11 Best Supreme Drops of 2019: A Resale Value Recap

Hello Sneakerheads, a new year promises new releases. Which for us means, more money-making opportunities.

But before we head into what the new season holds for us, it’s always a good idea to look back and see what went well and what did not.

Therefore, this piece is dedicated to the 11 Best Supreme Releases of 2019.

We have gathered the top Supreme apparel releases of this past year on the basis of their profit margin i.e. the difference between the retail price and the average reselling price.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Supreme Bandana Box Logo Tee Red

Supreme released the Tee’s in eight colors in the Week 17 of the FW19. These became an instant fan favorite. Retailing for only $38 meant that the profit margins to be made were huge, which is why this is at the top of our list.

Profit Margin: 579%

Release Date: 12/12/2019

Retail Price: $38

Average Selling Price: $258

2 . Supreme Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Black

The fan beloved box logo hoodie made a reappearance in the FW19 in the form of hooded sweatshirts. The box logo comes in the form of a bandana and a sleek look. Eight colors of the hoodie are available, however, the black hooded sweatshirt is the one with the greatest profit margin.

Profit Margin: 276%

Release Date: 12/12/2019

Retail Price: $168

Average Selling Price: $632

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3. Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme Jewel Swoosh Red

 An updated version of the 2002 SB Dunk Low released on September 12th, 2019. They caused an uproar amongst the resellers. The collection was released in three color schemes.

Profit Margin: 200%

Release Date: 9/14/2019

Retail Price: $110

Average Selling Price: $330

4. Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee White

Supreme celebrated its 25th anniversary with a collaboration with Swarovski. The Tee is a special edition featuring a box made of Swarovski crystals. It’s no shock that this Tee sent the reseller community into a frenzy.


Profit Margin: 160%

Release Date: 4/25/2019

Retail Price: $398

Average Selling Price: $1035

5. Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Black

Supreme celebrated its 25th anniversary with a collaboration with Swarovski. The Hooded Sweatshirt is part of the collection and was released in four iconic color schemes. The box logo is made up of Swarovski crystals which is most likely the reason why it is in such high demand.


Profit Margin: 120%

Release Date: 4/25/2019

Retail Price: $598

Average Selling Price: $1315

6. Supreme The North Face Paper Print Nuptse Jacket Paper Print

Supreme and The North Face continue their partnership into FW19 with a collection comprising a Nuptse jacket, Nupste pant, and a down scarf, all of which feature an all-over paper graphic.


Profit Margin: 120%

Release Date: 12/16/2019

Retail Price: $398

Average Selling Price: $874

7. Vans Slip-On Supreme Diamond Plate White

In the SS19, Vans and Supreme came together to release the Slip-on in three color schemes in white, red, and brown. The slip-ons featured a diamond pattern and were released on May 9th.

Profit Margin: 65%

Release Date: 5/09/2019

Retail Price: $98

Average Selling Price: $162

8. Vans Sk8-Hi Supreme Diamond Plate Black

The partnership of Vans and Supreme saw a release of skater shoes with premium suede and canvas uppers in FW19.


Profit Margin: 41%

Release Date: 5/09/2019

Retail Price: $110

Average Selling Price: $155

9. Vans Era Supreme Jean-Paul Gaultier Burgundy

Supreme announced a collab with the designer Jean Paul Gaultier back in April. Out of the entire collection, the fans were desperately awaiting the special Vans sneakers pack which featured a floral print.

Profit Margin: 27%

Release Date: 4/11/2019

Retail Price: $108

Average Selling Price: $137


10. Jordan 14 Retro Supreme White

The Jordan brand and Supreme New-York came together once again to release the Air Jordan 14. Released in two colorways: Black, and White in SS19.

Profit Margin: 19%

Release Date: 6/13/2019

Retail Price: $248

Average Selling Price: $296

11. Air Max Tailwind 4 Supreme Black

Yet another collaboration between the fashion powerhouses, Nike and Supreme, saw the release of Airmax Tailwind in SS19.

Profit Margin: 16%

Release Date: 3/21/2019

Retail Price: $190

Average Selling Price: $220

What Supreme Did Right?

From the above listing, it is pretty self-evident that the best collaboration for Supreme this past season was with, none other than, the powerhouse in sporting apparel, Nike.

Supreme and Nike released an updated version of the beloved 2002 SB Dunk Low on September 12th, 2019. They were a cause of major hype amongst us resellers and why wouldn’t they be?

We at sixfiguresneakerheads were one of the first to endorse this release and advised our readers to pick them up because they will be sold at higher prices. And evidently we were right.

Moreover, Supreme also benefitted with their multiple collaborations with Vans over this past year, especially the slip-ons.

What Supreme Will Do Next?

The answer to this question will be revealed in our upcoming article.

We will attempt to disclose and dissect each and every item that Supreme has planned for this upcoming season.

Till then, if you want to gain a better understanding of this dynamic sneaker market and make some real extra cash on the side, be sure to take a look at the Hypemaster Playbook. This book is a cheat code for you newcomers and it will give you a jumpstart into your reselling career.

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That’s all, take care and happy flipping.

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Disney x Gucci 2020 Collection: Does it Have Resell Value?

The start to a new decade is marked by quite an unconventional collaboration between Gucci, a fashion powerhouse, and Disney, a conglomerate which has its hands in almost everything.

Disney and Gucci have collabed on a Mickey-Mouse themed fashion line that you can purchase online or in-stores.

There’s a lot to look at from accessories to shirts to sneakers. But we all know what you’re here for right? You’re here to know whether these sneakers will be able to make you a hefty profit or not. Well, for that you have to keep reading.

Gucci has released five pairs of footwear, each customized with a mickey motif. So let’s get into each sneaker.

1. Gucci x Disney Mickey Rython

All images are official from Gucci

The Rython is available in it’s all time signature “Ivory Leather” color and has a massive mickey-mouse graphic on the midpanels with “Gucci” imprinted on the back panel of the pair. The pair currently sells for $890 on Gucci’s website and within its boutique.

2. Gucci x Disney Mickey Distressed Ace

The pre-distressed Gucci Ace

Moving on to the second pair: the distressed Ace sneaker. The Ace sneaker has become synonymous with Gucci branding. Their simplicity is what ignites demand for it.

Therefore, it is no surprise that they launched a distressed version of the Ace sneaker with the Mickey motif on the mid panels along with an Orange leather detail at the back. Like the Rython, the Ace also sport an “Ivory Leather” color. The current price of this pair is $790.

3. Gucci x Disney Mickey Print Mini GG SUPREME CANVAS

Classics collide in an interesting contrast.

The third pair: a mini GG Supreme Canvas with a Mickey Mouse print along with Green leather detail at the back sets very easy on the eyes. The color scheme is, dare I say, perfect? Even the Mickey Mouse print compliments the whole vibe. These pairs will set you back $670.

4. Gucci x Disney Mickey Print Mini GG SUPREME CANVAS Slip On

Mickey all over Gucci

Moving on to the fourth. We have a mini GG Supreme Canvas with a Mickey Mouse print on a slip-on sneaker. A brown leather trim accompanied with a green and red Web loop at the heel is somewhat a niche demand. The cost of the slip-on is $630.

5. Gucci x Disney Mickey GG Slides

Cozy af.

Finally, the fifth pair are the slides. The slides sport a beige mini GG Supreme Canvas with Mickey graphics. The slides themselves are in a brown leather color which creates a splendid monotonous color scheme with the Supreme Canvas. Anyone who wants to pick these up, can buy them for $370.


Now let’s talk about making money rather than spending it. Now you know as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Therefore, before spending hundreds of dollars on these latest releases let’s take a peek into the history books.

Supreme X Gucci:


Any self-acclaimed reputable sneaker head is well aware of Supreme. We all know it’s market power is driven by its scarcity and whenever it collaborates with a big luxurious powerhouse, things are bound to get shaken.

However, although there were no official Supreme New York x Gucci collabs, the brand does share a few models with the Supreme name. 

Let’s take a look at these classics:

Gucci Ace GG Supreme Bees

The Ace, a staple in any sneakerhead’s closet. The mini GG canvas has become synonymous with luxury sneakers all around. However, for anyone looking to make a profit off of these, please stay away. The shoes retail for $650 and are sold for a profit margin of only $20. This is not well worth the time and effort.

Gucci Common GG Supreme Black


Whilst the all black look may sweep your hearts, the profit margins definitely won’t. The shoes retail for around $550 and they resell for the same amount.

Gucci Dublin GG Surpreme Black


The Supreme X Gucci saw the release of this slip-on pair. The shoe has a mini GG black Supreme Canvas. Whilst these may have caused a spark in demand the moment they were launched, the markets quickly stabilized themselves soon after. What this means is that there is potentially no resale value of these slip-ons.

Is there any re-sale value of Gucci X Disney? Ah yes, the “thousands of dollars’ question. Is it worth investing in this launch? Well we have to consider a few things:

Disney ≠ Streetwear

No one associates Mickey Mouse and his playhouse with streetwear and rightly so. Disney is not in the fashion industry and its branding is exclusively towards the younger pre-teen audience. The demand for these pairs will mostly be linked to diehard Disney fans but I don’t see it reaching the masses (where the money is).

Previous Collaborations

The purpose of reviewing past Gucci models was to get a historical perspective on how well Gucci does in reselling.

And from the results of it we don’t have much to be hopeful about as most of the sneakers are resold for either their cost or for bare minimum profits.

A glimmer of Hope: Resale on the Gucci Rython


Now now, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you have your heart set on this collection, then I would recommend you to purchase the “Rython” sneaker.

Here’s why:

Gucci Rython Vintage Logo (W)


The Gucci Rython is probably the most profitable Gucci Sneaker out there. This version, instead of a Mickey Mouse graphic, includes a massive Gucci logo on the mid-panel. These retail for $890 but can be resold for almost $1000.

The Gucci X Disney Rython retails for the same price, $890 and if the past is anything to learn from then you can probably make a few hundred bucks from reselling the pair.

Remember sneakerheads, that the price of any commodity depends on largely it’s supply. The fashion houses know this fact. That’s why Supreme is so infamous with regards to its launches, because they use scarcity as an opportunity to raise prices. Therefore, always be on the lookout for scarce items.

Alright that’s all for today sneakerheads.

If you’re planning on entering the reselling business and are serious about making some real profits, take a look at the Hypemaster Playbook.

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That’s all, take care and happy flipping.

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Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 17 Dec 19 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

Week 17 for Supreme’s Fall/Winter season is here. No collaborations, just Supreme in-house pieces, and a lot of them.

Even late here on a Wednesday, the night before the drop, the retail prices to go along with items is still being held close to the vest. Prices given are mostly estimates along with a few almost guaranteed like tees and sweatshirts. Anything worth noting will be bolded with resale value.


Let’s run through the pieces.

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $48, Projected Resale: $300+

Box logo tees are here, the reason most of you may be reading. The only differences from the hoodies last week is that there’s no baby blue color but instead we have the classic Supreme red on white version. We’ll discuss strategy for copping down below.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Pictured above are the Checkerboard Puffy Jacket and Beanie respectively. Fairly straight forward pieces. Classic pattern with some neutral colors. Arc style branding on the chest and back of the jacket which has a hideaway hood. One large logo on the front of the beanie. Very cozy boys. If we were to guess, these aren’t a big value play for resale.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $30-$100

Next are the Polartec Half Zip Pullovers and Pants. Judging based on similar previous Polartec items, the retail prices should be around $118 and $138 respectively for pullover and pants. A Polartec piece released a couple weeks ago is selling for $50-$75 over retail currently so these could be a nice little flip. I wouldn’t count on the pants reselling.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $20-$50

Moving on we’ll team up the Thermal Zip Up Hoodie and the Bandana Fleece Neck Gaiter. Firstly the hoodie looks to be a slight upgrade from a normal hoodie and may run a little over the usual $158 budget. Worth noting that this particular camo isn’t seen too often so that may be a sought after piece.

The gaiter has my attention for snowboarding use but I’m unsure of the resale. This should weight in at about $40 which is a little expensive for such a small item. But hey, the longer you hold on to it, the more it may appreciate. Kinda low risk, low reward here.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $50-80

Alright listen up now, this New Era Earflap Hat should fly. The retail will most likely hover around the $60 range but I’m guessing the resale value will be at least 2x in the next few months. A fresh box logo and a unique style fur bomber should be received well. As mentioned in my previous posts, some other winter style hats from this season have preformed well already.

Image via Supreme Community

Potential Profit: $20-$40

Similar to the last, is this Facemask Polartec® Camp Cap. Retail is mentioned at $58 for this cap. I would tread lightly and see if other colors are selling out before going for one. Either way you’ll make your money back reselling but maybe not by much.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Now onto this plethora of tees. In order (left to right, top to bottom) the names are as follows: Bandana Box Logo, Aguila, D’Hiver, Money Power Respect, Bridge, Bite, Clowns, and Eat Me. Every tee will be $48 per usual.

Since we already covered the box logo I’ll be referring to the rest of the shirts when I say that they WILL NOT RESELL. There’s just too much other noise going on within this week for these to gain any traction. However, there’s a couple nice designs to cop for your personal stash which should be seamless buys.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $70-$130

Rounding out this week, we have a very topical item. The Snow Tube. Rumors are rumbling that the tube will go for about $100. An accessory like this is incredibly memorable and is bound to have many whacky Instagram promo photos and videos.

It should sell out quickly so be ready on this one. Especially with accessories, it may be better to put on ice (not literally) and keep in the closet for it’s value could appreciate 2-3x in a couple years from now.

Last Week’s Hype & Strategy

The anticipation was real for last week being that box logo hoodies and beanies dropped. With the box logo tees and other hot clothing pieces and accessories coming in week 17, we could expect some lingering hype and attention to the Supreme site yet again.

While sell out times weren’t able to be recorded, we were still able to see which items went first which could translate into this week.

Size small are always what goes first because this is the default size up on the screen and it saves an extra click to go with small right to checkout. Keep that in mind, maybe be quick and go for medium, large, or XL as there could be less initial traffic.

Additionally, the quickest colors to sell out were pink, blue, and then yellow (in order). We imagine this week and the tees will follow the trend.

Release Info

When: December 19th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 21st.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Supreme also recently made an appearance on our Best Fashion Brands of 2019 list.

Thanks for reading. Hoping the best for everyone this upcoming week. If you weren’t lucky with hoodies and beanies, go for the tee as a very nice consolation prize.

– Erik

Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 16 Dec 12 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

Hi all. We know why you’re here. It’s BOX LOGO week. I hope everyone is well prepared for release day or saved up some pennies if you’re unlucky and need to buy on the resale market.

There’s no collaboration this week so we will focus our efforts elsewhere.

We’ll discuss how to cop, best practices, predictions, as well as the rest of the droplist for week 16.


Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $168

Projected Resale: $800+

Box logo hoodies are without a doubt the most well known piece of Supreme. The iconic box logo trademarked in 1994 can be recognized by such a large spectrum. Weather you’re into streetwear or not, odds are you’ve seen one and know there’s pandemonium and sentiment surrounding them.

This year we will see 8 colors (in styles/color codes that are unreleased at the moment) but we will call them – Carolina blue, pink, grey, brown, red, navy, yellow, and black. Remember these for later.


Image via Supreme Community

Quilted Hooded Plaid Shirt

Image via Supreme Community

Next up is this all over plaid hoodie. Quilted on the inside. Looks super warm and rugged to go along with your workwear look. This will most likely hover around the normal price of a hoodie. And yes, it will sit and have no resale value.

Brushed Wool Zip Up Sweater

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly for this small selection of outerwear, a sweater. A full zip, all wool piece is what we’ll see. Very mature and Mr. Rogers-like. Imagining this will be set somewhere around $110-$140. Once again, it will completely be overshadowed by the box logos and sit in the store. Easy cop if you’re interested.


New Era Box Logo Beanie

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $38

Projected Resale: $150-$200

The beanie is of course a complimentary piece to the hoodie. The image above also gives a better look at the actual box logo colorations. If you couldn’t infer, these have also had their fair share of profitable reselling. Some color ways from last season have sold for up to $230.

Facemask Beanie

Image via Supreme

Additionally is this beanie/ski mask combo which is super interesting. This should be an easy cop like we’ve mentioned already. A fairly functional piece if you see a good amount of winter weather or hit the slopes. Should be priced slightly more than a normal beanie. Do not count on a flip for these!

Shiny Nylon Crusher

Image via Supreme

Now for hats. This mini bucket hat has a similar material we’ve seen before on other hats and jackets, very slick.

2-Tone Leather Camp Cap

Image via Supreme

With all the hype surrounding the box logo hoodies and beanies, this camp cap is my next favorite item and one I can see having a little resale value. May not be a lot, but this clean design especially in leather should draw some attention.

Shadow 6-Panel

Image via Supreme

Lastly on headwear is this classic 6-panel. If you’re into it, should be a super easy cop.


*Christmas Item Mockup* Supreme Nutcracker

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out week 16 is a nutcracker. Just in time for those chestnuts during the holiday season. Unfortunately no word on price as of now but I wouldn’t expect to pay over $150.

I’m guessing it would be less but you never know. Unique accessory which usually could hold value but tread lightly. I would judge it’s potential resale off of it’s retail price.


There’s nothing more that needs to be said about this drop in terms of the potential resale value. If it ain’t a box logo, it’s not reselling. Pray to the Supreme gods you get lucky.

Now for a little strategy. The 3 colorways to go after for resale will be the pink, Carolina blue, and the grey. Yellow could also be a sleeper as we rarely see hoodies, not to mention box logos in that hue.

Conversely, if you’re just looking for your best chance to cop, try going for the red, brown, or navy. Early popularity voting has these on the lower side. With all that being said, every single color way is profitable but you may get a better payout based on colors.

If you are going on mobile, try downloading an app like Filler as an autofill for quick checkout.

If you’re on desktop, make sure you have your autofill on as well as copying your credit card number to give yourself any advantage you can.

For those fortunate enough to live by a store, an overlooked option is to wait outside stores and perhaps chat with people who just picked up from a reserved time slot. Have cash on you, you never know what could happen and you could come away with a good deal and have your box logo in hand. We’ve heard a few success stories with this method. Keep tuned on StockX and negotiate around the StockX payout or less. Cash is king to some.

Predictions for the hyped colorways mentioned earlier are anywhere from $800-$1000. Down the line you can expect black or yellow at $700 and at the bottom of the spectrum you could see maybe red, brown or navy selling for $600-$650 on release day.


When: December 12th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 14th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Truly wishing everyone luck who’s going manual and would love to see some first timers get a box logo. Share all your success with us!

– Erik

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Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 15 Dec 5 2019 Droplist

Collaborator and Theme

Coming in after a spicy week collaborating with Nike, Supreme has tapped a New York collective for week 15 of F/W 19 – the hip hop duo dead prez. The socially conscious rap group seems like a perfectly organic fit to partner with Supreme.

Focusing less on music, dead prez continues to work on health and fitness, meditation, sustainability, empowerment, community building, social services, and entrepreneurship. Founding member M-1 comments, “When you talk about growing, expanding and awakening, it allows you to open up like a lotus to all the things that are here in the world.”

Dead Prez hip-hop artists stic.man, left, and M-1 before their performance Saturday night at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield.
Image via The Recorder

This collection sees artwork from Let’s Get Free and Revolutionary But Gangsta across a quilted work jacket, hoodie, sweatpants, T-shirts, 5-panel caps, and a bandana.


Spellout N-3B Parka

Retail price: $368

Image via Supreme

This cotton blend parka with faux fur is sure to keep you warm this winter. Many pockets across the lower front, chest, and interior for all your holiday goodies. If you want if for yourself, you have a good chance of copping if you’re quick on Thursday.


Dead Prez Quilted Work Jacket

Image via Supreme

The only other jacket to be released is in the dead prez collection. Very simple bomber/workwear vibes. I would be cautious of this piece, can’t see it reselling for much more than retail. $198

Back of Work Jacket, image via Supreme

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Polartec Half Zip Hoodie

Retail price: $158

Image via Supreme

Moving into the hoodies and sweatshirts segment. First we’ll talk about this Polartec. Always incredibly soft pieces. A great addition to anyone’s personal collection if you ask me. The camo may go first and be the hot commodity. Otherwise I’m a big fan of the rest of the color combos. 

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt

Retail Price : $248

Image via Supreme Community

An all-over print hoodie is another piece we see from dead prez. This features their middle finger embroidered over the sweatshirt. I believe this product will sit since it’s more expensive than a regular hoodie. If you’re interested for yourself, log on in time and you should be able to secure. Can’t imagine this will resell much.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Sweatpant

Retail Price: $178

Image via Supreme Community

Of course you can’t have the hoodie without the matching sweats. Similar to the hoodie, we would tread lightly if you’re thinking of buying for resale purposes. 

Shirts and Tees

Supreme x dead prez Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

Firstly is this clean front and back printed tee with one of the dead prez logos. Nothing to get over-excited about but it’s a cool piece if you’re a fan of the group. I think it’s a great call to go after. Black or white are usual suspects who are sought after.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

The counter part is this middle finger logo tee. Out of the two, this must be the favorable one if you’re going out for resale purposes. Staying on theme, the 5 colors releasing are black, camo, red, grey, and white. 

Corduroy Shirt

Retail Price : $138

Image via Supreme

Up next is the corduroy shirt. All corduroy with tonal Supreme branding on the left chest pocket. A truly functional piece but I believe is too expensive. I would like this for personal use but may wait and see if it’s cheaper on the secondary market. 

Micro Stripe Mock Neck

Retail Price : $88

Image via Supreme

Lastly on all of the clothing is this mock neck. Again a staple piece that everyone should own but you may be better off to wait until after the release if you’re interested. 


Supreme x dead prez 5-panel

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme

The only hat in the dead prez collective is this logo 5-panel. In terms of the dp branding I feel this isn’t there strongest logo unfortunately. I would not advise going after this for resale. 

Dimensions Logo Denim Trooper

Retail Price : $78

Image via Supreme

Moving on, here is piece of headwear that will have a more promising resale value. It seems Supreme consumers gravitate towards some of the more outlandish pieces – like last week’s Faux Ushanka Hat that sold out quickly. I would guess this cozy trooper could have similar projection. Either way this is an awesome addition. 

Gonz Logo Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Next is a Gonz Logo beanie. The Gonz Logo is typically very popular and hits well. However I can’t imagine this beanie doing super well on the secondary market. Would tread lightly unless you’re buying for your own stash . 

Metal Plate Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Lastly is another average looking beanie, nothing spectacular. Same advice as the last! 


Knoll Wassily Chair

Image via Supreme

Now we present one of the “10 most important chairs of the 20th century”. Designed in 1925, the iconic Wassily chair became an instant classic. It’s available for a retail of $2,782 normally so we can only assume the Supreme leopard iteration is a bit more. $TBD

dead prez RBG Bandana

Retail Price : $24

Image via Supreme

And to wrap up week 15, we have a dead prez bandana. Like I mentioned last week about the Nike bandanas, these are never a bad play considering their inexpensive retail price and potential for a high percentage flip. 

Resale Value Recap: None noteworthy

This may seem like a mellow drop and it probably is, BUT… rumors are swirling that box logo hoodies and beanies are expected next week. All in all, this week seems to be a dud in terms of resale value but harbor a couple hidden gems or pieces to keep on ice and rock in the future.


When: December 5th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 7th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone luck on their desires on this week 15 drop.

– Erik

Supreme F/W 19 Week 14 Drop

We’re approaching the final stretch of the Supreme Fall/Winter season of 2019. It’s Thanksgiving week and we only have 6 more weeks following. Because of the holiday coming up, this week’s drop will be on Friday, so don’t sleep too hard after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Pieces of Week 14 Drop, Image via Just Fresh Kicks

This drop can be broken into two sections – the normal, in-house Supreme wear, and the collaboration pieces. First we’ll discuss the photo above.

Heavy Outerwear

Image of Window Pane overcoat via Supreme

Up top, we see pink and black colored overcoats. These are made of a wool blend and traditionally very warm coats. Speculating this will be around $500. Last year, their safety orange overcoat with Loro Piana lining was a huge hit. Dress these up or down, wear over a hoodie or a suit.

Next, in the top right we move to a quilted, plaid zip up shirt. These are quilted inside and out, with flannel material on the exterior. Safe to say this has a workwear influence behind it. Available in a bright and a monocromatic color combo, you can choose your vibe for this one. A piece like this will sit so if you want it to rock, this should be an easy buy. Don’t bank on a large resale price.

Hoodies and Crewnecks

Moving down the list is what they’re calling a mirrored logo hooded sweatshirt. You know the deal with hoodies – unless it’s a box logo or a collab, you should be okay to grab your size without a bot if you’re on the site in time. Retail is always $168. Typically, the longer you keep them on ice, the higher the resale price gets! It may not be huge but you can stack a little cash on these. Always a good play to go for a hoodie. They come in a spectrum of colors but the versatile, muted ones are most popular.

Image of Scatter Text via Supreme

Coming up is a wild looking crewneck that’s called the “scatter text”. As much as it may look like it, this isn’t a fuzzy Coogi sweater. All cotton regular crewneck. Again, available in a few different color ways to suit your style. This is a tough one to gauge. For resale value, we imagine it will be on the middle to lower end. Don’t expect a huge jump over night but as time goes on, this may be a big commodity for it’s unique look.


Image via Supreme

This nylon 6 panel hat is first on the docket. This features an “ascension” logo resembling a North Face-esque mountain scene. Personally I think this would be a great addition to anyone’s collection, beginner or veteran. It says Supreme on it, has a sweet emblem, and has a few nice colors. Hats like this are generally around $48 and sometimes double or triple in resale price. I’m already convincing myself to scoop one, ideally the olive or peach. Good value play here.

A faux fur Ushanka hat is the odd looking one of the bunch. So this means it could either brick or skyrocket. My best guess is yours but my prediction is these will be available in S/M and L/XL sizing on each color way. There’s a small box logo on the front and we know how folks fiend over that. Play it by ear on this one. Retail could be anywhere from $70-$90.

Image of Breed Beanie via Supreme

As we get colder and colder, beanies are becoming more necessary. I feel this “Breed” beanie bottom left will do well, especially in the easy colors like black and brown. These will most likely be $38 give or take a few. If you already have things in your cart and have time, maybe you want to add one of these. They’ll hang around the site for a little bit and still have potential for a little flip.

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly is this “International” headband with Supreme and London front and center. The London store which opened in 2011 has been a massive success. In addition to that, headbands are all but guaranteed to go quickly and be a fantastic value play. If you have a low budget, try to go for one of these first thing at 11 EST. Should be around $32.

Collab Time

The Nike x Supreme FW 19 collaboration, Image via God Meets Fashion

This latest drop from Supreme is also marked by an expansive collaboration with Nike. Building on their storied relationship, the duo has crafted a capsule defined by premium leather constructions with retro sports styling.

Since we haven’t been able to see retail prices, some of these items are tricky to judge on how they’ll preform on the resale market. Rumor has it the leather pieces will be incredibly pricy, maybe up to $700-$800 for the leather hoodie. It’s always a good idea to judge an item based off it’s retail price. If you think it’s overpriced (by Supreme standards) then odds are other people have a similar thought and won’t have a strong urge to buy. So keep that in mind.


Nike x Supreme Leather Anorak, image via Supreme Community

The two hoodies, the leather version being labeled as an Anorak and the other being called an Applique should both preform well. Fair warning as previously mentioned, the Anorak will have a lofty price tag. But as we say, big risk could come with a big pay out! The Anorak also has a beautiful box logo on the back too.

Applique Hoodie, image via Supreme Community

The Applique on the other hand will have immediate resale value as it will have a regular hoodie retail price tag at $160. While it’s mostly cotton, there are some leather accents. This may be item of the week for some.

Leather Baseball Jersey, image via Supreme. Community

The next duo is the leather baseball jersey and leather warm up pants. Again, these could be up to $400-$500 so be prepared if you have your eyes on these pieces for the personal collection or just looking to max out your credit card.

Image via Supreme Community

Accessories and Bags

Image via Supreme Community

First on the list, these sunglasses are estimated for around $100. Fitting with a retro theme, these aren’t a frame you see on most folks outside of dads. As usual, the red version may be the most popular. And don’t forget about those sexy box logos on the arms. Wouldn’t expect a crazy flip for these but still a great opp.

Image via Supreme Community

If you’re looking for some ice, you might as well get this 14k gold ring. Not much to be said about this one, blow some off your paycheck to get a Nike check on your finger. No Supreme branding, so you may want to leave it in the store if you had intentions of reselling.

Image via Supreme Community

Moving on we have the leather duffle bag. If you’re a big traveler and love to flex, this is for you. A very sick item to add to a personal collection. Duffles haven’t been preforming super well of recent but that’s not to say this can’t appreciate in value over time. I feel this is one of those judge by retail items.

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out the Nike x Supreme collab of FW 19, we have a trio of bandanas. Similar to the headband mentioned earlier, this is a perfect item to go after no matter where your interest lies. Whether you’re looking to resell or keep, you can’t go wrong. This will be put at $20 so there’s only room to sky rocket.

Release Info

When: November 29 (due to Thanksgiving), Japan Release November 30
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving an has some luck on this week 14 drop.

– Erik

Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 Luxe Resale Pricing Info

Supreme is a brand known for slapping its name on anything and turning it to gold.

From $40,000+ pinball machines to literal bricks, it seems that nothing is immune to a Supreme remix.

The NY based skate brand’s Midas touch is not 100% however: in some instances they flop, hard.

Cop or flop? Via Supreme.

Let’s take a look at the arguably overpriced Nike Air Max 95 “Luxe”, the latest Nike sneaker to get the ‘preme treatment.

Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 “Luxe” Release Info

Supreme New York defines clout culture, and like Drake, they’re at the top for years longer than expected yet still killing it.

Not many brands can do or say this, but one of the reasons that they reign supreme in this realm is the mystery surrounding their drops.

Drops are announced in detail only days before the actual release, making it hard to assess and prepare if the release is worth going after or not.

For the 11th week of their Fall/Winter season, we’re seeing a shoe with a fairly understated silhouette in normal colors.

These Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 “Lux” edition have a confirmed release date on Thursday, November 7th 2019 in three colorways: black, blue and red.

Official Supreme image. Subtle branding on the side along the laces.

Surprisingly to most consumers, if you want to buy these, you’ll be hit with an eye-wateringly high retail price tag: $500 .

Interestingly, despite the high tag, wearers will be hard pressed to get people to recognize these shoes that lack highly visible Supreme branding and honestly look like cheap, outdated legit (not cool) dad shoes.

The last time Supreme was set to release a “Lux” Nike shoe was with the Air Max 95 Swarovski for their 25th anniversary.

A mockup from @py_rates

These were also not well received by the community, and pairs in real life never came to fruition.

So, again in black + red + blue fashion, a “lux” Nike x Supreme is actually dropping.

This time, it seems that Supreme and Nike are really pushing the boundaries to see how much consumers are willing to fork over their dollars to the almighty combo.

Given that many people that rock ‘Preme want onlookers to know it, this seems like it’ll be a hard pass for the Hypebeasts.

An official look at the top from Supreme

And sorry, but these look way too much like Fubu’s to me.

The retail price tag is enough to drive traditional resellers away, which could be good or bad.

Let’s see if these are gonna resell or not.

Resale Prices

For those out of the loop, the sneaker resale thing is actually a growing billion dollar market.

 Making the small investment to get educated is way more applicable than most college courses given that there are six figure resellers cashing in big.

One of the things that will give you an edge and that will put you in the elite realm of sneaker slingers is having a good grasp on history.

There’s one thing that this drop has going for them, and it’s that they were given a super hyped one off, Italian made mock up back in 2001.

The 2001 Italian version. From The Sole Supplier.

These were released only in black.

Also, to bring up Drizzy again, it’s he who debuted an early look, again at the black pair:


follow us on instagramWe’re on IG too. Follow us here.

 Does this hype equal resale dollars?

Let’s take a look at current prices on StockX:

All sizes looking similar on November 6th on StockX.

Sellers are all asking around $750, which would be a $250 profit per pair.

The market may eventually show that these guys are dreamers: we won’t be surprised if these sell for at or under retail.

Aspirational asks on StockX for the blue pair. Check the current price here.

Given the history and the Drake hype, we do expect the black pair to do better than the others, and should be the ones to buy.

At the moment, prices look the same across the board for all three colorways.

The Black pair prices on November 6th. Check prices now here.

The red and blue, although more eye catching, might sit for a few minutes or more.

We’re calling that the black pair will sell out the quickest.

Let’s see if this drop is going to take some insider techniques to buy.

How to Buy and Resell

In the realm of difficulty, on a scale from a general release, non retro Nike Jordan to a $2000 profit Off-White Nike, these Supreme x Nike Air Max 95’s appear to be on the easier side.

The direct link to purchase these is easy: there’s no extensive sitelist to line up for this drop.

To get these, load up Supreme New York’s official website (this is the only one) on Thursday, November 7th at 10AM for the US East Coasters and 7AM for the West Coast Gang (middle/overseas guys you’re probably used to calculating time zones for sneaker drops by now.

You can also buy these in person on November 7th if you happen to live in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London or Paris.

Like some past Supreme x Nike drops, these may restock on the Nike SNKRS app the following Saturday November 9th, but this is yet to be confirmed.

November 9th is also the day that these become available at the multiple locations in Japan.

Because of the high retail price and iffy resale customer market, we didn’t add these to our November list of most profitable resellable sneakers.

Check out our Instagram and subscribe to our email list for the latest sneaker news.

Thanks guys and good luck


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Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Fall 2019 Collection

Supreme New York has had a solid year so far, which was meant to be topped off by a collaboration with The North Face in week 17 of June 19th. Supreme is known for playing games though….When will it actually happen?

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Fall 2019 Collection

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing 2019 Collection on a model – Image from Supreme

For the last few years, Supreme has been doing quite well. Collaborating with various brands from all over the world, as well as releasing their solo collections and wearables, they have attained quite an impressive reputation. If you want to be one of the teenagers making millions flipping sneakers online (as well as other streetwear), I recommend you keep a close eye on Supreme.

Supreme x Fox Racing 2018: First Collaboration

In 2018, Supreme first collaborated with Fox Racing. Back then, Honda wasn’t part of the ordeal.

So, why is this important?

Well, the 2018 collaboration did so well on the resale market that it’s bound to be a strong indicator of how Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing 2019’s fall collection will perform.

If you want to get an edge on Supreme drops by learning more about how the brand works and why it has resale value in addition to copping and selling tips, check out our exclusive Supreme Resale Bible.

The 2018 collection was constituted of a pair of motorcycle pants, a motorcycle jersey top, a helmet, VUE protective goggles, and a moto handgrip. Finally, each part of the collection came in three different color schemes. First was the popular Supreme red and white which is their signature color scheme. The other two were black and white, and bright green/black/blue/white.

If you’re a fan of Supreme’s collab gear, we recommend you visit our Supreme x North Face collaboration article to see their fabulous t-shirts.

Supreme Week 6 F/W 2019 Honda x Fox Racing: What to Expect?

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing 2019 Collection on a model – Image from Supreme

For this Fall’s collection, Honda is joining in with Supreme and Fox Racing. What this means is that we will be getting more releases than in 2018. Even a reaaally special one but we’ll get to that near the end of this article. So, let’s get to this list and compare the last years price with new ones (if applicable):

1. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Crewnecks

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Crewnecks – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $158

Peak Resale Price: $300+

Potential Profit: $150 per crewneck

Right now, the only thing we know about the Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing crewnecks is that they will drop on October 3rd in three colorways. Out of black, red, and green, I prefer the looks of the classic Supreme red crewneck so it might be the one hitting the highest resale prices.

However, we’ll just have to wait and see.

2. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Moto Pants

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Moto Pants – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $238

Peak Resale Price: $350

Potential Profit: $100+ per pant

Last year, Supreme and Fox Racing did release three colorways of moto pants so we can take some guesses here. The pants in the 2018 collection had a retail price of $198 so the 2019 models should have a similar price tag.

Based on that and the average resale price of $245 (2018), you can expect a 30-70% profit if you grab these pants for their initial price.

3. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Work Shirts

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Work Shirts – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $148

Peak Resale Price: $200+

Potential Profit: $50+ per shirt

Same as crewnecks, Supreme hasn’t yet collaborated with Fox Racing on any work shirts.

This will likely have middle range hype in this whole collab, but since the two names combined is such a hot commodity, these should have some resale value

4. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing V1 Helmets

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing V1 Helmets – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $258

Peak Resale Price: $500+

Potential Profit: $250+ per helmet

While the last year’s helmet release was a V2 piece of gear, we can expect a similar price/resale ratio from Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing’s 2019 moto helmet.

With a retail price of under $300 and a peak resale value of $900 at times last year (average closer to $500), this might be one of the winners in this collection.

5. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Vue Goggles

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing VUE Glasses – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $158

Peak Resale Price: $250

Potential Profit: $90 per goggle

Last year, we did have a few colorways for the VUE glasses. They were priced at $148 and performed fairly well on the resale market, hitting peak resale prices over $340-$400 which makes for a profit of up to 120%+.

While this is certainly not a groundbreaking amount, either pair of the VUE glasses could you get you a satisfying sum of money for zero work, and they’re gonna flip fast.

6. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Gloves

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Gloves – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $88

Peak Resale Price: $120

Potential  Profit: $30 per glove pair

So, the first iteration of Supreme x Fox Racing gloves looked like a huge winner for the first few days. With a retail price of $78, the 2018 release of these gloves managed to resell for $300. Then, their average resale price dropped down to $60 for a couple of months making them a terrible value purchase.

While the gloves’ popularity plummeted hard after the initial hype in 2018, it might not be the case with this year’s collection. Although you might be able to grab a $30 or so margin during the hype on release day when they sell out, I’d stay away from them if you’re in it for a big flip, as they’re now $10 above last year’s retail and perhaps lower interest.

7. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Zip-Up Work Jackets

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Zip-Up Work Jackets – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $258

Peak Resale Price: $350

Potential Profit: ~$100 per jacket

Although the 2018 collab didn’t contain zip up jackets, these should be a hot commodity as they’re featured on some of the models in the main press releases for this drop.

Keep an eye on these jackets. A lot of hype is formed around them and they might bring tons of profit if you manage to purchase them for the retail price.

8. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Moto Jersey Tops

supreme honda hypebeast
Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Moto Jersey Tops – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $158

Peak Resale Price: $500

Potential Profit: $300+ per jersey

Now, the moto jersey tops might just be the most interesting and profitable piece of racing gear in this collaboration. They are fairly low-priced at $158 and we expect Supreme to reiterate the pricing even though Honda has entered the collaboration.

Additionally, last year’s Fox x Supreme jersey average resale price remained at 120% the retail price so there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make a similar profit if you grab one (or more) of these moto jersey tops early enough.

However, the one distinctive difference between the two releases is that 2018 contained three colorways while 2019 will only have two of them.

9. Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing CRF 250R Dirtbike

Supreme x Honda x Fox Racing Offroad Dirt Bike – Image from Supreme

Release Date: Thursday, October 3rd 2019

Retail Price: $9998

Peak Resale Price: $15,000-30,000

Potential Profit: $20,000,+

While it isn’t streetwear, I just can’t avoid mentioning this one.

Namely, Supreme, Honda, and Fox Racing will also be releasing their very own collaboration motorcycle. Yeah, that’s right, a motorcycle.

As I don’t follow racing closely, I really can’t imagine how much profit you’ll be able to make if you resell this bike. However, it looks pretty cool and I’d love to try driving it around. So, if you’re loaded of cash, go ahead and get it.

Final Words

As you can see, we are about to be blessed with a huge Supreme release featuring Fox Racing and Honda. If you’re not just a fan of streetwear but also racing, I guess you are bound to love some of the releases in this collection.

On the other hand, if you’re only in it for profit, then you should tread carefully, but with eyes open as streetwear alone can cause a $10,000+ profit month.

Or at least take the highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook with you to keep your wallet safe and full at all times.

Thanks and take care


Supreme x The North Face SS 19 Potential Collaboration

Supreme New York has had a solid year so far, which was meant to be topped off by a collaboration with The North Face in week 17 of June 19th. Supreme is known for playing games though….When will it actually happen?

Supreme x The North Face: SS19’s Struggle

Supreme the north face logos


Supreme New York has had a solid year so far, with a strong Fall/Winter 2018 transitioning into a hyped Spring/Summer 2019 season, which was meant to be topped off by a collaboration with The North Face in week 17 of June 19th.   

Supreme x The North Face: Mixed News

supreme north face flag leak news release date
Will the Suprme x North Face Flag Tee Drop in SS19?

The issue with TNF in the summer is that its going to be July soon, most people aren’t flexing their parkas in 90 degree weather, so instead there were a few “mock up” tees and hoodies.

These mock ups had positive reception, and some instagram pages falsely “confirmed” them but all this speculation created a false alarm, but week 17, Supreme still had a successful drop, the most notably they released a cycling jersey with several box logos imprinted, S logo shorts, and water shorts being very hyped.

Up and Down Resale Value of Supreme in 2019

Sekintani La Norihiro supreme t shirts
Some of the Sekitani La Norihiro Tees. Image from Hypebeast.

Another collab that failed was the Sekintani La Norihiro collab, the day of the drop almost nothing sold out and according to SupremeCommunity.com the polls for the collab were received negatively, usually Supreme will be sold out within 10min with some restocks, but even by 2:00 nothing was sold out.

It seems in 2019 this has happened more often than usual for Supreme, not even half of people liked the designs, even the recent Nike collab was iffy.

With a lack of Supreme branding people remain uninterested. The resell prices proved this lukewarm reception with items being under retail–people simply won’t pay for items that don’t pop out, they want to look cool, they want the box logos to turn heads, or controversial designs that stick out, that’s the mantra of streetwear in general.

Supreme SS 19 Delays

The week 17 supposed collab with The North Face proved to be a dud, despite every hype beast spreading the news of a second Supreme x North Face collab.

Just about every reselling page was expecting the TNF drop and even giving predictions on the resell and retail of the potential Tee’s.

But this fakie is not a first, every week people constantly speculate what will drop so they have an idea, and the problem is people spread a ton of misinformation on social media; potentially causing Supreme to push back certain drops.

supreme king of new york stockx price walken
The Supreme x Christopher Walken “King of New York” shirt from earlier in 2019 going for about double its retail price.

Earlier in the year Supreme came out strong, they had a celebrity collab shirt with Christopher Walken dubbed the “King of New York”, the Creeper T shirt, Jean Paul Gaultier Box Logo, the Swarovski Box Logo, and the North Face collab, all of these drops attracted the masses, with record sellout times.

It should also be noted that Supreme had an ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) collab in their lookbook before SS19 started, and every week it was speculated that the ODB tee would drop but would constantly get postponed.

Despite the hype and constant delays, when the release finally happened in Week 16, including a few ODB accessories and a Football top, the community found the shirts boring with a lack of Supreme branding.

supreme odb collaboration ss19
The Old Dirty Bastard Football Tee may have had weak response due to its lack of vivid ‘Preme branding

Most of the tees didn’t even sell out, to put this into perspective the Swarovski box logo sold out in 8 seconds and resold for over $1,000+ (read Alex’s experience about successfully copping this tee here).

The TNF collab from earlier in the season provided various jackets, bags, and shirts, resellers and enthusiasts had a field day, it will be cemented as a another historic drop especially with the jackets reselling in seconds.

supreme north face 2019 week 5 ss19 stockx price
The March 2019 Supreme x North Face collab going for about $300 in profit above retail on StockX.

The duo have had collabed since 2007, with over 22 collabs and no sign of slowing down. But the streetwear enthusiasts and hype beasts want to see something fresh, they want something more exclusive and attractive.

There is a possibility in the future that people could get tired of the North Face collabs.

Do the Fans Have a Taste for New Supreme Collaborations?

One example of a fresh collab resonating with Supreme’s fanbase is this season’s drop with Jean Paul Gaultier.

supreme jean paul gaultier t shirt
The Supreme x Gaultier “Box Tee”.

The tee was fresh and had various designer elements mixed with streetwear, and people loved it, the items were very profitable and stylish, and the “box logo” which was disputed as a true box logo but nonetheless people still loved it.

Week 18 of Supreme SS 19

At this moment, we are in the anticipated week 18 of Supreme SS19.

Due to the supposed TNF drop being postponed, it is said that week 18 will be the second collab and should include summer related accessories with T shirts in the mix, expect the collab to be extremely profitable, in the past North Face t shirts have resold at triple their value.

Whats the word?

Stay tuned on the news in regard to Supreme TNF, because as history shows Supreme will change their minds in the last second.

If they do the collab expect them to come out strong and a big amount of hype surrounding them, with big resale value as always.

supreme buju banton t shirt official image
Official image of SS19 Week 18’s Buju Banton tee via Supreme

Another rumor going around is that Supreme will make another ODB tee and Buju Banton tee, who was a critically acclaimed reggae artist, generally any celebrity tee will be hyped with good resale value, like Christopher Walken tee in Week 1 reselling for over $100+ in almost every size, expect the two celebrity tees to perform well.

Also note that if a TNF collab happens, expect to see big hype surrounding waist bags and other accessories, these are popular summer accessories especially for concerts.

Earlier in the season they released a bag with the Supreme Arc logo and TNF logos and sold extremely well. So in that regard be on the lookout for those essential accessories which are in demand, also note that TNF will  sell out insanely fast due to the saturation of bots and demand.

Finally, expect a big week from Supreme, whether its celebrity tees or The North Face there is a solid amount of hype, so far the mock ups have been received well and the polls are solid. 

We hope Supreme keeps pumping out the hype that we love to keep its name in the legendary stratosphere of streeetwear, a place it’s held for over 25 years now–quite a feat.

PS: For those brand new to Supreme who would like to get an edge on the resale market, check out our exclusive Supreme Resale Bible.