Dec 2019: eBay Eliminates Sneaker Seller Fees to Appeal Sneakerheads

At last, eBay makes the monstrous move that it should have done some time ago before the likes of Stockx and GOAT took control of a money-making market eBay let slip out of their hands.

eBay Wants in the Sneaker Reselling Market

ebay’s move to appeal sneakerheads

The well-known e-commerce site has opted into eradicating their fees for all North American sellers for any sneakers that are priced at least $100.

eBay announced this news on December 17th, 2019 to break away from their 10% fee that adheres to all sales, including sneakers, until now.

This large fee, along with various other motives, was why sneaker sellers avoided selling on the e-commerce platform.

The aforementioned motives that can deter sellers are scammers, who try to purchase items with no intentions of a legitimate transaction.

eBay and Counterfeiter Products

The other major motive is the plethora of counterfeit products throughout the site sold from both overseas and domestic areas.

Being that eBay is a behemoth of a company, they required data-intensive reasonings for a successful debut.

eBay found there were 6 million sneakers sold on their platform in 2019 and found concrete projections stating that these 6 million sales could reach 6 billion by 2025.

The OG of sneaker reselling credentials still belongs to eBay, and they’re still doing enormous sale numbers when it comes to other various styles and product exchanges between buyers and sellers.

The eBay Platform

However, eBay’s new move exposes their desire to become top-dog once again in the sneaker market, as all eyes have shifted to Stockx and GOAT in modern times.

eBay Appeals to Sneaker Resellers

As a result, eBay realizes by eradicating their selling fees, in particular for sneakerheads, that money will go into the pockets of the sellers who will reinvest that money for more purchases.


Before diving into the nightmare stories that are told about in the eBay realm, the largest reason sneakerheads turned to Stockx and GOAT is because, frankly, it’s just too hard to even start on eBay.

eBay’s Negative Motives

Most consumers want a procedure of trust or social proof to give them the confidence to purchase from someone or a company.

For instance, the online selling giant Amazon, has a review system that gives their customers confidence knowing that other people have also purchased the item.

Likewise, one can find eBay sellers with hundreds of reviews to sellers with little to no reviews.

In fact, it can take years to build quality reviews on eBay, thus taking a long time to generate confidence from buyers.

As one would assume, there’s a strong correlation between the amount of reviews with the seller versus the seller’s sales performance.

Furthermore, even an aged account could still suffer in the world of eBay. For example, an eBay seller could have years of excellent reviews, but a minimal mistake could lead to a world of trouble.

Reviews Can Hurt Sellers

Even one negative comment could put make hundreds of buyers uneasy, and as a result, look elsewhere to purchase.

This is why Stockx and GOAT have been taking the sneaker market by storm, as they not only market authenticity front and center before anything else, the seller and buyer are trusting an entity, not just one person.

Goat and Stockx

Because it’s not just sneakers that they sell, it’s limited and rare sneakers that make their way to Stockx and GOAT storage.

Naturally, sneakers like these have a stark difference from a general release shoe like a Nike Flyknit that are sold in million units in stock.

A limited stock means higher demand and higher resale value, and as a result, counterfeits are much more frowned upon—feared even.

This reason alone propels online streetwear resell giants like Stockx above their eBay counterparts.

Sellers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their products are being authenticated by professionals who will not return the shoes or attempt a fraudulent return.

On the other side of the spectrum, the buyer can sleep at night realizing that their purchases, which can sometimes be as much as their rent bill, are authenticated thoroughly.

These are services absent to the likes of eBay, but for sneaker resellers, the service alone is why Stockx and GOAT is their go-to reselling platform.


eBay Moving Forward

Now that the marketplace adheres to zero selling fees for its North Americans seller community on any sneakers sold above $100, Stockx and GOAT are put on notice.

Unfortunately, the damage might have already been done to eBay, as a result of their long-time complacency.

In addition to the buying and selling worries, scams, counterfeits, their partnership with PayPal can also cause problems for sellers.

Albeit, PayPal provides a much-needed service, however, Stockx and GOAT have their own payout service.

Moreover, PayPal can sometimes be an obstacle in itself when problems arise.

For instance, if you’re selling goods with PayPal, the funds are not released, for new sellers, until the tracking proves the item has reached its destination.

This means if there are any refunds, you will need to speak with a different entity.

If eBay plays its cards right, they could take over again. In my own opinion, they should create their own authentication center and mimic Stockx and Goat.

Since they already have trusted sellers and buyers, it could benefit them immensely.

eBay is Coming

Stockx and GOAT may either be trembling in their boots or they’ve come so far that this move by eBay may not phase them—time will tell.

Something eBay, Stockx, or GOAT does not have, however, is the Hypemaster Playbook—only Six Figure Sneakerhead has that for all your reselling essentials.

In addition, we have the most profitable shoes of December still worth a read.

If you’re going to sell on eBay, be cautious and stay alert. If it’s too good to be true, it is. More money is more money but sometimes, it’s not worth potential hassle.

Good luck everyone until next time.


10 Sneaker Drops with the Most Increase in Resale Value in 2019

Can you make more money investing in sneakers than in the stock market? With these 10 shoes, you definitely could have beat Wall Street in the past 1-5 years.

Every sneaker release date is a potential investment.

Like in every game, some win, some lose.

Most people in the sneaker resale game believe that the only way to win is to catch a limited drop for retail price, and to flip it for resale.

Although you can make great money doing this, especially if you use sneaker bots and have the correct business knowledge, the reason that the sneaker aftermarket is billions of dollars and growing is because of trades happening at all times at different prices.

It’s exciting to know that this billion dollar pie is composed almost entirely of self made resellers who can reach six figures with the correct strategy like this one we’re about to lay out for you, which is how to win in sneaker investing.

Like with all investments, it’s impossible to be right 100% of the time, but you can hedge the odds heavily in your favor with the correct knowledge base.

To give you an idea of how much money there is to be made in trading rare sneakers, here are 10 winners from the past few years that have had a surprising increase in resale value:

1. Adidas Yeezy Boost Light Brown 750 OG

yeezy 750 og light brown price flight club
The OG 750 going for nearly $3500 for size 6 on Flight Club.

Release Date: February 14th 2015

Retail Price: $350

Initial Resale Value Lows: $900

Current Resale Value: $1750-$2500

Profit Margin: $850-$1600+ per pair / 94%-$178%+ ROI

I remember this release well as these were one of the shoes I moved many pairs of, profiting not only on retail prices but on post release markups as well.

After an initial craze and sales between $1000 all the way up to $5000 per pair, an online re-release announcement put resellers in fear of a massive supply, and prices plummeted below $1000 per pair, especially for larger sizes.

When the online drop happened and was way more limited than people expected, prices rose again

As this was the very first model for Kanye and his Yeezy brand to team up with Adidas in the debut of the Boost technology, these shoes have historic collectible status which is intrinsically valuable in the long run.

Now, in 2019, it’s certainly impossible to find these for under $1000 authentic and new.

The same returns hold true for basically every 2015/2016 Yeezy drop for the same reason these 750’s have increased.

2. Nike Air Jordan 5 x Supreme

supreme 5 white stockx price picture jordan

Release Date: October 16th 2015

Retail Price: $198

Initial Resale Value Lows: $400

Current Resale Value: $800-$900

Profit Margin: $400-$500 per pair / 100%-125%+ ROI 

At the time, people seemed to be bored of Supreme x Nike collabs, and these Retro 5’s were criticized as unoriginal. Some people liked them, especially the camo colorway, but for a moment in time, the resale price was fairly low and these shoes did not sell as quickly as expected even though they were pretty hard to purchase.

stockx price chart supreme air jordan 5
The price chart from StockX showing a juicy steady increase for these Supreme Jordan 5’s.

In the following years, Supreme x Nike dropped more shoes of varying popularity and criticisms, but these Retro 5’s  began to gain popularity on resale platforms and have basically doubled in value since their lows.

3. Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo Red

supreme suptempo uptempo red stockx picture


Retail Price: $190

Release Date: April 27th 2017

Initial Resale Value Lows: $350

Current Resale Value: $900-$1000

Profit Margin: $550-$650 per pair / 257%-286%+ ROI

Yet another case of the people hating on Preme, the Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo dropped in Gold, Red and Black.

The people were given many chances to cop this, not only from Supreme’s website, but on another try on Nike’s SNKRS app and other retail sites.

supreme suptempo uptempo red stockx price chart
A increase up to $1000 from the low of $400 happened as early as 6 months after the drop as seen on StockX.

Because of these many chances, it fell into the category of an easier cop, so resellers panicked and lowered prices when their stock wasn’t moving quickly.

If they’d held on to their pairs, they’d have gotten a much better return, particularly for the red pair.

4. Nike Air Force 1 Low  x Commes des Garçons “Shirt”

commes des garcons shirt air force 1 low

Release Date: $228

Initial Resale Value Lows: $350

Current Resale Value: $900-$1000

Profit Margin: $550-$650 per pair /257%-286%+ ROI

This increase is somewhat of a surprising one.

French brand Commes des Garçons has been known to roll out hype streetwear collabs, most notably its Supreme partnership with $1000+ box logo T shirts.

Their shoes on the other hand, have been hit or miss, with the aftermarket looking confused on how to price these.

The resale value went from decent to super hype worthy in the past 2 years, with a near three fold increase.

Nike Supreme Commes des Garcons Air Force 1 november 8
For reference, this is the model of interest that could very well increase in future years. Check the price and create an account with StockX here.

A recent late 2018 collab on an Air Force 1 Low silhouette with Supreme is currently going for around $300; there is a chance that this could be a good long term bet.

5. Nike Air Jordan 1: “Not For Resale” Yellow

not for resale 1 maize jordan nike
Official Nike images of the yellow “Maize” Not For Resales.

Release Date: November 14th 2018

Retail Price: $160

Initial Resale Value Lows: $600

Current Resale Value: $1500-$2000

Profit Margin: $900-$1400 per pair /250%-333% ROI

Despite the name and the printed “Not for Resale” across these shoes, Nike of course knew that people would be buying these just to resell them.

Maybe it was this irony or the slew of other insanely hyped releases like the Retro Jordan 1 x Union LA dropping at the time, but resale value has since increased quite a bit as of July 2019.

The yellow “Maize” colorway is currently commanding a higher price, in some cases twice as much as the red.

6. Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Airmax 97/1

nike wotherspoon 97/1 stockx picture

Release Date: November 21st 2017

Retail Price: $160

Initial Resale Value Lows: $500

Current Resale Value: $1200-$1500

Profit Margin: $700-$1000 per pair /240%-300% ROI

One fun fact about this pair is that a single early pair of this drop went for $96,000 on eBay to a crazy collector (actually tons of crazy people placed bids close to this level, and just one person won)–the hype was strong with this one.

Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 record price sneakers
Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 sneakers sold for a record price of nearly $100,000. Source:

At one point, the buzz about these unique hybrid cozy patchy kicks died down, and resale value plummeted to around $500.

Fast forward to 2019, and the resale value has shot up to higher than its initial resale highs, meaning that if you scooped it for the low when people were sleeping on these, you would have made a clean double on your money today in mid-late 2019.

7. Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High x Off White “Chicago”

stockx off white 1 chicago price 2019
August 2019 seeing even higher highs for the Chicago Off White 1’s.

Release Date: September 9th 2017

Retail Price: $190

Initial Resale Value Lows: $900

Current Resale Value: $3500-$4000

Profit Margin: $2600-$3100 per pair / 389%-444% ROI

In 2017, people were lamenting about the Nike Jordan resale market not being what it used to be.

A lot of models were flopping like bricks on the aftermarket, some of them losing value under the retail price when they’d normally increase.

All of this fear of resale dying changed 180 degrees when the Nike x Off White “The Ten” Collection dropped.

Each pair was going for around 5x its retail price at highs of $1000 per pair during the release time, which was an insane return for any shoe, let alone an entire collection of 10 shoes that dropped at once.

In the past year, it seems the ceiling for Off White x Nike Jordan got even higher, particularly for Abloh’s “Chicago” iteration, which even if you had bought for a high resale value of $1500, you’d be able to comfortably sell today for double your money and a $1500+ profit.

…Insane. That’s why we have a whole guide post on the brand that you can check out here.

8. Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High x Kawhi Leonard Think 16 (Pass the Torch)

stockx price increase pass torch jordan 1
Then vs Now: In less than 1 year, an insane increase in value as seen on StockX. $500 above, and $2000 below.

Release Date:  April 28th 2018

Retail Price: $145

Initial Resale Value Lows: $450

Current Resale Value: $2000-$2500+

Profit Margin: $1550-$2050 per pair / 344%-456%+ ROI

If someone is to hold a record for switching sides faster than your stripper ex or LeBron James, it’d have to be Kawhi Leonard. In the span of just 1 year’s time, he had signed to 3 different NBA teams and released shoes with 2 different brands.

During each announcement of switching sides, things just got crazier and crazier, topped off with a Raptors win, an unlikely collab with dad shoe brand New Balance, and finally a switch to the LA Clippers.

The resale spiked immensely following each of these crazy announcements, particularly for the “Pass the Torch” pair which dropped when Kawhi was with the Spurs. Leonard is also supposedly suing Nike for his claw logo which is on these shoes, which also helped drive the resale value even higher.

Here’s a whole guide on Kawhi’s shoe collabs for those who want to educate on the hype.

9. Nike Jordan 1 Retro High Spiderman (special box)

spiderman retro 1 picture stockx

Release Date: December 14th 2018

Retail Price: $160

Initial Resale Value Lows: $250

Current Resale Value: $400-$600

Profit Margin: $150-$350 per pair / 60%-140% ROI

A limited Jordan release with a mixed opinion (who really wants to rock crystal laden kicks that look like B Grade Chicago 1’s?), Nike took on Spiderman with this special edition shoe that coincided with the release of Marvel’s film.

Despite the hype and limited quantities, many people overlooked this drop and the resale value at one point was around $250 per pair.

Now, as new pairs have become rarer on the aftermarket, people are paying a premium not even 1 year later, with an increase in up to double the initial resale value lows. Whether or not these will continue to rise or if they’ll fall is up to the market, but these are surely at a noteworthy price right now.

10. Chuck Taylor Converse x Kith x Coca Cola White

ronnie fieg chuck taylor kith coca cola converse 2018
From KITH creator Ronnie Fieg, the Coca Cola Converse Chuck Taylor

Release Date: August 11th 2017

Retail Price: $150

Initial Resale Value Lows: $300

Current Resale Value: $550-$750

Profit Margin: $250-$450 per pair / 83%-150%+ ROI

Perhaps one of the more unexpected and possibly overlooked releases, KITH NYC teamed up with Chuck Taylor and Coca Cola to release this shoe that oozed Americana and retro swag.

Resale value spiked then fell: For a period these hard to get shoes could have been had for a markup of double its retail price. The resale value for the white version has since been revived to up to 5 times the retail price for a healthy return for those who got them for the low.


These kind of Return on Investment (ROI) numbers would be considered amazing compared to the traditional stock market, where returns of 8% in a year are standard and 20% in a year is considered a big boom in economy.

Resale platform and data aggregator StockX is an excellent research tool. Sign up for an account here if you don’t already have one. We got most the stock photos of the shoes from this article from them and, disclaimer, we also have a partnership from which we receive a small commission if someone signs up and purchases a pair.

If you want to read more about sneakers as an alternative investment, check out our guide here on collecting sneakers for future financial freedom, or have a look at our Hypemaster Playbook where we break down how to best participate in the sneaker resale market to squeeze out opportunities from all angles, whether it’s snagging releases right on the drop for a quick flip or making long term investments like this.

A Review of using GOAT to Buy and Sell Your Sneakers

With many platforms out there with varying amounts of legitimacy, navigating the world of selling shoes can prove overwhelming for beginners.

Today we will focus on the GOAT Group’s app, which is best for speedy, low hassle selling of current day hype shoes. We’ll go over all the different aspects that involve using the app, including reputation, making a listing and shipping out your shoes. Finally we’ll wrap with a pros and cons list.

GOAT: The Greatest of All Time

logo for GOAT App
GOAT’s logo from their website

Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, GOAT (that is, Greatest Of All Time) in 2019 is making major moves and is a platform you need to get on as a shoe reseller.

It’s way less complicated than eBay is, and has tons of helpful data.

If you were able to get the shoes in person on the day of the release, I recommend using GOAT as from my experience, people buy in a higher volume on the release day on trusted platforms like GOAT and StockX.

You can also sometimes list the shoes for a higher price than eBay, although in the case of StockX and as a new GOAT seller, the fees will probably work out to be slightly higher than if you were to sell on eBay.

Reputation on GOAT

seller rating goat reputation scale commission
The Seller Rating Scale on GOAT dictates your commission level

For the lowest fees and best listing options, you maintain a seller reputation of 100 or above. You’re penalized every time your shoe arrives not as described or if you take longer than 2 business days to send out your kicks. Commission is set at 9.5%, but can go to 15% pretty quickly and even as high as 20% if you’re a flake too often, so be warned about this before using the app. Look on the right to see how quickly just a few failed sales can bring you down to the 15% and the 20% commission rate.

Making a GOAT listing

When you go on the app for the first time, you’ll find a tab that has a price tag, and after you click that you’ll see a big button that says “Sell Your Sneakers”.

You’ll need to simply look up the SKU or model number for the kicks you want to sell, which you’ll see either on the shoe tag if it’s a Nike or on the box if it’s adidas.

They’ll ask you some questions about the condition of the shoe, and a word of precaution is to be 100% honest because if you send out a pair of shoes and they show up to not be in a condition that was not as described (like if you wore them even a little bit or if the box is damaged), you’ll get penalized and can lose some money.

Pricing your shoes on GOAT

GOAT Listing price tool comparison
GOAT’s pricing tool shows you an accurate range of prices, including what price you can sell your shoes immediately at.

The awesome thing about selling on GOAT is it gives you a pricing tool straight away once you answer all their questions, which includes a super handy fee calculator.

Super simple shipping
Unlike with eBay where the price for shipping varies greatly depending how far you send it (a common range is between $9 all the way up to nearly $30 for shipping a typical 4lb box), GOAT makes it easy with flat rate shipping with UPS that’s always set at $5 which is deducted as a seller’s fee. On top of all that, they show you straight away how much profit you’ll make after fees, making it super handy to forecast profits and quickly compare the price on GOAT against your other options. 

Partnership with GOAT, Flight Club and Foot Locker

flight club goat merge acquisition
Two greats merge, Flight Club and GOAT

In February of 2018, OG sneaker consignment store Flight Club merged with the GOAT Group in a $60 million dollar deal.

This partnership had no effect on users, as you can see on the official statement on GOAT’s website here. 

Now that the two companies are together, nothing really has changed for the customer experience in either establishment, but behind the scenes, both companies are more powerful than ever before.

More recently, in February of 2019, one of the biggest and most well established shoe retailers, Foot Locker, invested $100 million to further solidify the presence of GOAT and Flight Club in the sneaker resale market, now estimated to be between $3 billion and $5 billion, which is surprisingly made up mostly of individual self made sellers.

A Wrap Up of the Pros and Cons of using GOAT to sell your valuable shoe collection

Here’s a quick wrap up for your convenience:


• Speedy sales and easy shipping

• Clear pricing suggestions

• Cheap flat rate shipping for anywhere and fixed fees for easy financial projection


• Strict on seller reputation

• Shoe eview process sometimes stingy

• Longer to get paid

For a more extensive pricing guide, check out our post here which includes reviews of StockX, eBay and more. 

***This article was an excerpt from our new 2019 Hypemaster Playbook, which we just released a brand new 2019 version of in March this year. Sign up to our email list for a free preview if you haven’t already.

All About Nike Air Max Day: March 26th 2019

March 26th is a date that all sneakerheads hold dear to their hearts. Every year on this day, known as Air Max Day, Nike celebrates the release of the very first Air Max. That model, the AM One, released on this day in 1987, crafted by legendary designer Tinker Hatfield. It caused a world-wide stir. Inspired by Paris’ Pompidou Centre, the Air Max One was the first Nike sneaker with visible airbags on the heel.

first 1987 air max one 1
The original 1987 Air Max 1 from Nike’s website

Almost 30 years the years later Nike and collaborative designers have celebrated the Air Max every year by releasing special one-off color ways and collaborations.

Over the years we have seen some incredibly profitable and hyped Air Max releases – let’s take a look at some of the Air Max releases over the years that contribute to the billion dollar sneaker pie full of self made six figure sneakerheads, as well as some of the future releases that are tipped to not only look great on feet but give you some profit in the bank:

Nike Air Max 180 (Berlin/ Europe Exclusive) Release date Tuesday, March 26 2019

air max berlin 180 release date
Image from

Retail price: USD $160

Current resell price: USD $250 – USD$300 (US 10)

Unfortunately for this year’s Air Max day there doesn’t appear to be too many exclusive releases that will generate a profit. However, Berlin (then Europe) is set to see an exclusive from Nike in the form of an Air Max 180. Initially released in 1991, Nike is re-releasing the Air Max 180 in a bright color way featuring white/black, neon green/pink accents and white leather in homage to bright colors of the Berlin nightclubs back in 1991.

The release date in Berlin is on Air Max day, March 26th 2019, then  a wider release in Europe is on March 30th 2019.

Nike Air Max 1/97 X Sean Wotherspoon (Release date: March 26th 2018)

Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 record price sneakers
Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 sneakers sold for a record price of nearly $100,000. Source:

Retail price: USD $160

Current resell price: USD $1,105 (US 10)

One of if not the hottest Air Max launch of 2018 was the Sean Wotherspoon take on the Air Max 1/97. Originally part of a Nike design content that Sean entered and won the shoe is inspired by Sean’s love of vintage Nike hats from the 1980s. Featuring the uppers of and Air Max 97 and sole of the Air Max 1 (hence the name Air Max 1/97) the colourway and combo was an instant hit.

The very first pair to hit the market at the end of 2017 actually went for nearly $100,000 on eBay as seen above, setting the tone for this shoe to become a high ticket classic for years to come.

Nike Air Max 1 X Parra (Release date: July 21st 2018)

The Nike Air Max 1 "Parra" releasing July 2018
The Nike Air Max 1 “Parra” official image from

Retail price: USD $150

Current resell price: USD $390 (US 10)

Dutch artist Pieter Janssen (a.k.a. Para) and Nike have teamed up on more than one occasion. Having developed models with Nike ranging from the Cherrywood and Amsterdam colorways the 2018 collaboration took the iconic Air Max 1 and overlayed the shoe with silhouettes of city and landscape imagery. 

Nike Air Max 90 X Off White (Release date: September 20th 2019)

off white 90 air max 2017 day
The Off-White Air Max 90 from the original “The Ten” collection of 2017

Retail price: USD $160

Current resell price: USD $1,292 (US 10)

Any list of coveted Nike sneakers we discuss must have a mention of Off White! The Nike Air Max was re-imaged by Virgil Abloh and the team at Off-White a grand total of 7 times, that is how respect Virgil pays to this silhouette. The very first re-imagination was ‘The Ten’ version from back in 2017, featuring the translucent sole, exposed tongue and stitching that was synonymous with the resent of ‘The Ten’ line these Air Max’s set the trend for the additional 6x re-imaginations of the varying Air Max models. 

For those who want to learn more about Off-White and why it’s so hot, here’s a full blog post we have about this legendary brand.

Nike Air Max Lunar 90 SP Moon Landing (Release date: July 20th 2014)

air max 90 moon landing 2014
Big mark up for this model on

Retail price: USD $145

Current resell price: USD $875 (US 10)

Constructed with a moonscape printed 3M reflective uppers the Moon Landing Air Max Lunar 90’s set the tone for the Mar’s Landing that released this month. This special pack was released to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrongs historic trip to the moon. An additional homage to America was right heel logo being covered in Red and White stripes!

Nike Air Max 90 x Dizee Rascall (Release date: September 18th 2009)


Retail price: USD $145

Current resell price: USD $1,250+ (US 10)

Designed to release at the same time as Dizzee Rascall’s LP release Tongue in Cheek, the Air Max model was dressed up with a transparent sole, white trim outsole and ‘Dirtee Stank Recordings’ fly beneath the transparent sole. Released in a very small batch these Air Max’s caused a stir and one to add to your mantle piece.

Nike Air Max 1 x Parra x Patta (Release date: March 13th 2010)

This eye catching hue of a shoe as seen on

Retail price: USD $160

Current resell price: USD $6,000+ (US 10)

The most anticipated pair from a collaboration of Patta, Parra and Nike – the Air Max One Cherrywood was released in 2010. Thought to be a friends and family exclusive the Air Max 1 x Parra x Patta was dressed in burgundy suede, blue chenille and a multi coloured sole. Added to the amazing exterior the sock liner was dressed in satin making the Cherrywood colour way an absolute hit since release.

Nike Air Max 90 X Kaws (Release date: October 29th 2008)

As seen on

Retail price: USD $160

Current resell price: USD $1,300+ (US 10)

In late 2018 Nike and legendary streetwear designer KAWS teamed up on a black/ volt colourway of the extremely popular Air Max 90 model. Whilst the shape of the Air Max was the same as previous models the white and volt green accents with added KAWS branded stitching launched this pair into GRAILED status very quickly.

Nike Air Max 95 X ATMOS Animal Pack (Release Date December 23rd 2006)


Retail price: USD $175

Current resell price: USD $510 + (US 10)

One of the many ATMOS x Nike collaborations, the Air Max 95 was re-designed by Japanese clothing retailer ATMOS in animal print, dropping alongside an Air Max 1 silhouette. Incorporating zebra, cheetah, tiger and giraffe prints on the outer with luxe pony hair panels on the upper the wild style was revisited again back in 2018 proving how popular the crazy colorway still is. 

Nike Air Max 1 X Parra (Release date August 1st 2005)

The iconic “Amsterdam” Air Max 1 x Parra

Retail price: USD $175

Current resell price: USD $5,320 + (US 10)

The final Air Max on our list is an absolute ripper. Back in 2005 Nike and Parra teamed up to release a colorway known as Amsterdam. Dressed in brownstone, blue reef, dark oak and a speckled sole the Parra x Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam is one if not the most sought-after sneakers of all time. The crest of Amsterdam is emblazed on the heel (hence the name), rumoured to have been released in around 200-300 pairs the even more exclusive Friends & Family release had somewhere in the vicinity of 24 pairs in existence!

Two Sneaker Reseller Stories: Business for Passion and Profit

Some people don’t know if they can start a shoe resale business simply because they don’t have an example to relate to. That’s why in this post, we will be profiling two different sneaker resellers/business owners that a wider audience can relate to: 15 year old student Ethan Cohen and 29 year old Kevin Royal.

Both of these stories are from 2019, describing some self made participants in the billion dollar sneaker market who come from all different walks of life and different ages .

Young Money

young money ethan benjamin kickz
Ethan with some of his cash profits from sneaker sales.

Let’s begin with Ethan Cohen, who created a six figure resale empire from nothing at 15 years old.

His incredible step-by-step story breaks down the beginnings of a young dreamer to a successful sneaker slinging entrepreneur.

Ethan is the founder of (@hastrestocks on IG), a now very well known and respected presence in the sneaker resale community with six figure revenues.

To give you an idea of his current success, I actually got off the phone with Ethan last week on his 15th birthday weekend where he reported having made $9,000 from SneakerCon in Ft Lauderdale on February 2 2019. This isn’t his first multi thousand dollar weekend: he’s made $8,000 in 24 hours selling memberships to his private group, and over $19,000 selling software.

All of this entrepreneurial success came from his interest in sneaker reselling and his endless pursuit at crushing it in that arena.

Turning $50 into $10,000 per month+


ethan sneakers haste restocks
Sitting cozy

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We’ll only have to go 2 years back to see exactly where his story started.

In 2017 at just 13 years old, his drive to make money was incredibly strong, and he was open to anything.

His money compass was drawn to the world of sneakers, initially with a pair of Yeezy’s (here’s our 2018 post discussing whether or not these are “dead”.)

Learning that a $220 pair of shoes generated $800 in profit with tons of buyers worldwide, he did everything that he could to learn about the world of sneaker reselling as a young outsider.

At just 13, Ethan didn’t have the money to buy a pair of shoes worth $200, even if he knew how to get them. So he had to work hard to raise this money on his own, starting with just $50.

He actually hadn’t resold anything before, so he had to get the muscle going with something simpler and a smaller investment.

Gifted with good insight combined with tons of proper research, he was able to take the $50 to flip various rare streetwear items including Supreme and even Kylie Jenner Lip kits that sold for nearly double the retail price.

To give you an idea of how profitable hyped streetwear can be, here’s a post breaking down a $10,000+ streetwear month.

Snowballing the $50 into $200, then $200 to $400, and eventually $5,000 then $20,000 and more, Ethan is true proof that one can make a self made sneaker business with the correct information and drive.

A Lifelong Passion for Sneakers

kevin royal feets shoe business owner
Kevin Royal (@thesebrosaintroyal IG / @Royalty1290 Twitter)

Not everyone out there slinging shoes is a teenager who is a tech whiz.

Some are people with much different backgrounds and life goals who have more of a history and passion for sneakers and are happy that the resale market exists as a tool to simply fuel passion and to actually change lives in some cases.

At another side of the sneaker market spectrum, Kevin Royal is a 29 year old teacher and coach who also runs a New Jersey/New York City based business named Royal Feets (@thesebroseaintroyal IG and @Royalty1290 on Twitter).

He first got into sneakers at a young age, thanks to his mom dressing him in the coolest athletic wear since he was just a kid. 

At just 2 and 3 years old he was already rocking OG Retro Jordans.

The seed that truly planted his personal passion for sneakers comes from a vivid memory in 1995 at just 5 years old when his dad gifted him with the original Nike Retro Jordan 11 “Concord”. 

From that point on, he carried the interest for Jordans into his teenage years, where in his first years of high school beginning in 2004 he began to take matters into his own hands and make his own money to buy these shoes which are otherwise quite expensive.

A Defining Moment

Kevin’s good friend Pat was running a surprisingly successful business selling shoes, primarily as a reseller on eBay, which inspired him and other friends to take the game more seriously.

In 2006, Kevin was motivated by the release of the Air Jordan Retro 6 + 11 “Defining Moments” pack, which really opened up  which were worth $1,000 at the time and today hold that value and up to $1800 on flightclub, generating $700+ in profits nearly immediately for those who bought them.

From then until now he’s secured many thousands of dollars in rare sneakers, some of which he keeps for his collection and others which he sells to help fund his lifelong passion for these sneakers today through his sneaker business Royal Feets LLC, known for its solid customer service and responsiveness.

More than just dollar signs

Kevin royal on twitter @Royalty1290
Satisfied customers from Kevin’s Twitter account @Royalty1290

There’s more to this business than just money though: Kevin’s biggest reward isn’t just having the extra cash to rock the shoes for himself, it’s in his ability to help others.

As a teacher and coach of middle school boys, he was able to recently give away a pair of proper basketball shoes to one of his students who had formerly been playing just in Vans because he couldn’t afford an upgrade.

“It’s awesome to be able to wear nice shoes and all, but it’s an even better feeling to be able to bless others!”, Royal said.

Tips on getting shoes at retail

Kevin Royal instagram royalfeets thesebrosaintroyal
Business is better with friends.

Kevin admits getting shoes at retail is tough, but describes how people can participate manually (without the use of a sneaker bot, which intimidates most first time users) and still build a nice shoe resale business:

“You have to be aggressive. You can’t just think that you’re going to go online (or in store) and cop a pair. You’ve gotta have friends and family involved in raffles, app reservations, etc. There are multiple different avenues you can go when trying to get shoes for retail. Just make sure you are on your toes about everything and enter for all the opportunities presented to you.”

His words are solid advice that will help you in all areas of life: be aggressive when it comes to going after what you want, it’s better to work as a team, and be sharp enough not to let opportunities go unseen !

For those that are in for another cool story about someone starting a business from scratch, check out our story on Alex here if you have not already.


StockX Review: Pros and Cons of Selling Sneakers on

Whether you’ve been a reseller for a while or are new to the game, you’ve probably heard of StockX. Maybe you’ve even seen their advertisements that were all over YouTube. But what exactly is StockX and are they good for sneaker resale?

StockX refers to themselves as “the world’s first stock market for things.” Basically, they are an online platform acting as a “middleman” between resellers and sneakerheads. StockX has expanded to also feature other products like streetwear, watches, and handbags.

The History of StockX

StockX is a joint venture between former IBM consultant Josh Luber and Billionaire Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers owner. Luber had created Campless, a website dedicated to sneaker resale pricing using algorithms from eBay sales. Gilbert was thinking about a stock exchange for sneakers after watching his son buying and selling shoes online. StockX was created, Campless was absorbed into the company, and Josh Luber became StockX’s CEO.

How StockX Works

StockX provides an easy platform for resellers and customers to use. For buyers, when you find a shoe model you like, you can make an offer that any reseller can accept or you can purchase immediately at the lowest asking price listed. After purchase, the seller ships the shoes to StockX where they are authenticated to ensure they are not fakes. After the shoes are verified, they are shipped to the customer.

For resellers, you can list sneakers for sale on StockX or you can sell them immediately for the highest bid. After a sale, you ship the shoes to StockX to be authenticated. Once the sneakers are verified, funds are released to you for the sale.

Another cool feature for doing research is checking out existing portfolios of sellers who have shoe collections in the six figures, and creating your own to help follow the sneaker market closely.

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Why Resellers like selling Sneakers on StockX

Whether you like StockX or not, their platform is reseller-friendly in many ways. That is partly why StockX handles $2 million worth of transactions every day. What makes StockX a great platform for reselling sneakers?

Sneaker Info already on StockX

Because all shoes sold on StockX are deadstock, there is no need for resellers to upload photos or shoe descriptions. StockX has all of the shoe information on their site already, including shoe model, colorway, release date, and retail prices. Having to take photos of all your sneakers and come up with descriptions is a time-consuming process for resellers. Not having to do all that work makes StockX easier to use than other selling platforms.

StockX’s Authentication Process

What might be the best feature of StockX, for sellers and buyers, is their authentication process. Many buyers are nervous buying shoes online, not knowing if they are getting the real deal or a knockoff. Resellers know that their reputation lies in providing a quality product. Selling one fake pair of sneakers could ruin your whole resale business. Once a sale is made on StockX, shoes are shipped directly to them to be verified by dedicated staff. StockX staff looks at every little detail to verify shoes are 100% real. Once that is determined, shoes are given a green verification tag and shipped to the customer.

Anonymity of StockX

One feature that separates StockX from its competitors is that both buyers and sellers remain anonymous during the process, similar to the stock market. It’s all about the sneakers. Sites like eBay have thousands of sneakers sales listed, but you have no idea who you are dealing with or if the shoes are legit. Because StockX verifies every pair of sneakers, there’s no risk for customers.

Being anonymous makes selling sneakers easy for newer resellers. On eBay, customers often look at the number of reviews a seller has before buying anything. As a new reseller you haven’t built up those reviews yet so it’s hard to compete. That’s not the case with StockX, where every seller is on the same level.  

Why Resellers don’t like selling Sneakers on StockX

For as many good features as StockX offers sellers through its platform, there are also some aspects that sellers don’t like. Because of this, many resellers only use StockX for its analytical data, choosing to sell on other platforms instead.

Free Market

StockX encourages a free market, meaning customers determine the value of sneakers. Many resellers don’t like the fact that buyers can place bids lower than the average market value, which could potentially lower the value of a shoe on the site.

Large Fees

Every online resale platform charges sellers fees for using their site. That isn’t surprising because that’s how they make money. However, StockX’s fees are higher than most. StockX charges seller’s a 9.5% sellers fee, although this can go down as you sell more sneakers. On top of that StockX has increased shipping fees over the years and also has a payment processing fee too. More fees mean less money in your pocket after a sale.

A review of buying shoes on

cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
Prices for the CPFM on StockX in May 2019

New users come onto StockX and are often initially confused,  because instead of just seeing one price like you’d see in just about every other store, there are 3 different prices that sometimes vary widely in values.

Here are the 3 different prices that you’ll see above a shoe on StockX, and what each of them mean:

Last Sale

This is the last sale that happened for the pair of shoes you’re looking at. Next to this number, you’ll see if the price has gone up or down compared to the previous sale.

Buy (aka Bid)

This number shows you a number that’s often below market value. It’s the price that a prospective buyer put out there for sellers to let them know that they’ll buy shoes immediately at this price.

After putting out a bid or Buy request, the buyer is bound to fulfill their promise to immediately purchase the shoe at the price.

StockX shows the lowest price on the market and its size.

Sell (aka Ask)

Often slightly above or at market value, the Sell or Ask is how much the seller is hoping to get for their kicks. They’re bound by this number to sell immediately at this pricepoint. 

StockX will show the highest number out there along with the size that goes along with it.

StockX Competitors

Through the good and the bad, StockX is a great option for resellers looking to flip shoes for profit. With that said, these guys are absolutely not the only way to sell shoes. There are many other resale online platforms that are excellent options as well. What alternatives do you have as a reseller? Here are some of StockX’s biggest competitors as well as other resale websites and Apps you can use:

For the last several years, StockX has provided a great platform to not only learn how to sell sneakers, but also to learn about sneakers themselves and gain insight into the resale market and shoe values. It’s not a perfect platform, but it worth checking out if you are looking to make money flipping sneakers.

Regardless of what platforms you choose to use for reselling sneakers, take time to invest in learning everything you can about sneakers and sneaker reselling. One of the best ways to do that is by purchasing the Six Figure Sneakerhead Hypemaster Playbook. In our playbook, you will not only learn the history of sneakers, but also the ins & outs of every aspect of sneaker reselling. If you are interested in making extra money this year or starting a new resale business, you owe it to yourself to invest in your future.

11 of the Most Expensive Supreme Resale Drops of 2018

Supreme has been around since 1994, and every year since it has had incredibly expensive releases, and 2018 is no exclusion.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 pieces of Supreme gear that could have made you a small fortune.

For those who are just hearing this the first time, there’s a lot of cash to be made for those who flip this hyped New York bassed clothing brand: you can make a million bucks selling Supreme, according to Wealth Simple.

We also wrote about our $14,000 month in 2017 which had a chunk of its profits attributed to a notable Supreme drop.

2018 did incredibly well, with many resellable Supreme items. We’ve simply picked 11 of the best.

The average retail price for the 11 items was $1528, with an average resale price of $7312, for a whopping average profit of over $5,000 per item.

…Ok that’s not a realistic estimate because we included one drop in the average that would have made you a profit of over $50,000, but even when you take that out, the average profit per item is still nearly $1000, which is a pretty penny to make in one single clothing flip.

Without further ado, let’s kick off this list of 12 most expensive Supreme New York drops of 2018 according to their resale prices:

1. Supreme pinball machine

pinball supreme stern
Some people were paying up to $70,000 for this $11,000 Supreme Pinball Machine

Release date: May 2018

$11,000 retail

$70,000 peak resale

$59,000 profit

Best first.

Here’s insanely expensive drop, one that went for the same price as a brand new Mercedes C Class to be up there with the priciest Supreme items to release of all time.

Of all things, Supreme chose to slap its brand name across a retro pinball machine by famous maker Stern.

Stern is known to collaborate with bands like AC/DC and Metallica in the pass and to have made pinball machines with their names, but none had the hype of Supreme.

Since there were only 100 of these made and the demand and pockets were huge for those truly interested, the money resellers made was crazy: up to $60,000 in one sale.

It’s hard to beat this profit that was just above the annual salary of the average US citizen, which means if you knew what you were doing and you got this Supreme Pinball machine and flipped it you could chill for a year (or spend a crazy weekend in Vegas).

2. Supreme Rimowa Suitcase

rimowa suitcase supreme
One expensive piece of luggage. The Supreme Rimowa suitcase going on eBay for $5000+.

Release date: April 2018

$5500 peak resale

$1600 retail (45L)

$4000 profit

Supreme is no stranger to putting its brand name on random items made by other brands and demanding huge dollar amounts when doing so.

It’s hard to predict who they will collaborate with next, but it’s always good when we see that they are slapping their brand on a quality product.

Rich people love to travel a lot, and how else can you prove you’re rich on top of travelling a lot?

Well, flex with the suitcase, of course.

So it wasn’t too surprising that when were able to partner with high quality luggage manufacturer Rimowa that the resale prices hit $6,000 at one point.

3. Supreme Studded Arc Logo Leather Jacket

supreme arc jacket leather
Would you know this is Supreme if you saw this? Most people would confuse this with a regular vintage jacket their grandpa would wear.

Release date: March 2018

$2000 peak resale

$698 retail

$1400 profit

Supreme New York has rebel roots that it continues today, so this edgy leather jacket fit right in with the spirit.

Perhaps it drew such attention because it pushed the boundary of what would normally be considered tacky,  but for some reason they were able to pull it off with this one.

Over $1,000 was to be made at its peak resale price.

4. Supreme Comme Des Garçons Split Box Logo Hoodie

supreme comme des garcons split hoodie 2018
This Black and White CDG Split Hoodie was a hot item on eBay this year.

Release date:  September 2018

$750 resale

$178 Retail

$600 Profit

Hoodies always sell quite well from Supreme, with plenty that generate $100+ profit, but this particular hoodie made resellers who knew what they were doing over $500 in profit.

French high end fashion brand Comme Des Garçons partnered up with Supreme to make this simple yet loud design which brought out the wallets of hypebeasts worldwide whose lavish spending profited an opportunistic handful of people.

5. Supreme Commes Des Garçons Painted Perfecto Leather Jacket

comme des garcons supreme painted
Painted to perfection and worth over $1,000. Data from StockX.

Release date:  September 2018

$2000 peak resale

$998 Retail

$1000 Profit

Doubling your money is always fun, but unlike the casino, doing it with an item like this leather jacket is basically a sure bet and in this case, double means you could have made $1000 in profit.

This “work of art” apparently resonated with enough people that it sold out quickly and immediately its price went way above the original retail price.

6. Supreme Faux Repeater Jacket

supreme repeat faux bomber 2018 teal

The 2018 Supreme Faux Repeater Jacket was questionable in fashion but sure on a high price tag.

Release date: March 2018

$850 Peak Resale

$398 Retail

$450 Profit

Again with being edgy and rebellious while expanding the boundaries of tacky or too loud, this printed faux fur jacket is something that would fly off the shelves only if the Supreme brand were slapped on it.

Mixed opinions didn’t stop this Faux fur jacket which came out in weird shades of brown and green from selling out quickly and then reselling for more than twice its already high retail price of almost $400.

7. Supreme/The North Face Leather Mountain Parka

north face leather parka
Lambskin leather and subtle-but-not-so-subtle branding is the highlight of this jacket.

Release date: October 2018

$2000 Peak Resale

$1098 Retail

$1000 profit

You’re probably noticing a surprising trend now of weird jackets by Supreme selling for sky high dollar amounts on the aftermarket.

Most parkas are made with synthetic outshells, especially those by the California born manufacturer The North Face.

The two brands combining together with such a strange item, a lamb leather mountain parka in colors like orange, was novel enough that people threw big chunks of change towards it.

8. Supreme NBA Team Warm Up Jacket

supreme nba warm up jacket
Collectors are going crazy for this jacket on eBay.

Release date: March 2018

$800 Peak Resale

$328 Retail

$500 Profit

Let’s be clear, before anything, Supreme is a skateboarding brand.

For some reason though, the brand has infiltrated so many aspects and corners of culture, and done so in a big way.

Given that basketball is a huge part of the urban community, it is fitting that a Supreme New York x NBA collaboration would generate tons of hype.

This jacket is one piece from the collection whose profit landed it on this year’s best of list.

9. Supreme Mike Kelley AhhYouth! Work Jacket

supreme nba warm up jacket
Ahh Youth! was a famed painting by Mike kelley, immortalized on this jacket.

Release date: September 2018

$750 Peak Resale

$288 Retail

$500 Profit

Mike Kelley an American artist that is relatively unknown to the general population, but just because he isn’t a household name doesn’t mean that his art isn’t valuable.

One of his more notable paintings, entitled Ahh Youth, is currently with the elite fine art auction house Christie’s for $700,000. 

Apparently Supreme has good taste because they chose this painting as the image to be printed on this work jacket in September 2018.

We’re not sure if the high price on the aftermarket is because people actually knew that this picture is from a fine work of art or if kids just thought it was cool.

11. Supreme Fox Racing Helmet

Supreme fox racing
How many people actually wear this on a motorcycle or dirtbike?

Release date: May 2018

$1000 Peak Resale

$298 Retail

$700 Profit

For another piece of ‘Preme gear whose extreme price defies logic, we present the unlikely success of the Supreme New York Fox Racing Helmet which is basically unwearable in public.

People have rocked the goggles and even the protective racing vest around the city but the helmet, which is rarely seen in the wild remains on top as one of the more expensive items from the collab despite the inability to flex with it.

12. Supreme x The North Face Expedition Jacket

supreme new york north face expedition jacket november
A recently sold eBay listing for more than double the $498 pricetag for the Supreme New York x North Face Expedition Jacket

Release date: November 2018

$1100 Peak Resale

$498 Retail

$600 Profit

Money-making Supreme drops extend all the way to the end of the year.

Here’s a cold weather drop that had red hot pricetags.

This expedition jacket is a highly functional piece of clothing with subtle Supreme branding, which seems to be the exact opposite of everything else on this list which are flashy and impractical.

This shows how unpredictable the brand can be. For the record, not every Supreme New York piece resell for profit or sell out at all.

Sometimes items that sell out don’t even resell for a higher price, and sometimes pieces go for the best price immediately and other times they rise in value over time.

Getting educated on Supreme can make you tons of money, but it will take a lot of time, dedication and resources.

Of course Google is at your disposal, but we also have put together a resource that will save you hours of research, our Supreme Resale Bible.

Thanks guys and take care


Off-White x Nike : All You Need to Know

Following a strong debut in 2017 with The Ten Collection, Off-White x Nike Jordan has commanded resale values of up to 10x their original investments, contributing to the insane billion dollar resale market of sneakers. With such a strong market and hype, it’s worth gathering a knowledge base of why the Off-White Nike shoes are as valuable as they are by understanding exactly what makes them special.

That’s why we’ve put together this post as the ultimate resource for those who want to know all about these shoes by mastermind designer Virgil Abloh.

We’ll start with some history, go into the insane resale value and why exactly the prices are what they are, give some tips on how to buy and more. Also be sure to check out our exclusive, limited Hypemaster Playbook which is the ultimate business guide to copping and flipping valuable shoes like the Off-Whites, Yeezys, Jordans and more.

Without further ado, let’s kick off this guide, starting with a little bit of a history lesson (trust us, you’ll like this way more than school, and unlike college, it’ll actually make you money):

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White x Nike Jordan: Brief History

virgil abloh ten nike
Virgil Abloh Masterminding “The Ten”. Image from

The Off-White Nike Jordans are the brainchild of American visionary Virgil Abloh.

Interestingly, his education is a world away from fashion: Abloh holds degrees in civil engineering from University of Wisconsin and in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology (Source: Wikipedia).

Perhaps it was his formally educated design mind mixed with creativity that the streetwear world needed so badly and resonated with in a way that nothing ever had before. He was also luck to have a highly reputable connection from the very start: the rapper, genius and true artist Mr. Kanye West.

Kanye West and Virgil Abloh

kanye west virgil abloh louis vuitton hug
Ye and Abloh sharing a bromantic moment at a Louis Vuitton Runway show. From @highsnobiety on Instagram.

Real Recognize Real: this phrase couldn’t be more true when it comes to the partnership between Kanye West and Virgil Abloh.

West was one of the first to see Abloh’s talent, and together they had a partnership with Ye’s brand DONDA in 2011.

With Virgil taking the role of artistic director, the two minds got along quite well and created true works of art in the form of clothing and designs.

Both of them were also formerly associated with Fendi, proving that they were well received in the Italian designer world which is one of the capitals of fashion.

Quickly after this partnership, Abloh went off on his own, forming Off-White in Milan, Italy, which was founded in 2012.

The Founding of Off-White

The Off-White Logo
The Off-White Logo is an icon in itself. From the company’s website.

From the beginning, it was crystal clear that Abloh had a gift for the streetwear world that no one had ever seen before.

He was able to take ordinary clothes, put a slight twist on them, sell them with extraordinary pricetags, and on top of all that, to do it with swagger–this is what streetwear is all about.

Abloh made his streetwear debut with his Pyrex Vision brand.

The PYREX printed sportswear and flannel shirts were well received, particularly by celebrities.

OFF-WHITE was founded shortly after as his flagship streetwear/luxury brand (here’s why streetwear is the new luxury and why you should pay attention to this).

After a few years of clothing, the brand started to make its own footwear, which sold but didn’t sell as well as it could have. For this reason, Nike footwear was the ideal partner for Off White.

Off White Nike Partnership

Abloh nike designer off white
A genius at work. From Nike

A win-win situation happened when Abloh decided to ink a deal with the swoosh brand.

This partnership, which is only 1 year old, is now one of the hottest in recent shoes history, and has these models selling out for seconds then going for insane dollar amounts on platforms like eBay and GOAT.

We saw the Ten drop as a debut, and again it was a huge success that set the tone for all other future Off-White Nike shoes to be true icons and celebrity favorites.

So much interest was generated in this debut that Nike actually issued an apology to the public of how quickly the shoes sold out.

Of course, there were winners who got at least one if not multiple pairs of the shoes on the drop using advanced tactics like this one we discuss about how to participate in the Draw and Nike SNKRS.

The Off White Converses were supposed to be part of the Ten, but didn’t release until later, and even at a relatively low retail price of $130, sold out in seconds and were on the market for over $1000.

Such hype is due to the design which has since been copied by many.

A Unique Design

vapormax off white 2017 the ten
The iconic Off-White Nike Vapormax 2017, part of the Ten collection. From Nike.

Familiar yet not at the same time plus instantly recognizable characteristics are ingredients to the recipe of Virgil’s design of the Off-White Nike shoes, as he describes in his lecture to the Harvard graduate School of Design.

Mildly deconstructed elements in simple tones of black and white make the shoe a total classic, while bold elements like neon zip ties and “AIR” printed boldly on the soles make the shoes undoubtedly Virgil Abloh.

Construction style components and colors are a nod to Abloh’s architectural background, while the silhouette remains pure Nike.

In 2018, we saw more colorful designs with the insanely valuable Serena WIlliams Air Max 97 pictured below and the recent Blazer “Spooky Pack”, and we look forward to seeing many more drops of this brand which is contributing the rise in interest and price in the sneaker resale market.

The clearest proof of the success of the collaboration and the design is in the resale value:

Serena williams off white august 2018 resale values ebay
Serena Williams Off-white August 2018 resale values, from The retail was just $190.

There’s really no other market like this which is why there are so many self made winners in this billion dollar pie.

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Off-White Nike Resale Value

When it comes to reselling shoes in 2018, Off-White arguably has the most attention.

No other shoe across the board has historically had such insane resale value compared to Off-White Nike Jordans.

We don’t whether or not Virgil was deciding between other options before starting the partnership with the Just Do It brand, but the partnership was a victory for all parties involved.

The war between Nike and Adidas is strong, but Nike certainly found a winner with this collaboration: a rough average projects a 300% return, or 3x your money compared to the retail price on these collaborations.

On the low end, the original 2017 “The Ten” collection had shoes at $160 that resold for $500 on average, but on the higher end the Off-White Nike Air Jrodan 1 “Chicago” sold at over 10x its $190 retail price for a 1000% return at a $2,000 profit at its peak market value.

Other hot shoes in the first collection included the Nike React Hyperdunk ($650 current resale), Nike Zoom Vaporfly x Virgil Abloh ($800 current resale value), and the Off-White Air Max 90 ($800 resale value).

2 Unique Ways to Make Money with Off-Whites: Retail and Investing

Getting the Retail Price 

Money is to be made in both securing at retail, and even if you can’t do that or you miss out (although the sections later in our playbook will help), you can invest like you would in the stock market.

By securing the kicks at the retail price, maximum profit can be made because retail is the equivalent of wholesale when it comes to limited sneakers. Although Yeezys were the original winner for most valuable shoe to resell, Off-Whites now take the crown which is why being able to buy at retail price is how you can secure top dollar.

Having trouble getting the shoes from websites like because they sell out in seconds, or the servers are crashing?

Well, these models have been releasing with such frequency and will continue to release so you can try then try again until you succeed.

In the meantime, browse our blog for more tips, or try our second method mentioned below.

Even if you can’t secure at retail, you can ensure money through well-timed and knowledge driven investment techniques.

Make money through investing

Rare sneakers like the Off-White Jordans are assets, and just like any other asset, they hold value and can rise and fall due to trends and timing.

Many newbies have the issue of selling for too low of a price or not knowing how to price in such a way that they make the most money. For advice on this issue, check out this article about 3 of the best tips for to get top dollar when selling your rare shoes.

Here are two examples that you could have invested in even after they sold out for retail and made a healthy profit: the Off White UNC 1 and the Chicago 1.

Both of these shoes had 3 elements that you can use to profit as an investor:

  • A huge spike following the release date
  • A steep drop about 1 or 2 months following the release
  • A rise in value that sometimes returns to the same or a higher price than the resale price during the release date

The Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago is a good example of the volatility that we can see in the sneaker resale market. Here are some photos that give example of the 3 elements mentioned (all images below from

Spike during the release date

Off white jordan 1 chicago stockx price
The Off-White Jordan 1 Chicago had prices over $2,000 for a massive profit over its $190 retail following its release date

People who bought for retail and sold at peak resale made the most money.

Drop shortly after –this is where you could have invested for half the price of peak resale

Off White Jordan 1 CHicago resale price stockx 2018
A few months after the release, the resale price was cut in half.

If you had a spare $1200 or so, you could have bought this shoe model at much less than most people paid, and if you held on, you will have made money as you can see below in the final element of this trend we’re describing. In the case of these shoes, the drop happened 3 months after the release.

Rise in resale value

Off white jordan 1 chicago current resale value stockx
A return to the original resale price of over $2,000 recently happened as it does with the hottest shoes.

Here is where you sell for profit, in this case, for a nice $1,000 per pair if you bought at the dip, even if you couldn’t buy for retail. Check out the bottom of the picture, from, to see that in some instances people were paying a whopping $3,000+ for a single pair, making that seller some serious dough.

Notice how the current resale is above the average, and may dip again:

Off white jordan resale value
StockX has great tools for understanding prices

With expert knowledge, you can do the same with any other shoe model that has a high margin over the retail–this is one of the secrets of top six figure sneaker resellers.

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Some final tips

Virgil Abloh headshot nike
Virgil Abloh telling you to be patient when it comes to his shoes. From

One tip: Patience !

Once you have the knowledge, you need to exercise patience until the shoes rise to the price that you expect them to. The greatest investors of all time like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger preach patience for a reason, the same reason that made them both billionaires.

A word of warning: patience doesn’t mean waiting too long, it just means waiting until the timing is right.

You’ll know when the timing is right only by using the right tools.

Use tools for realistic advice

You can’t just pick a number out of a hat to use as a price. You need to use tools.

One excellent tool is, which has charts just like the stock market full of historical data and many different shoe models to compare with.

Simply watch the trends on StockX and follow the traditional rules of investing: buy when there is fear, sell when there is greed/buy low sell high, and watch for a dip where people fear the resale price is going to the gutter and sell when it’s holiday season or when a celebrity wears/talks about the shoe–any event that might garner attention.

How to Buy: Off-White Nike

Obviously, to make money selling these shoes you first have to learn how to buy them.

Firstly, you can try your best at manual methods (explained here), or brush up your technical skillset and learn how to use sneaker bots. 

Once you’ve done your research with the above techniques, you need to put your knowledge into action.

Pay attention to past and current sneaker news and immerse yourself in the community more deeply.

Dive in and watch the money flow in as you set goals and become an expert, but you need to take the first step.

Start with just one pair

Try first to buy shoes that are not so rare but that will still resell for profit so you can get used to the whole process of buying, receiving, pricing and eventually selling the shoes.

By first starting with one pair, you’ll make a profitable transaction as step one and you’ll no longer be a total newbie.

Then, with your confidence and experience in place, you can buy the Off-White Nikes, which are expert level Hypemaster shoes.

The Six Figure Sneakerhead Cook Group

You can learn to get these sneakers and all of the many limited kicks dropping in 2018 in real time in our Six Figure Sneakerhead Private Cook Group.

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Alex’s Story: Can you really make a living selling sneakers as a beginner?

Reselling sneakers is something anyone can do once you’re armed with the passion and the correct knowledge, even if you’re a teenager living in the northern UK. Read about Six Figure Sneakerhead’s very own Alex here.

This story is brought to you by Alex W. Smith, who has discovered the world of reselling rare sneakers just last year, and has gone on to make a significant amount of money doing so as a teenager (he’s 16), selling shoes like Yeezys and Nike Air Jordans. 

Many people who haven’t yet made money flipping kicks are unsure of both their capability and/or the market, and this inspiring story should alleviate your fears.

If you’re ready to jump into the exciting world of starting a shoe business, be sure to check out the Hypemaster Playbook, which is highly reviewed with many satisfied customers to date.

We offer a free preview as well! 

Without further ado, let’s hear Alex’s story!

My name is Alex.

Last year, I knew absolutely nothing about the world of sneaker reselling.

Now, I’ve made thousands doing so, and would like to take you through my story.

In the beginning of last year in 2017, I only had one pair of sneakers at this time – a pair of Air Max 95s; my first ‘nice’ sneaker.

I loved their look and comfort, and when I bought them, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would purchase expensive sneakers!

The Nike Air Max 95, Credit to

The Nike Air Max 95, Credit to

Yeezy’s: The initial money maker

Yeezy 350 v2
(From top to bottom): The Yeezy Zebra 350 v2, the Cream 350 v2, and the Pirate Black 350 v1.

I first heard of Yeezys when the original V1s released in Pirate Black, back in August of 2015.

I didn’t have any knowledge about how to cop them, and funnily enough, for the following years, I incorrectly thought they retailed for the $800 resell price!

Since the initial discovery I followed the price, but out of fear of the unknown and incorrect knowledge, I never tried to buy at the retail price.

The first time I tried to cop Yeezys to resell was in February 2017 – the first Zebra 350 V2 release.

I was in love with these sneakers at first sight.

I looked up all of the resources on how to cop Yeezys for resell, and I woke up early on Saturday to try and cop them.

I got so close on that day. I got cartjacked on Yeezy Supply, but I never got passed splash on Adidas. I realised that I had a chance to cop Yeezys for retail next time after this release.

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Education is so important in securing Yeezys and other rare models, and if I had known how the first time, perhaps I would have made a good chunk of money as the Yeezy Zebras initially resold for $1500-$2000.

Learning more about the technical aspects of getting Yeezy’s from Adidas

The next release quickly followed the Zebras – the 350 v2 Cream Whites in June of 2017.

These are one of the cleanest Yeezys to release to date.

Using my newfound knowledge, I signed up for every raffle I could find.

I hated having all of these different shoe sites emailing me, but it was worth it to get a chance of getting the shoes.

On the day of the release, I woke up early to try and cop them on as many sites as I could.

It wasn’t worth the extra effort in my opinion because these sites are filled with competition from bots, and the sites would always crash minutes before the release.

The sweet taste of success

Remember I said I hated different sneaker shops filling up my email with useless messages?

Well, they weren’t useless after all because I got a call from one of them at 8:30 on Saturday morning saying that I had won a pair! I was delighted! I went onto too to try and cop, and lo and behold, I passed the splash page.

However, I only had enough money to cop one pair, so I had to leave the pair in the cart and not checkout. This is when learned the art of passing splash to cop multiple pairs.

I picked up my first pair of Yeezys ever from a boutique store in my city. Just holding the box was like a dream – these sneakers which seemed so intangible were now in my possession.

They were in my size too. However, like I said before, I only had enough money for one pair, and that was even with a loan from my parents, so even though I would have loved to keep them, I had to sell them.

I listed them up on multiple Facebook marketplaces and apps, and I received multiple offers for the coveted sneakers. I accepted an offer finally for €400, and I arranged to meet the man outside a train station in the centre of my city. This would bring me a profit of double my money, or over $200 in US money for a single pair of shoes.

Making my first shoe sale

I brought my dad with me to this train station, and waited for a while, when finally, a man and his girlfriend asked, “Are you Alex?” and I replied “Yes, I have the shoes in my bag”.

In the middle of a packed train station, he unboxed the sneakers and investigated them closely. After he made sure they were real, he handed me the money in an envelope.

My dad whispered to me to open the envelope to make sure the correct amount was in it, so I counted the cash, and I was delighted to see 8 €50 notes in the envelope.

We shook hands, and parted ways.

This was my first ever sneaker reselling transaction, and it left me incredibly excited!

I had ended up with loads of cash, and with relatively low effort, had more than doubled my money.

 My dad commented, saying it almost felt illegal, and to be fair, it sort of did.

But sneaker reselling is the opposite of illegal: although many think it requires a license or permission from the brand to sell their shoe, this is only true if you want to be a wholesaler. 

Anyone is allowed and even encouraged to resell Nikes and Adidas and other rare sneakers online on eBay or GOAT or StockX for a higher price as it drives the perceived value and current and future demand of the brands.

Building a long time business

The first transaction was enough of a rush and acted as a source of motivation to resell full time, and this has proven very profitable for me.

Yeezy 350 v2s
Some of the many pairs of Yeezy’s I have acquired over the past year. Each had a profit of about $200 each.


Since that day in April 2017, I have made thousands of euro selling rare sneakers to people from around Ireland.

Even though this business is most popular in the United States, I live in the UK, and not even near London where it is most popular, but I still make good money with my shoe business.

I have made a good bit of money, especially for my age, and I’d even say that people in the US may make more money than I do, although if you live in the UK it’s still very possible to make money throughout Great Britian, Ireland, Scotland and other European markets, especially Germany and France.

I have copped at least one pair of Yeezys from every release since those Cream Whites.

As a tribute to what got me started, I have kept one pair of Yeezy’s– the Zebras, which were the sneakers that got me into reselling.

Some of my most memorable moments reselling include selling 2 pairs of Yeezys (Semi Frozen Yellow and Beluga 2.0) for €825, which is my biggest sale to date, which profited me roughly €400, or about $460.

Some of my other highlights include copping the Wave Runners on their first release and copping the Off White Vapormax just by knowing where to look and acting on time!

The future of my resale business

I am just over a year into reselling now, and I have built up plenty of knowledge of how to cop sneakers for retail.

I expect this business to continue, grow and flourish to ever higher levels this year and in the many years to come.

I have plenty of tips for newcomers to cop on their first try, tips that I wish I had when I first began!

Sneaker money as a teenager

€825 from one sale

Six Figure Sneakerhead is starting a private forum in the very near future for those who have purchased the Hypemaster Playbook and would like to have a community and motivation to build a successful sneaker business and have a very high chance of securing every rare release, and  I will be one of the administrators of this forum.

We’re capping the private forum at 100 members and we can only let serious people in so that everyone in there can benefit.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list so you can get the announcement regarding details about the forum.

UPDATE: The forum is now live, for Playbook buyers, you’ll get 1 week free (look out for an email invite shortly after the purchase), otherwise, you can join the private discord group here for a limited time as of November 2018.

I would love to try help you get a piece of the billion dollar industry, so you can make amazing, sometimes easy money just like I have throughout the past year.

Take care guys and thank you, I hope you found my story inspiring!

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The 2018 Yeezy Butter Release was a Flop for Shoe Resellers. What’s next?

Uncharacteristic of the formerly legendary Yeezys, the Butter colorway flopped, selling at and even below retail at certain points. Where’s the brand headed? Here’s our take.

Shoe resellers and sneakereheads everywhere have been asking: Is it even worth it to source and flip Yeezys for profit any more in mid to late 2018?

yeezy butter 2018 low resale
From, the Yeezy Butter had a premium of only a few dollars over retail, which is a first for Yeezys.

Yeezy’s were the absolute king of the shoe resale game for years.

Although the past dictates the future, much has changed, especially in the shoe world…

Since their debut in Nike in 2014 with models like the legendary Red Octobers, Kanye West and his Yeezy brand were the absolute hottest to hit the scene ever, surpassing prices of Nike Air Jordans and setting a new, incredibly high bar for the price in the sneaker aftermarket.

Many people like Benjamin Kickz, a teenager from Florida, have capitalized on this market and built fortunes on this steady aftermarket that’s been around for years, a market that previously was entirely dictated by Yeezys.

[btnsx id=”4377″]

The game has changed…

yeezy butter 2018 resale price
The highs of $600 didn’t last for long for the Yeezy butters. Must suck to be those guys!!

A 20% premium over retail.

For Yeezy’s ??? That’s quite low…

With the Red Octobers actually selling at $20,000 a pair on eBay like Kanye said in his song All Day, it’s amazing to see that the price is in the same dollar range as retail.

What’s the cause of the drop in the resale price?


Too many newbies who fear not being able to make profit will simply sell at any price that is above what they bought at, even if it’s only a few dollars more.

Here’s my message:

Stop ruining the game for everyone!


Yeah it’s exciting that you can make guaranteed money but you need to keep it good for everyone and hold steady to the price.

If no one sold Yeezy Butters at under $350, I am pretty confident that the price would have stayed at $350+, and that those who bought extra pairs that they wanted to sell, they’d be able to flip for a $100 profit like all Yeezys have been in the past even at their lowest point last winter with the release of the Blue Tints and the Beluga 2.0s in 2017.

Is it Kanye’s fault…?

“Yeezy’s for everyone”

Kanye West famously said that he’d make Yeezys accessible for everyone when he first partnered with Adidas in 2015.

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In mid to late 2018, is this bold statement that many believed to be bullsh*t becoming true

Yeezys remain hard to buy

I’m surprised that the resale price on the Yeezy 350 v2 “Butter”, which released on June 30 2018 for $220, dropped so low.

We wrote a quick guide on the best ways to get Yeezys, and although this greatly increased many reader’s chances of getting the shoes, many people took L’s and were left empty handed or stuck staring at the Adidas page for way too long.

Nike waging a war

Ever since Kanye betrayed the swoosh brand for adidas, Nike has been waging a war with adidas for celebrity collaborations of shoe models that almost always will resell for a nice profit over the retail price.

Adidas is doing very well this year and may be adding rapper and mega celebrity Drake onto the team, and if they do so we can expect tons of hype and profit from those shoes, which will likely be called OVO’s as they were with Nike.

Nike has held the crown this year for shoe releases in the $1,000+ range, led mostly by Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand but also with hot collaborations like KAWS and the Travis Scott Cactus Jack, which although is currently reselling for a much lower range, held a price of over $1,000+ with highs of $2,000 that were seen before and immediately after its release.

Other models like the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1 had insane resale values initially and still sell for more than triple retail for roughly $500 in profit per pair of shoes if acquired for the retail price.

[btnsx id=”5119″]

Adidas diversifying and innovating

Adidas Yung 1 Hi-Res Orange 2018
The “dad shoe” trend is strong with this one. The Adidas Yung 1 had an initial resale hype premium of about $100 over its retail price

Adidas is pushing the boundaries of technology and creating massive hype and high resale value while doing so, most notably with its Adidas 4D Futurecraft, of which the friends and family version was reselling for over $2,000 on top of its already high retail price of $400.

We first saw the Ultraboost technology with the Yeezy boost

The three stripes brand is also capturing the recent “dad shoe” trend (prime example: Balenciaga Triple S) with the Yeezy Desert rat and more recently the Adidas Yung 1, which also appealed to the cross culture of video games and anime that is popular with many sneakerheads with its bold Dragon Ball Z inspired colorway.

What’s next for Yeezy’s? Which shoe models should I sell now?

Perhaps Kanye’s jump from Nike to Adidas between 2014-2015, reportedly because of lack of creative reign and control, diluted the resale value of the shoe as so many models and versions of Adidas Yeezy Boost are being released, at least 5x more than the Nike Air Yeezy’s which only had 2 versions, with the 350 v1 and v2 boost, the 750, the 500 desert rat, Calabasas and the upcoming 550 boost.

We’ve also got this post with a Mid 2018 list of 12 of the hottest shoe releases that made resellers money in just the first 6 months of the year to give you a better idea of this market, and check out our blog and sign up for our email list below as well to get notified of our monthly release posts.

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Back to the original question….

Is it even worth it to source and flip Yeezys for profit any more in mid to late 2018?

Well…it’s no longer a world where anything Yeezy flips for insane amounts.

There will be a day very soon where Yeezys will sell for under retail.

In deals that aren’t open to the general public, many people have been selling Yeezy’s like the black color of the Calabasas, the Blush 500 Desert Rat, and even in some cases the Yeezy Butter at or under the retail price.

Keep an eye out for the new models.

The 550 Boost is still upcoming and due to drop some time later this year in 2018, but even though the new model may mean a high resale price, it all depends on how limited Kanye makes this release.

It’s just a matter of whether or not Mr. West decides that the 550 Boost is the general release Yeezy that everyone will be able to buy who wants it–in that case he’ll make a lot of money and resellers will turn elsewhere.

The market remains strong for sneakers and reselling limited releases, it’s just a matter of keeping up to date and sticking with the trends.

Many profitable shoes have dropped this summer (June and July), and many have not been Yeezys.

Investing in sneakers like the stock market

Perhaps the opportunity lies in buying a rare release, and rather than quickly flipping it, holding on until the price goes up.

You could even make a return on your money if you buy above the retail price if you hold on long enough.

The Air Jordan 3 was shown to have beaten the stock market.

Most recently, in the past year, the Air Jordan 1 x Off-White Chicago has shown incredible gains that surely crushed the stock market, with an aftermarket price doubling from $1,000 to recently over $2,000, all on top of the original retail price of just $190:

Air Jordan 1 Off-White Jordan chicago price history from
Air Jordan 1 Off-White Jordan chicago price history from . Taken July 2018.

Pro tip:

We may be wrong with this one, but given the initial price drop and rise of the Air Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago, perhaps the same will happen in the future with the other colors that released this year, most recently the baby blue UNC color of the shoe, which has a flat resale value that may be due to rise:

Off White UNC 2018 price history from
Off White UNC 2018 price history from Perhaps the price will rise in the coming months or year, and maybe they’re a good buy now.


It takes knowledge of the history of the brand and the demand of different people and what they want, and we have condensed the advanced knowledge into a highly reviewed guide, the Hypemaster Playbook, which is 160 pages long, and a must read for anyone looking to dive into the profitable world of selling sneakers.

Selling sneakers is an incredibly exciting way to make a living, whether it’s Yeezy’s or whatever new brand will hit the scene (Off-White is a newcomer to the shoe world, debuting in 2017. Here’s a whole guide about this insanely profitable brand and their relationship with Nike. ).

Learn how today, continue to check out our many other blog posts or feel free to check out the free preview of the Hypemaster Playbook!

Thanks and as always, I wish you all the best!


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