Air Jordan 1 Fearless Release and Resale Pricing Guide

Air Jordan 1 Fearless

Sneakerheads, rejoice: Jordan Brand looks to continue their most sought-out and ever-popular releases of the Jordan 1 Retro High OG with the “Fearless” colorway.

Official Nike image

Not only does the shoe’s design encompass his basketball journey from his college days in UNC to his superstardom in Chicago, other elements pays homage to Michael Jordan’s illustrious basketball Hall of Fame induction speech of 2009.

Air Jordan 1 Release Date and Description

The shoe is set to release on November 2nd, 2019 but the hype has already come earlier, making its profit-worthiness apparent.

What exactly will the resale profit be for this shoe?

Let’s take a look at how we can project by looking at similar models.

Other Jordan 1 colorways have released this year that resulted in sneakerheads depositing money in the bank.

StockX stats of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 from October 2019.

A list of some of the best of 2019 are the Jordan 1 UNC, Jordan 1 x Travis Scott, Jordan 1 Satin, and the Jordan 1 Gym Red – and honestly that’s just some of the profitable ones.

Many different factors that are explained in detail in our Hypemaster Playbook will directly affect the amount of profit the Jordan 1 Fearless will accrue.

Another one from StockX signifying how profitable this similar “Fearless” drop should be.

The cash pocketed from shoe to shoe can range from almost $2,000 like the Jordan 1 x Travis Scotts, to the Jordan 1 UNC’s profit of $200 – and remember that’s just one shoe. Imagine two shoes, three shoes, four shoes – *cha-ching*, money in the bank.

Ok let’s get back to the Air Jordan 1 Fearless.

This Jordan 1 iteration has a unique split design in comparison to the other colorways mentioned.

An on foot look from @hanzuying on IG.

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Draped in shiny patent leather, the shoe boasts a Chicago Red overlay in the front with the UNC Blue making its presence felt in the rear.

The midsole and toe share a white colorway that assists the black Nike Swoosh’s shine, and the black tongue douses the top of the shoe.

A Nike official view from the top with the inspirational phrase visible inside.

A super special touch for these shoes is the text in the insole that read “Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion,” which paints a small picture of Number 23’s inspiring Hall of Fame speech.

The Jordan 1: A Brief History

The resale price on the Jordan 1 Fearless have already started, however, before we dive into resale predictions and more comparisons, let’s recap the history of the Jordan 1.

banned 1 1985 bred
The controversial and legendary 1985 Jordan 1 worth $30,000 + per pair.

Why are the Jordan 1s so popular? Why do people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on such a shoe?

What if I told you initially Michael didn’t even want to sign with Nike? As history would have it, Jordan balled in Converse’s Chuck Taylor and was interested in signing with them before his pathway to NBA legacy. Nike had other ideas.

They pitched to him about creating a whole entity and brand based on Michael Jordan himself, and obviously become the face of the brand. The Air Jordan 1 did not come to fruition here, though. Michael explained that he didn’t like their model’s soles – that they were too thick. Nike evidently created the sillhouette Michael wanted and history was made.

How to Buy: Air Jordan 1 Fearless

As of right now, it’s tough to compose a full sitelist, but here’s what we have so far.

Although this shoe does not show on the launch calendar of any foot sites like Finishline or Footlocker, it’s safe to assume it will be launching on Nike’s SNKR calendar.

If you haven’t yet, immediately download the SNKR application on your smartphone so you can be informed when Nike uploads the shoe in their catalog (also, check out our free guide full of tips on how to increase your odds of winning shoes with it).

To further prepare, subscribe with their newsletter and/or click the “remind me” button when Nike uploads the shoe on their release calendar.

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Resale Value: Jordan 1 Fearless

Resale value as of mid October 2019.

As mentioned earlier, the Jordan 1 model has experienced great resale in many of its colorways. The market for these shoes can be seen on Stockx sneaker resale platform as size 9 is climbing almost over $500.

It’s important to note that these prices will spike just before the drop, then will drop a minor percentage after the day of the release but will still garner a decent profit margin – remember the retail value of the shoe is $160. Based on our data intelligence, the “money sizes” (sizes 8 through 9.5), will float around $300 to $400. If you don’t believe that price, we have various public data models to make such a claim. In fact, not only will there be a resale price, it may even rise in value.

Will the Shoe Price Rise in Value?

Whether the monetary value of the shoe will rise or not is based on the amount of stock that is manufactured, in combination with the popularity the shoe demands.

Given that this shoe is a Jordan 1, it’s unique colorway that embodies the Jordan 1 UNC and Jordan 1 Chicago (both were profitable), this shoe should rise in value overtime.

For educational example, let’s look at the Jordan 1 Gym Red which had a last sale of $322. Surprisingly enough, this Jordan 1 colorway had an abundant stock, also known as a general release pair.


StockX chart of the “Gym Red”

Even though this was a general release pair in comparison to shoes with limited stock, it still did outstanding in the resale market.

The graph displayed shows the value of the shoe on its y-axis and the months in the x-axis.

This shoe released on June 29th 2019, and if you direct your eyes on the June section of the graph, you will see the classic spike just before its end of June release date.

After a few months, the shoes value increased from mid $200s to over $300. For this shoe, its fair to say as time increases, so does its value.

It’s only fair that we show a limited shoe’s performance on the resale market, such as the Jordan 1 x Travis Scott, arguably sneaker of the year. The shoe released on May 11th, 2019, so direct your eyes towards the month of May on the graph below.

The price peaked just prior to its release and plummeted right after the release to just under $1000.


The Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 price graph as of October 2019.

The price decreases slightly after the release date because many people who received their pairs are selling fast, for a less-than-fair-market price. Just as you would say in the stock market, the bears are in control over the bulls. In only a matter of 3 to 4 months, the value of this shoe doubled, proving that the bulls are totally in control.

If you can’t fathom this yet, let me break it down. The shoe released at a retail value of $160. If you would have purchased this shoe on the day of the release and held it until it reached the $2000 value, you’ve profited $1,840 – from one shoe! 

For more on this topic, check out our investment guide on how sneakers can beat the stock market here.

You can find the ways we purchase the shoe with bots, how you can gain access to our discord group, and receive the Hypemaster Playbook and more by signing up to our email list.

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Our twitter page will also assist you in your reselling endeavors.  If you want a share in the resale market of sneakers and join the millions of people who have already taken it upon themselves to make money in the sneaker resale business, it’s worth checking out!

Thanks guys and take care,


CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Blue Silk” Online Drop Details

Edison Chen, the mastermind behind CLOT, is a true creative with a hella interesting back story involving a sex scandal that tied with a steep fall from Brad Pitt levels of stardom in China (check out his whole story as told by VICE here).

As seen in the VICE doc, you’ll understand that Chen’s true passion lies in fashion and streetwear, and that he risked everything and didn’t have much of a competitive edge at all as his celebrity status in China meant absolutely nothing in LA where he eventually settled.

The Canadian/Hong Kong visionary/creative bomb has some real hype on his hands this year which will generate much deserved attention towards him, his brand, and inevitably the crazy billion dollar sneaker pie that’s making teens rich.

Details: CLOT x Air Force 1 “Royal University Blue Silk”

Image from

It’s pretty rare that resellable shoes actually look expensive to outsiders who have no idea what is going on–this is painfully clear in the report from a huge bust of fake Off-White Nikes in which the journalist attributed signature, authentic Off-White x Nike characteristics as “obviously fake”:

For example, the loosely attached swoosh symbols, a globally recognized Nike trademark that appears to have been shoddily stitched onto the sides of the high-tops.

On the flip side, these upcoming CLOT Air Force 1’s, appearing to actually be made of silk, will be super hard to fake and thus should maintain high resale value.

Just check out the detailed shot of the heel: this fine embroidery is a true, luxurious work of art.


Those lucky enough to cop this fine footwear at the store pricetag are getting away with a relative steal:

The retail price of these CLOT Air Force 1’s is set at a fairly reasonable $250.

Although this is more than double the normal price of a Nike Air Force 1, the craftsmanship and unique materials all contribute to a shine that would justify an even higher retail price tag.

The formula for these seems perfect to add to your sneaker resale business.

Let’s have a look at the expected profits to be had.

Projected Resale Value and Profits


The last time we saw such a shoe from Eddy Chen was the Air Force 1 Low “CLOT 1WORLD” Silk, which is basically the same thing as these blue ones coming out except in a different colorway.

We can see that even nearly 2 years after their release, these predecessors are still going for hefty profits of up to $2000 per pair for those who were educated and prepared enough to cop them in the first place.

Prices on Stockx on Oct 17, the day before the online drop.

We’re seeing similarly aspirational resale prices for the “Blue Silk” version, but as most re-releases/re-colors go, the price is never quite as high as the original.

Still, we expect a nice profit of around $500-$1000 per pair depending on the size you grab: these are definitely worth going for with everything you’ve got.

Release Date: 2019 CLOT x Air Force 1


The early bird gets the worm, and this will certainly be the case for those who luck out manually copping online .

Although the wider release date is on Monday, November 11th 2019, your best chance at the juiciest profit is to get these CLOT x Nike Air Force 1’s on the initial release date of Friday, October 18th 2019.

This release date is true for just one colorway, the blue ones, but we’re expecting a Rose Gold tone to drop soon, likely to increased hype and thus resale value, as very little info or even pictures of these are out online yet. They were originally slated to drop alongside these blue ones.

How to Buy: CLOT x Nike “Blue Silk” Air Force 1

A redirect to a password page when going for the link.

If you’re looking for a sitelist for this drop, you won’t have to look hard as for this is limited to just one: JUICE, the official retailer for CLOT.

Here’s the direct link that is expected to redirect you to purchase these on their release date tomorrow:

You’ll see that this redirects to a password page, which a lot of websites do, either to fight bots, confuse people, or both.

Another confusing aspect of this drop to make note of is the release time:

These are set to drop at 12PM Hong Kong time zone, which is at the moment 12 hours ahead of EST, meaning these will drop at midnight EST on October 18th.

Make sure you’re prepared with a payment method to cop these.

Details from their Instagram read:


Those who read the Hypemaster Playbook (it’s highly reviewed for a reason) and are members in our private cook group which pushes live updates are going to have the best chance at grabbing the bag that comes with copping these for retail.

As you can see though, if you take an L on this round, you still have another chance at getting these in November.

We will be updating the blog with a whole list of resellable kicks that are set to drop in November 2019 as this market keeps rolling strong, full of winners and losers–lemme tell you though, it’s way better to be a winner.

Take care guys and good luck on this one,


Air Force 1 “What the NY” Release & Resale Guide

Ever since debuting in 1982, Air Force 1 sneakers continue to push the boundary for fashion and sneaker style. It’s a silhouette that rarely disappoints the sneaker world. Whether it’s a shock value colorway or rare collaboration, AF1’s have solidified their position as one of the top sneakers.

October is welcoming in a brand new rendition of the classic shoe to the packed resale line up: Air Force One “What the NY.”

We’ve also seen the funky colors of the upcoming “What the LA” version, but you can’t forget about the East Coast.

AF1 "What the NY" via Sneakernews
AF1 “What the NY” via Sneakernews

The New York-inspired sneakers are more than just a great pick up for the people living in the Big Apple. Sneaker resellers, get ready to get your hands on these profitable kicks that are definitely ending up as part of this billion dollar sneaker pie that ordinary people are taking part of.

Most Air Force One releases are for the general public to outfit in style, but the line drops gems in between that perform well on the secondary market.

Our Hypemaster Playbook highlights tips and strategies for being able to take advantage of a release such as the “What the NY” AF1 shoe. You could find yourself making thousands of dollars flipping fresh shoes like these.

About the Air Force 1 “What the NY”

Air Force One sneakers are the perfect canvas to deliver unique designs and ideas. From the classic all-white pair to a pair bursting with color like the “What the NY,” you never know what to expect next from the line.

The “What The” series of Nike’s AF1 line is a unique series dedicated to select cities. It’s a special way to commemorate a lot of the familiar sports, teams, textures, and overall vibe of the city, all within the classic Air Force One silhouette.

“What the NY” is a compilation of everything New York. What may seem like a random mix of colors and patterns on the shoe actually has significant meaning to each section if you know NYC.

The Nike Check on one of the shoes is blue with orange stitching, reminiscent of the New York Knicks. The same shoe includes a basketball-style texture on the heel tab. Both shoes represent each of NY’s major sports teams in some way.

AF1 "What the NY" Detail via Sneakernews
AF1 “What the NY” Detail via Sneakernews

Another unique feature is the “New York” writing on each shoe. NYC is known for graffiti art, so the stylized writing on the side and inner soles of the shoes fit perfectly with the theme.

The shoes give you a mix of materials of leather, black denim, and suede.

AF1 "What the NY" Detail 2 via Sneakernews
AF1 “What the NY” Detail 2 via Sneakernews

The “What the NY” follows the concept of the “What the LA” AF1 sneakers that will use the same method of incorporating elements of the city into each shoe.

Release Date

There are several Air Force Ones to look out for in October that could be worth picking up for resell.

The Nike Air Force 1 “What the NY” releases on Thursday, October 17th.

While we’ve had some recent mid and high top AF1’s released, this drop will only include the low top version.

It will be available in all Men’s sizes.

Air Force 1 “What the NY” Retail and Resale Pricing

The AF1 “What the NY” will retail for $130.

Air Force Ones have a wide range of pricing depending on exclusivity. The most common models can retail for $80-90, while some of the rarest AF1 releases can go for over $200 retail. The resell, however, can vary just as much as the retail prices.

“What the NY” will be the first model in the “What The” series based on a city. It will be interesting to see how the demand holds up on the shoes. It can potentially be a huge favorite for sneaker lovers from NY, or a fan of everything about the city, like the shoe represents.


AF1 "What the NY" Pricing via StockX
AF1 “What the NY” Pricing via StockX

Even before the official release date, the sneakers are already showing activity in the presale market, anticipating the drop. They are currently selling in the range of $160 on the low end to over $350 on the high end. It’s a good sign that they are already going for more than retail on the secondary market before the release.

Nike has long released “What The” models of different shoes. The popularity of a particular shoe comes from the colors or novelty of the shoes. One of the most successful styles is the Nike SB “What the Dunk,” which uses a combination of colors and textures from previous Nike Dunk shoes. The shoe retailed for $120 when it released back in ’07 but can be resold for upwards of $8,000 today.

Other styles of the “What The” series have included the Nike Air Max, which also have a current resell value of 3-4x their original retail price.

Securing your pair of the “What the NY” sneakers could be smart if you’re willing to hold them for the long-term to resell. The series tends to do best several years after the release before you’ll see lucrative profits after selling them.

While the other sneakers have a novelty-factor of the popularity of the style of sneaker model, the “What the NY” may have a novelty factor of the NY sport’s teams. If the teams are performing well, you could see a spontaneous jump in the price on the resell market.

How to Buy AF1 “What the NY” Sneakers

You can generally walk into your local sneaker shop and find a pair of AF1’s one the shelves, but not for an exclusive pair like the “What the NY.”

These kicks will only be available at select stores from retailers including Footlocker and FinishLine. Be sure to check with your local store to see if they will be stocked if you want to get them in person.

AF1 "What the NY" Aerial View via Sneakernews
AF1 “What the NY” Aerial View via Sneakernews

Since it’s an NY-influenced sneaker, we can also predict that many of the in-store purchases will be focused on retailers around New York. You’ll most likely have a better chance at finding the shoes locally, or even at boutique sneaker shops.

For the rest of the sneaker collectors outside of New York, you’ll be able to get the shoes online on the release date. will stock the shoes and other major retailers. You can also find the shoes on resell sites such as StockX, but expect to pay a premium above the retail price on these sites.

Many of the online sites will release the sneakers at 10:00 am EST. Hop online at this time for the best opportunity to get them at the retail price in case they sell out quickly.

We’re hoping to kickstart your sneaker reselling side hustle so that you can start making some extra money from your love of sneakers like with these upcoming Air Force Ones. Check out or Hypemaster Playbook Guide for details on how you could make big profits from reselling sneakers.

The Air Force 1 “What the NY” is a shoe to look out for. Nike AF1 has featured many colorways dedicated to NYC on individual shoes, but this is the first time that all aspects of the city are found on one shoe.

With the release date rapidly approaching, we’re expecting to get some updates on new photos of the shoe details or even about the demand for the shoe, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

October 2019’s Hottest Sneaker Releases for Resale

Hey guys, and welcome back to the monthly article on which sneakers will be the best to resell to make yourself some money!

These past few months have been pretty crazy, and honestly, October might just outdo them all!

So much money to be made this month, and members of Six Figure Sneakerhead’s own Private Cook Group will be eating good this month, just like they did last month.

Not only did they receive the best information on how to cop every sneaker release, but they also received free slots on every release. One of the highlights was certainly hitting 50 pairs of Yeezy Citrins with these FREE slots!

We also cooked some lowkey drops such as Palace and Kith x Nobu, netting our members thousands of dollars of profit. Not too bad for just $40 a month (special deal for Hypemaster Playbook buyers as well)! There’s no more time to waste, let’s get to it!

1.Air Force 1 Low “What the LA”- Release date : Tuesday, October 1st 2019 (UPDATE: November 1)

Nike official image

Retail: $130

Peak Projected Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $350

Kicking off the month with a loud and limited drop, the Air Force 1 Low is getting an eye catching treatment of a complete palatte of Los Angeles team colors from the Lakers to the Clippers and more.

These are already going for $500 on StockX for preorders, but will likely settle a bit lower after the drop–definitely still worth getting (here’s our free release guide on these shoes).

UPDATE: After the first tease of an October drop, we’re now looking forward to a release date of November 1 2019.

2. Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid – Release Date: Thursday, October 10th 2019


Image courtsey of

Retail: $140

Peak Projected Resell: $500

Potential Profit: $360

Nike and Japanese fashion brand Sacai can not stop pumping out the highest hype shoes on the planet each month. Every single model of the sacai Waffles and the sacai Blazers has done crazy numbers, with every one netting over 100% profit per pair minimum. These will be hard to cop, but if you do, I recommend using long term sneaker investment methods to make the best profits as they will certainly rise over time.


3. Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019

Image courtesy of

Retail: $250

Peak Projected Resell: $1000

Potential Profit: $750

Probably one of the main reasons you’re reading this article, one of the most hyped shoes of the year seems to finally be releasing this month.

After months and months of speculation, the release date was finally leaked when Footlocker EU accidentally loaded the Grade School versions for a release on the 12th.

These will be incredibly hard to cop, and will net incredible profit margins for the lucky few that do. Your best chance as a manual user will be on Nike SNKRS, which, if it follows the same pattern as past Travis Scott releases, will probably crash for 20 minutes once the shoe releases.


4. Nike x Off-White ZoomVapor –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019 (UPDATE: Delayed for Thursday, Nov 14th)

image courtesy of

Retail: $190

Peak Projected Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $210

Although ‘The Ten’ has officially finished, Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand still seems to love designing shoes with Nike, as seen with the past Kiger 5 release.

Although they are not the typical silhouettes like ‘The Ten’ once was, as Off-White is incredibly hyped, they still perform great in the resell market. Personally I think this shoe will do numbers, and should definitely outperform the slightly disappointing Kiger 5s.

UPDATE: We just got word that these are now dropping in November, on Thursday the 14th, which may have a positive impact on hype/resale value.


5. Converse Chuck 70 x Tyler The Creator –Release Date: Saturday, October 12th 2019

image courtesy of

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $220

Potential Profit: $120

Converse have had a pretty decent year, between the Nike x Off-White collabs and the Chinatown collabs, although they may not be the hottest silhouette out there, it is still a staple for streetwear enthusiasts worldwide. This ‘Flames’ colourway is one of the most unique colourways I’ve seen for a while, and will be releasing exclusively on Golf Wang and Expect the smaller sizes to do better numbers


6. Nike x Off-White Waffle Racer – Release Date: Thursday, October 24th

image courtesy of

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $300

As I said before, it seems like Virgil Abloh can’t stop creating new designs with Nike, even though he should be busy designing for Louis Vuitton and Off-White! This is another unique shoe, which without the off-white branding, would not perform well, but hype is a strange thing, so these will certainly be worth going for to resell.


7. Nike Air Force 1 Skeleton – Release Date: Friday, October 25th 2019

image courtesy of

Retail: $130

Peak Resell: $250

Potential Profit: $120

It’s that time of the year again, Hallowe’en is coming soon! At a cheap retail price of $130, this colourway will certainly be worth quite a bit directly after it’s release. In my opinion, this is either a quick flip before hallowe’en, or hold for a year and sell next year at possibly a crazy margin. They should be easy enough to buy in bulk, so make sure to try grab a few!


8. Nike Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 – Release Date: Saturday, October 26th 2019

Image courtesy of

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $290

Rounding off a crazy month, we have a classic Jordan colourway, with the shattered backboards being released once again. This orange and black colourway is almost certain to do numbers, and you can check out it’s past releases prices now, and that should prove my point. This is certain to do great in the usual Jordan reselling sizes of 7-9.5.

This month is definitely shaping up to be a fantastic month of reselling, and of course members of the SFSH cook group and owners of the HypeMaster Playbook are certain to have all the inside info on how to cop these shoes this month.

If you manage to cop just one pair of each release this month, you would be looking at roughly a $1250 investment, which could return you around $3500, which is a net profit of roughly $2250. Not too bad for copping a few pairs of sneakers!

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a great month filled with plenty of cops!

Till next time,


Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston Release: How to Buy for Resale

August is a hot month for hot sneakers releasing with lots of collaborations and styles. If you’ve been thinking of getting into the sneaker resell game, this is the perfect month to do so with lots of new heat dropping to test out your flipping skills–here’s a full list of the drops worth getting this month.

 One of the more desirable drops on this list is by Eric Koston. With a previous successful collaboration just two months ago, Koston has teamed up once again with Nike SB and Air Jordan to release the latest Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low model in the signature UNC colorway.

If you missed out on the first release, you have another chance for a great shoe to flip with these that already has people waiting to buy the shoe when it’s released to the general public.

The shoe already checks off all of the boxes in our Hypemaster Playbook for a successful flip and it isn’t even expected to hit the shelves until later in August.

Brief History: Nike x Eric Koston

eric koston lobster sb on feet picture
From, Eric Koston rocking “Purple Lobster” SB’s worth $400+ now on the resale aftermarket.

 The latest collaboration for Nike SB and Air Jordan 1 with Eric Koston, the UNC, is the second release this year in the collection, the first being in June with Koston and SB’s “Midnight Navy” colorway.

Eric Koston has long been a fan of the Air Jordan 1 silhouette and the UNC collaboration is an ode to his relationship with the shoe.

Although Air Jordan 1 is a basketball shoe, Koston is known for buying Air Jordan 1’s from Nike Outlet stores to skate in early on in his career. Now with his success, he has become a designer for the shoe, being able to transition it into more of a skate-friendly shoe thanks to the collaboration with Nike SB.

nike koston sb midnight navy low jordan 1
From StockX, the Eric Koston designed “Midnight Navy” SB still going for close to $200 on StockX.

The Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston shoe is designed in the classic Air Jordan 1 Low style. The shoe features the signature UNC colorway on all the details from the Nike swoosh, front, heel, and sole. The colorway is inspired by the original Air Jordan 1 UNC hightop edition that was released in 1985. The shoes also include an extra pair of laces in the University Blue color.

Collaboration details of the shoe include the Air Jordan logo on the heel and the Nike SB logo on the tongue. In the inner tongue is also Eric Koston’s signature. Nike SB features are incorporated into the shoe to make it more suitable for skating. The sole and leather softer compared to other models of the Air Jordan 1.

Air Jordan 1 Low style is the current buzz in the sneaker world after recent successful shoe collaborations, namely the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low release. With the collaboration reviving the enormous demand for Air Jordan 1 sneakers, the new Eric Koston collaboration will surely fill the void for people who missed out on other drops.

Release Date: Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low x Eric Koston “UNC”

on foot sb nike eric koston unc jordan 1 low instagram
An early on-foot look of the Eric Koston SB “UNC”, from @zxaru on Instagram.

follow us on instagramWe’re on Instagram too, follow us here.

Look out for the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston shoe to release this month in August 2019.

The shoe will have different release dates, the first with an early raffle on Canteen on Friday, August 2nd, the next on Saturday, August 10th, and finally a worldwide stock on Monday, August 12th.

If you’re planning to resell them, you’ll want to make sure to cop them on the initial release to get a head start on everyone else hoping to profit from the release.

On August 10, the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston will be available in select skate shops in the US only. The skate shops will feature the shoe both in-store and online. Check below for store details and links.

The shoe will release worldwide via Nike retail shops on August 12th. If you miss out on the first release or not in the US, the worldwide release is still a great opportunity to make a great profit on the shoes. Based on trends, we’re expecting the shoe to have a great resell value on the secondary market upon the release, but also increase in value over time.

Retail and Resale Price

 Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston will retail for $110.

At the price point for an Air Jordan 1 shoe, it is expected to sell out for both the US-only release and worldwide release. We’re unsure whether the shoe will be restocked after the initial release, so if you’re able to get your hands on a pair at the retail price, you can look forward to an immediate profit on the shoes.

According to StockX, the current resell price is already at over $200 before the official release.

eric koston ebay release date price resale retail
Early pairs on eBay.

EBay prices are even higher, with early pairs being listed closer to $300 as seen above.

The sneaker community is already excited for the release and with the shoe already being sold on StockX, you can already flip it for almost twice the original price. 

Some Pro Tips

We discuss getting and selling early pairs for the highest prices in our Hypemaster Playbook.

Also, with regards to sizing, keep in mind that for the Air Jordan 1 low, there are various demands for different sizes. While the early market is skewed towards larger sizes selling for the highest values, based on trends for the shoe model, smaller sizes between 6.5-8 US are expected to have the highest resell value over the long term.

The best shoe to reference when deciding if the shoe is worth the cop is the earlier collaboration of the style also designed by Eric Koston. The Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low “Midnight Blue” by Eric Koston was released in June 2019. The shoe retailed at $110 but has seen a range of resell prices on the secondary market from $150-$235. 

The factor that might cause the upcoming shoe to have a slightly better edge over the first is the colorway. The UNC colorway always has high demand, especially for the Air Jordan 1 style. From the original release in the 1980s to the recent collaboration between Air Jordan 1 x Off-White UNC, the University Blue color tone has been highly sought after in the sneaker community.

With such a popular colorway and the latest buzz around the Air Jordan 1 model, it’s a shoe to look into buying for an easy flip. 

How to Buy the Nike SB x Eric Koston UNC

nike unc 1 low eric koston picture official
Official image from Nike

You can already find the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston on secondary markets like StockX and eBay, sold by sellers from pre-releases or on pre-order from resellers like yourself who already expect to buy the shoes when they release. Resellers should wait until the official release as these are already marked up, many of which are even higher than predicted resell once they’re out to the general public.

Select skate shops around the US and overseas will be selling the shoe for retail when it drops on August 10th:

Extra Butter NYC release link

Welcome Leeds Skate store is confirmed to stock them

Instant Skateboard Shop is also set to have these in stock on August 10th

Worldwide retailers will hit the shelves a few days later:

END is confirmed to stock these, the raffle is live here until August 12th.

Atmos also is set to drop these on the 12th.

Online sites like The Canteen are hosting a raffle for a chance to purchase the shoes when they’re released.

The shoes will also be available for resale on HBX, the online store for Hypebeast.

 For the worldwide release, the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Eric Koston will be available through Nike.

Visit the Nike’s Launch page (here’s the direct link to the release page), the SNKRS app, or one of the retail stores around the world to find the shoe.

As the shoe is expected to sell out, the earlier the better to purchase at the retail price.

At a low retail price of $110, and a medium level of difficulty of purchasing with a decent profit price, the Eric Koston x UNC x Nike SB Low is a good first sneaker flip.

For insider techniques and more tips on maximizing your profit with this shoe and many others like it, be sure to check out our Hypemaster Playbook. We’ve already helped lots of people improve their sneaker reselling skills with releases such as this–check out our many positive reviews here.

You don’t want to miss out on the upcoming releases that will turn a great profit, so subscribe to our mailing list below to be the first to hear about the latest drops for resellers.

Thanks all and take care

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Air Jordan Chicago Colorways: Top 5 Releases

Out of all the different variations of Jordans, the Chicago Colorways were highlighted in every storybook moment of his Jordan’s career, and, as such, will always be some of the most beloved by sports fans and sneakerheads alike. Learn more about the top models here.

GOAT Talk: Michael Jordan

Not only is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time (don’t @ me), but in many respects he is a legend larger than life. MJ was not just high-flying, the epitome of clutch, and unstoppable on the basketball court. His Airness became a cultural phenomenon. Those of us that grew up in the 90’s remember so many iconic moments: the tongue, “Like Mike” commercials, switching hands in mid-air, the MJ shrug, a retirement encore wearing #45, Space Jam, “The Shot,” but what sneakerheads remember most: IT’S GOTTA BE THE SHOES.

Image via Nike

While many NBA players past and present have their own signature shoe, few have also had a signature colorway, and none as universally recognizable as the Chicago Bulls red, white, and black. The Chicago Colorways were the ones actually worn by Air Jordan himself in every storybook moment of his career, and, as such, will always be some of the most beloved by sports fans and sneakerheads alike.

The Chicago Colorway is timeless and unquestionably here to stay, which might explain why these colorways tend to hold their value and are less impacted by the sometimes extreme volatility of hypebeasts. Various Jordan models might hold more or less value in different colorways, but we are going to focus specifically on the most profitable Nike Air Jordan models in the classic Chicago Colorway.

The Evolution of Flight:

Prior to the release of the first Nike Air Jordan shoe in 1985, the shoe game was markedly different. Magic, Bird, and Doctor J wore Converse; Clyde Fraizer made Puma cool; and Rick Barry shot his free throws underhanded in his Adidas Top Tens. But when the Chicago Bulls drafted a 6’6” guard from North Carolina, things would never be the same.

Image via NiceKicks

Before is rookie season, Jordan met with Converse and Adidas, but Nike offered Jordan $500,000 a year in cash for five years – unheard of in the 80’s. From 1985-1998, Nike developed the 14 classic Air Jordan models, which Mike wore as he tore through the NBA. As MJ’s dominance increased, so did his legend, and everyone wanted to Be Like Mike; which also meant: everyone wanted to cop a pair of J’s.

Fast forward to the end of 2018 earnings reports and Jordan Brand, a Nike subsidiary, generated 2.86 BILLION in revenue in a single year. The good news for sneaker resellers is that many of the shoes that Jordan popularized in his heyday are still immensely popular today – even 16 years since Mike played his last game.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 Air Jordan Chicago Colorways.

5. Jordan IV: Bred (Black Cement)

Image via StockX

Release: 04 May 2019

Retail Price: $200

In Game 5 of the 1989 first round playoff matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 6thseeded Bulls upset the 3rdseeded Cavs on 44pts and a clutch buzzer beater from Michael Jordan. Many saw this shot and it’s imagery as the symbolic beginning of MJ’s Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Image via SportsIllustrated

Ever since, the Jordan IV “Bred” has been one of the most consistently hyped Air Jordan shoes – clearly evidenced by the insane historic resale value of this shoe. As of June, the latest rerelease has been out for more than two months now, and is still selling on StadiumGoods at $280-$325 and FlightClub at $250-$340.

Image via StockX

It has also been performing well on StockX and GOAT, hovering around $50-$60 over retail despite the crazy high sales volume. Yes, you’re reading that right. StockX alone has seen nearly 30k sales of this shoe in the last year alone. WILD.

4. Jordan XXII: The Flu Game

Image via FlightClub

Release: 28 May 2016

Retail Price: $190

With the 1997 NBA Finals tied 2-2, the stage was set for another iconic MJ performance, though probably not the one anyone expected. Visibly ill with difficulty standing at times, Jordan would not be denied and erupted for 38pts and a road win in Utah. Many viewed this as one of Jordan’s most gritty, impressive performances.

However, the lore of the “Flu Game” is even bigger for sneakerheads than your average sports fan. After the game, he gave his shoes to Utah ball boy Preston Truman, who later auction them. To this day, they are the most expensive pair of shoes ever resold, selling for $104,765.

Image via CBS

The numbers have been fairly stable since this colorway’s release nearly three years ago. Across all sizes the resale prices all range at a nice profit margin – GOAT: $250-$595, FlightClub: $334-$595, StadiumGoods: $275-$495, and a 52.6% premium for 2000+ sales across 12 months on StockX.

3. Jordan III: 88 Dunk Contest

Image via Complex

Release: 2013

Retail: $200

MJ won the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk contest wearing these shoes that were unlike anything the basketball world had ever seen. The III’s have so many first time design features – one of the first prominent mid height basketball shoes (per MJ’s request),  the first time elephant print was brought to a basketball shoe, and this was the first of many Air Jordan’s designed by Tinker Hatfield. Nike brought Hatfield in to wow Jordan with improved design, as they worried they might lose his endorsement to other shoe companies. But after Mike saw the III’s, he was with Nike for life.

Image via BleacherReport

No matter what platform you choose to resell them on, these Jordans will go for at least double retail, at a minimum.

Image via StockX

You can see via StockX’s statistics that it’s been performing solidly since 2015 and that performance carries over to other platforms as well. GOAT: $450-595, StadiumGoods: $525-$750, FlightClub: $490-$650 – any way you slice it, these are always a great flip because they maintain their value well beyond release day.

2. Jordan XI: Bred

Image via SneakerNews

Release: 2012

Retail: $180

***NEW RELEASE*** December 14th, 2019 retail: $220

After a 72 win season, Michael Jordan wore this “Bred” edition of the Jordan XI as the Chicago Bulls bested the Seattle Supersonics on Father’s day. Three years prior, Jordan’s father, James Jordan, was shot and killed at a rest stop in North Carolina. The 1996 NBA finals, Jordan’s fourth ring and first since his father’s death, was extremely emotional for MJ and gave basketball fans images many will never forget.

Image via BallIsLife

The Jordan XI is popular in so many colorways because of its sleek design and patent leather detailing that makes it one of a kind. This month Nike revealed plans to rerelease this iconic shoe just in time for the Holiday season – happy holidays indeed for resellers as this shoe has been doing NUMBERS.

StockX has had the shoe consistently around a 100% premium for the last three years, and that’s probably on the lower end of the resale market.

Image via StockX

To cop on GOAT will cost you $400-$1300, StadiumGoods $540-$700, and FlightClub $505-$1440. They might not be as hyped by the usual suspects on IG, but don’t sleep on these classics. These will be really a very solid flip at the end of the year.

1. Jordan 1: Chicago/Banned

Image via SLAMKicks

Chicago Release: 30 May 2015

Banned Release: 03 September 2016

Off-White Chicago: 09 September 2017

Retail: $160, $160, $190

Nike cofounder Phil Knight called the success of Air Jordan I “the perfect combination of quality product, marketing, and athlete endorsement.” Nike also ran a commercial that went: “On October 15th, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe,” the announcer said. “On October 18th, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can’t keep you from wearing them;” alluding to the NBA uniformity rule stopping Jordan from wearing the Black/Red version of the shoe.

Fact or fiction, there’s no denying that the Jordan 1 is still one of the hottest selling shoes more than 30 years after its 1985 original release.

Image via newsmagazine

Over the years there have been many releases and variations on this classic shoe, but what they all have in common is resale WELL above retail.

Most are probably familiar with the ultra-hyped Off-White x Jordan 1 Chicago collab reselling between $2-7k (StockX, GOAT, FlightClub, StadiumGoods), but the traditional Nike only releases have incredibly high resale as well, even years after their most recent rerelease. The resale Jordan 1 Chicago ranges between $700-$2k, while the Jordan 1 Banned is currently going for $450-$2,145.

If flipping classic J’s is something you would like to explore in more detail, JV does a nice deep dive on each of the classic Jordan models beyond these colorways in his Hypemaster Playbook.

Investing 101: Collecting Sneakers for Future Financial Freedom

***This article is an excerpt from our new 2019 Hypemaster Playbook, which we just released a brand new 2019 version of in March this year. Sign up to our email list for a free preview if you haven’t already

In order to gain financial freedom, you have to earn more money than you spend. This statement sounds stupidly simple (and it is), but a lot of people don’t put this into practice because they simply don’t have the steps or proper guidance to do so.

Budgeting and pinching pennies is one way to go about this, but saving $200 or even $500 per month by not eating out or ordering $5 coffee drinks is far diminished by the possibility of increasing  your income drastically through reselling sneakers, which can earn you this amount in just one pair.

Of course you can use this newfound money from shoe selling success to blow on whatever you want, but if you want to build a wealthy life, think before you just spend the cash on whatever.

As you have more money saved, you won’t need to sell shoes as quickly, and you can begin to accumulate some favorite pairs.

Others may criticize you of this habit, thinking that you’re wasting money, but if you do this right, interestingly, your growing collection of shoes might be something billionaire investor Warren Buffet would be proud of.

Let me explain:

If you have the knowledge of the history of shoes and build a good collection, you are actually behaving like someone who is truly rich, and this isn’t because you now have all of this gear to flex on people with.

You are actually building your net worth, and that’s why we spent so much time on the first part of the knowledge section in this Playbook to let you know what to buy as an investment.

Spending money on things that are truly valuable

Image from

One secret of the rich is that they spend money on things that at the least hold value, but ideally rise in value. There’s a difference between something that’s simply expensive, and something that is truly valuable.

A lot of people who don’t have tons of money find it hard to understand why rich people buy Rolex watches or really expensive artwork, but they actually do this because these are tangible assets (physical possessions that are worth money and that make up part of someone’s net worth) that hold value or rise in value over time.

Having Assets: Depreciating vs. Appreciating

Off White Jordan 1 CHicago resale price stockx 2018
A few months after the release, the resale price of the Air Jordan 1 Off White Chicago was cut in half. The price then appreciated to levels of more than 10x the original retail price.

When someone has a $5000 Rolex Datejust watch, that person can sell his watch for $5000 fairly quickly 3 months or 3 years later, so it’s the same as having money in your bank account, but you get to actually use and wear the watch.
Spending money in this way is better than simply having money in your bank account, and far better than just going to the mall to buy random clothes.

What a lot of ordinary people do is they take their money and go to a department store and buy items that lose value instantly when they walk out of the store.

Even if you buy things on sale, you’ll see a hoard of these clothing items or gadgets on eBay for a lower price than they were in the store.

So, these are depreciating assets, which are assets that lose value over time (often instantly).

Appreciating assets, on the other hand, are physical possessions we can buy that rise in value over time or instantly.
One of the secrets of the smartest, richest and savviest of investors and the top 1% is that the majority of the money they spend is put towards appreciating assets rather than depreciating assets.

This makes perfect sense because it’s simple math: if you can turn $100,000 into $150,000 with appreciating assets, you’re literally 3 times richer than the person who takes $100,000 into depreciating assets and turns that into

Spending money strategically on assets is better than simply having money in your bank account, and far better than just going to the mall to buy random clothes.

Alternative Investments: Sneakers that go up in value

Air Jordan 3 black cement inveestment
Who knew a single shoe could beat the return of the America’s top 500 companies

The very wealthiest of people put their money into what is called alternative investments, which are investments outside of the usual investments in the stock market.

Because alternative investments have such incredible money making potential compared to the stock market, most people who are allowed to dabble in alternative investments are ultra wealthy and accredited investors with net worths of at least $5 million.

Technically, buying limited release sneakers like the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is an alternative investment (that can actually outperform the stock market), and you don’t have to be someone super special to do this !

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Realize that although it’s super cool to have these kicks, that at the end of the day, you should view these as collectible assets that are worth money and to not be so attached to them that you irrationally hoard them to your own financial detriment.

When you have the correct knowledge base established, sneakers go up in value and over time you can become wealthy from your collection of shoes.

For that reason, in the beginning when you’re just starting, don’t start building a collection right away. Selling shoes quickly is the best way to build bank.

Wait until you’ve made enough profit to justify putting some money aside that you don’t need to touch for day to day life, and be patient and let your collection grow slowly and do your best to only buy models that are timeless classics, and buy them at the best price you can find even if they’re not in your size.

Building your sneaker portfolio

stockx shoe portfolio money
Shoe portfolios on showing good returns. The left dollar amount is the portfolio value, the green number is how much value their collection has risen, and the far right value is the average price per shoe.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge section of this book, and the skills to buy and sell both new and used sneakers, you have enough knowledge to build a tremendously valuable collection of sneakers that can help you become wealthy.

It’s even possible to argue that having a collection of hot sneakers is a better investment than putting money into the stock market, because historically the prices of these shoes remains pretty stable, with many models actually rising in value much faster than the stock market.

You can create your first sneaker portfolio on StockX here if you don’t have one already.

Start with only models that you know could sell quickly (based on the Flip Factors and overall hype and history of the different colorways and models) so that your portfolio is highly liquid (means that you could sell for cash quickly if you need to).

Depending on your network, if you buy a shoe worth thousands of dollars, it won’t be highly liquid, so even if you got it at a really good price, you would have to wait some time before it actually sold.

So you need to hit the sweet spot in the beginning and buy shoes in the lower range, typically between $200 to $600, to have shoes that could sell more quickly and to have a liquid portfolio.

Having a shoe collection can be a fun way to balance your financial well being and to make money doing so–if your parents or friends are dubious about your shoe “problem”, show them this article then see what they have to say!

***This article was an excerpt from our new 2019 Hypemaster Playbook, which we just released a brand new 2019 version of in March this year. Sign up to our email list for a free preview if you haven’t already

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How to Buy the Supreme x Nike SB Gato

Thursday, August 30,  is the release date of the Supreme Nike SB Gato.

This is yet another example of how profit is nearly always made by both Supreme and its resellers who take advantage of the margin between the retail and resale price of items that sell out quickly.

It’s no wonder then that sneaker and streetwear fans as well as resellers are going after this hyped release, which is an indoor soccer shoe, and are wondering how to buy the Supreme Nike SB Gato, as well as the many others that have released in the past, like the many Supreme New York clothing items that made up this $10,000+ profit streetwear month.

If you’re new to Supreme, you might be wondering…


Why is Supreme New York releasing an Indoor Soccer Shoe, and how is it so successful at doing crazy stuff like this?

Although Supreme is a skateboard brand, it has branched out everywhere, from suitcases with Rimowa (which have had resale value that meant thousands of dollars in profit) and an extravagant partnership with Louis Vuitton with $8,000 resale pricetags (double its $3500 retail price).

If you want to learn how to flip Supreme for cash, check out our Supreme Resale Bible which has actionable steps for highly increased success rate at copping rare items this season.

Supreme Rimowa Profit margins 2018 stockx
Supreme Rimowa Profit margins 2018 from

Branching off to other items seems to have been profitable in the past for Supreme, and this time they are leaking into the world of indoor soccer and still creating hype.

What to expect with the release of the Supreme x Nike SB Gato

With a retail price of $110, the Supreme x Nike SB Gato is on the cheaper end compared to Nike Air Jordans, and for resellers, this means a smaller investment with easier margins to be made.

This shoe is coming out in 4 colors: white, red, blue and black, so you have up to 4 chances to get at least one pair of each of this envied shoe release, one of the first in Supreme New York’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Not only is the Nike SB Gato created for comfort, it’s well crafted for performance on both the soccer field and even for skateboarding with its flat and wide gum sole that gives it grip and stability.

A leather constructions with a splash of colors and subtle Supreme branding are all part of what makes this shoe a winner.

At the time of this writing before the Gato release date, these Supreme Nikes are reselling at above a $100 profit at up to $250 per pair paid as preorders before the seller even has the shoes:

Supreme SB Gato 2018 Nike
The Supreme Nike SB Gato 2018 release is currently selling for double its retail price on eBay. These are recently paid for listings.

Supreme x Nike SB Gato 2018 

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resale Value: $250

Potential Profit: $140 per pair.

With numbers like this, many sneakerheads and hypebeasts are wondering how to get their hands on this Supreme shoe, as well as the many Supreme New York items that come out almost every week.

Our Supreme Resale Bible goes into this topic in depth, but as a starter for those who are new to this game, here are a few easy to remember tips:

Mark your calendars for Thursday at 11:00AM EST

Most weeks out of the year, during 2 seasons (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), Supreme releases a small batch of items that often have high aftermarket value.

Each item, including this Supreme x Nike SB Gato (which is releasing on Thursday, August 30 2018), is available on at 11:00AM in its New York local time, which is the Easter Standard Time (EST) Zone, or GMT -4.

So be sure to set a reminder for yourself, whether it’s an alarm on your iPhone, something in your Google Calendar or your actual physical calendar, that a Supreme release happens every Thursday and that money can be made from it every week.

Be Speedy 

You have to be quick to grab a Supreme item, which often sell out in seconds.

If you’re a fast typer, and you combine this with knowing the release date and time beforehand, you now have a high chance of securing a pair of shoes like these SB Gato’s.

The Supreme Resale Bible goes through more clever tips that have proven profitable for many of its readers.

Have an eBay and PayPal Account made in advance 

For those who want to keep the shoes to own without paying resale, that’s totally cool, but If it’s your intention to sell and profit off of these Supreme Nike Gatos, you’ll need the actual tools to do so.

Be sure to create your seller account on eBay beforehand in advance so you can sell the shoes straight away and compete with other sellers out there.


With all of these tips in place, you should now be geared up to act on one of the hottest soccer shoes of the season, the Supreme x Nike SB Gato.


Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 Review!

2018 was a good year for Supreme for both fans and resellers alike, with plenty of opportunities to either collect, make money, or ideally both.

Supreme is a skateboarding brand which began in 1994 by English designer James Jebbia, and has gone from being a brand for skaters to being one of the most popular streetwear brands in the world.

It is a staple of fans of the hype culture across the world.

The iconic Supreme logo –


The last season of Supreme ended on the 5th of July, which was Week 20 of Spring/Summer 2018 (SS18).

It was a good season for Supreme resellers, as there was plenty of hyped items to pick from and try to cop to sell for hundreds of dollars over the retail price.


Some of the items that released that made resellers hundreds include the TV tee, which released in Week 1. It came in 9 different colours, but the colours which resold for the most were Black, Pink and Purple. Usually, when you are trying to cop a Supreme tee, I’d recommend getting white or black, as they have the highest chance of reselling for the most. The TV tee retailed for $36, but now resells for over $200 in some colours.

Quadruple your investment with this TV Tee in Purple –


One profitable item which released in SS18 was the Fox Racing/Supreme Helmet.

This whole collection of Supreme inspired motor racing equipment all resold for nearly double the retail price.

For example, the V2 Helmet in red, which has resold for over $1,400, but only retailed at $298.

Right now, if you had this helmet, you would be able to resell it at 150% over the retail price. This would make you around $440 from one sale.


The Supreme x Fox Racing helmet –


Another collaboration in SS18 which made people lots of money was the Supreme and The North Face collab. Supreme and The North Face have a very good relationship together, and they usually make 2-3 new collaborations per year.

 This year, they had two collabs – one which was inspired by metallic designs and one which was inspired by snakeskin.

SS18 was one of the weaker seasons for Supreme/TNF collabs, but some specific items still resold for double or even triple the retail value. For example, in Collab 1 (metallic), the t-shirt retailed for $54, but now it costs up to $220 in some sizes. Always make sure to cop something from the Supreme x The North Face!


The North Face x Supreme metallic tee in black –


Another item that Supreme released during this season was the Illegal Business Controls America Hoodie/Skate Deck. Currently, the red and pink hoodies sell for around $350-$400 and even $600 in size small. This hoodie retailed for only $148. The skate decks also resell for around $100, after having a retail price of $54. If any of you reading this own a hoodie or a deck with the IBCA branding, I’d recommend holding it especially if it’s DSWT (Deadstock with tags), as most resellers believe that these pieces are only going to rise in price in the next few years.


The full collection of IBCA decks –



Supreme release a selection of bags every season, which sell out instantly at the beginning of the season, and restock every few weeks. The bags in Spring Summer 2018 were more sought after than most because of the simple design.

The bags which released in SS18 were shoulder bags, waist bags, backpacks and duffle bags. All of the bags resell for over their original retail value, however some are more coveted than others. For example, the red waist bag from SS18 retailed for $88, but now it is worth around $300. If you had copped this bag at the beginning of the season and waited until now to sell it, you would make around a 220% profit, or $212. Not a bad amount of money to make by just buying a bag and holding it for a few months!


The red Supreme SS18 Waist Bag –


Fall/Winter 2018 Week 0 began on the 16th August. The items only dropped in store. These items will be dropping online on Monday, 20th August. It will be very hard to cop with or without a bot, as there will be millions of people flooding onto the website when the online shop finally reopens.

If you’d like to learn more about how to cop Supreme for retail and make thousands per season reselling hyped pieces, check out the Six Figure Sneakerhead Supreme Resale Bible.

It has helped many people begin their own Supreme reselling business by giving them vital information on what to do on drop day.

If you purchase this guide, you may get an invite to a private Discord chat group, which is exclusive to customers of the Hypemaster Playbook.

This discord is a group of dedicated members who all want to make money reselling.

It is $40 a month, but you get monitors for every key website for sneakers, and it also monitors both Supreme EU/UK and US, so if there are any restocks, you’ll have a high chance of securing them at the retail price.


Good luck to all fans of Supreme for the coming season. I hope you cop everything that you want!