarred (verified owner)

    No other e-book out there has provided me with the confidence and an almost instant success & profit rate as that of the Hypemasters Playbook. Since purchasing the e-book and studying the contents ive been able to acquire 4-6 high value sneakers in 1-2months each of which ive been able to sell at profit. 1 pair has netted me nearly $1,000 in profit, when you consider the price of this book the return on investment is amazing. You can cover the cost of the book in 1x purchase easily.

    I highly recommend you buy this and check out the success rate for yourself.

  3. Terry Joseph Mock

    I bought subscriptions to six-figure sneakerhead mainly out of curiosity because I have been a collector for just over a decade now and just wanted to see things from another perspective. I’m really glad that I made that decision because even though I’ve been doing this for quite a while I do understand that there’s always more to learn and I definitely learned multiple things from subscribing to these newsletters. I have increased my resale percentage just from using some of the techniques I read about in newsletters and emails from six-figure sneakerhead. I would highly recommend anybody who’s serious about collecting and more specifically reselling sneakers and other high-end Street fashion to subscribe to this newsletter and buy any and all Publications available from six-figure sneakerhead. It will be well worth the investment.

  4. Collin Potter

    Im just posting this to see if the website allowd 1 star reviews or is only bot reviews putting 5 stars

  5. Liam

    Hey im 15 right now and im intrested in reselling shoes will this really help me make thousands

  6. Ian

    Was wondering if this guide gets updated as time goes on

  7. Lysander Mahilum (verified owner)

    Honestly, I’m only on Guide 3 at the time of writing this review but this playbook adds TONS of value! Yeezus, this thing is a goldmine. I’ve bought textbooks for stupids amount of money that taught me nothing valuable for my bankroll and I’m juiced I only got this for $47-a gaddamn steal. From someone who’s loved flipping as a teenager but got into the hype of trying out SMMA, professional photographer, and other entrepreneurial ventures, the knowledge in these guides revamps my love for flipping- granted I’ve been flipping a little on eBay through random garage sale items. The shoe game always mystified me and now I feel like I got my head in it. I’m looking forward to applying for the discord group soon once I make my first couple of flips so I don’t go in completely green.

    I haven’t finished the guide yet so I don’t have any suggestions of improvement, nor do I even have the proper knowledge to even make a suggestion because of all the new info in the guide, but I’d say that this is worth the investment. Not just money but your time.

    Do be warned, it’s 283 pages so you’ll be reading for a good minute but it’s definitely worth it.

  8. Luke (verified owner)

    My name is Luke and I’m 14. I’ve always loved shoes got into reselling in May 2019. I failed a bunch on what felt like hundreds of pairs of shoes until I gave up for a while. It kept nagging at me so a few months later I got back into it. I bought and read your book and tried to cop so many pairs until I finally copped the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe size 9.5 Women’s. I was so hype all day. When they arrived I sold them minutes later on stockx for a whopping $960. I was so excited. Your book helped me learn everything I had to about copping and I really do think it was the reason I got that pair. I made a $680 profit on my first shoe. I would give this an easy 5/5 stars

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    This book is loaded with information, doesn’t just skim through or beat around the bush. They go in depth and explain it so that someone that’s new to the sneaker community can learn the ins and outs. Very helpful.

  10. Vadim (verified owner)

    Rarely will you come across a book that is as packed with knowledge as this one. There is no time wasted reading this book as it is all an investment. Unlike school textbooks that often require rereading because of their confusing format, this book was written in a way that makes every little detail as easy to understand as possible

  11. Tom


  12. jsjw (verified owner)

    Great investment! I learned a lot about the reselling market and this guide probably saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks JV

  13. pablo9092 (verified owner)

    I bought my book and I can’t access it online or on download, DON’T BUY this since it is a SCAM. I wrote emails to JV and they don’t answer emails even though it says that if it doesn’t work to email them and they will send a copy via email.

    • JVG (verified owner)

      Hi Pablo and whoever sees this-

      Maybe the log in was confusing , and I just emailed your confidential copy. I assure you it’s not a scam. We delayed sending you your ebook via email since we have a special members section where you’ll get the Playbook access along with goodies that are coming with it, in addition to auto updates (we’re pushing a 2020 version soon).

      Hope you can re-review or reply and confirm you got the book.

      Thanks and good luck

  14. pablo9092 (verified owner)

    I wrote a one-star review about some issues I had about the access of the book. It is not a scam, I recieved my confidential copy and all is well. The book has been amazing so far. Once again, it is NOT a SCAM.

  15. cameron-roy027 (verified owner)

    I’m only half way through the book and I have learned invaluable information that I know will help me in the near future. It’s a good read for anyone that has that entrepreneurial mindset and especially if you’re going to become a sneaker head. I accidentally paid twice for the book and within a day they had given me a refund for the second one. Highly recommend this book. Thank you for all your knowledge!

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