Nike Clot x Fragment Release and Resale Guide


Another week, another classic Nike sneaker embodying a popular Chinese silk textile, although it was in the year 2009 that CLOT first introduced the Silk Royale pattern to Nike fanatics.

The Silk Royale pattern, a textile that is traditionally associated with the Chinese, is not limited to this shoe or just sneakers in general, as many of their exclusive patterns and collaborations are constructed with the unique Silk Royale elements.

Edison Chen’s streetwear label CLOT is now joining forces with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment to further modify the Air Force 1. Thus, offering an epic three-way collaboration.

The wdesign is sure to value well past its retail price, so make sure you grab a pair by following our Instagram page.


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The CLOT and Fragment sneaker will join another top-tier shoe, the Slam Jam Nike Blazer, for a November 29th drop on Black Friday.


NIKE SNKR– Make sure you have the Nike SNKR app downloaded for this drop

nike CLOT FRAGMENT: a closer look

Before we dive into the aesthetics of the CLOT Fragments sneaker, featuring the Nike CLOT “Royale University Blue Silk” is appropriate because the CLOT Fragment is essentially a second iteration.

Look close, this version of the ever-popular Air Force 1 Low includes a second layer beneath the Silk Royale blue pattern, along with a crowd-pleasing gum outsole.


The blue silk upper’s design is sporadic throughout the blue canvas with an all-blue Nike Swoosh.

The detailed CLOT Royal Silk upper is supposedly influenced by the Chinese culture, of which is a rendition from the 2009 Nike 1World Air Force 1 project.


Now, let’s dive into the clash of a black colorway and fragment design.

It’s plain to see that the “Black Silk” colorway is inspired by the Nike CLOT “Royale University Blue Silk”. The fragment design lightning bolts are subtle yet carry the design throughout.

The fragment design starts from the toe epicenter, that carries through the midsole and tongue, and finishes with the Nike imprint in the rear. The bottom of the sneaker features the classic Air Force 1 white base on a gum bottom outsole.

A concept that both the Nike CLOT and Nike CLOT Fragment all entail is the mysterious secondary base layer. The base layer is hidden underneath the black, which exposes the fragment lightning bolt design.

PAYING HOMAGE TO 2009 Nike 1World Air Force 1 PROJECT

The year 2009 brought Nike and CLOT together for the historic Nike 1World Air Force 1 project, which allowed 18 different influencers worldwide to come together.

As one would assume, Nike Air Force 1 was at the epicenter of the project for all the influencers present. Thus, CLOT was not the only one that had the opportunity for an Air Force 1 makeover.

The majority may argue, however, that his take on the sneaker exceeded other’s concepts.

Moreover, the Chinese New Year was underway, and CLOT allowed heavy influence from that time of the year in China, on this legendary collaboration.

Nike 1World Air Force 1 CLOT
Nike 1World Air Force 1 CLOT

The first Nike CLOT Air Force 1 ended up being packaged in a hexagonal red box, that matched the sneaker itself.

The shoe had similar CLOT Royale Deluxe Silk pattern and Chinese-made textile in a bright red and black colorway, the exceptional color blocking of the black Nike swoosh, finished with a red and white outsole.

Nike 1World Air Force 1 CLOT
Nike 1World Air Force 1 CLOT

A unique concept of the shoe is that its red upper can be peeled or torn off to reveal the bottom’s dark brown leather.

Although this article has been boosting Clot’s take, there were other notable designs at the Nike 1World Air Force 1 project that one should take the time to look into.



It would be a crime if the Nike CLOT Blue Silk’s release performance was not observed before diving into reselling predictions.

The resale value on Stockx for the Blue Silk sneaker reminds every sneaker reseller why the reselling opportunity is worth the hustle.


With that kind of statement, you’d imagine that the sneaker resold well—it did. In fact, with a slightly steep retail price of $250, you could have sold a pair for resale at roughly $600.

These types of resale prices for a CLOT and Nike collaboration is business as usual.


Given that this article included a passage from the CLOT and Nike history, a brief snapshot of how the iconic Air Force 1 collaboration’s value is today seems appropriate.

What if I told you on Stockx the shoe is now valued over $1,000? $2000? $3000?


If you guessed any one of those—you were correct—as the size 10 was just purchased at $4,000 by someone who is obviously doing well for themselves.


Finally, the main event—the trifecta collaboration’s resale market should be nothing to surprise an individual at this point.

At this junction in time, there have been no verified sales on the major streetwear buying and selling platforms Stockx or Goat. In addition, the CLOT Fragments are absent from other online platforms like Grailed and eBay.


Although sales have not been made, bids have been recorded—by those seeking to purchase the shoe in the slightest possibility that anyone happens to acquire these rare sneakers.

The highest bid for a size 8.5 is roughly $1300.

Once the sneakers hit the retail market, they should sell out instantly—and rightfully so- when you account for the history, limited stock, quality, and the iconic silhouette.

It would be fair to project the resale value for a money size of the Nike CLOT Fragments to be in the $500 to $800 range.

Furthermore, there’s a chance they will perform slightly better than the Blue Silk’s due to the black colorway’s versatility.

The Nike, Edison Chen and Kevin Poon’s CLOT, and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment collaboration is nothing short of brilliant in combining art, ethnicity, and creativity on a timeless Nike canvas.

Albeit, the year 2019 is gradually coming to a close, but they may still have some more sneaker releases under their sleeves before the new year.

With that being said…

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The Best Shoe Restocks in August 2019: Yeezy, SNEAKRS Day and more

Ah, sneaker restocks… a favorite occasion especially for teenagers making cash in the fast-growing footwear reselling business. This is when big companies put fan-favorite models back on the shelves. If you’re lucky and know what you’re doing, you can grab a pair of kicks during a restock that can sell for 10x the retail price.

This month, August 2019, has been restock season like we’ve never seen before, with 2 of the biggest restocks we’ve ever seen to go down in sneaker history: Yeezy Day and SNEAKRS day.

Yeezy Day 2019

At the beginning of August, Adidas and Yeezy brand announced the ‘Yeezy Day’ which made hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world extremely happy.

yeezy day restock 2019 news picture kanye
Image from Getty/Gotham of Mr. West.

We sympathize with the many that sat for hours at their screens to leave empty handed, despite the dozens of models of Yeezys online with varying amounts of resale value.

If you’re interested in what this event could mean for Adidas and its Yeezy brand, check out our post here where we deep dive into an overview of what went down on Yeezy Day.

Playing the game of quality over quantity was Nike for its anniversary restock, but it seemed like even less people won on this one.


Yet another historic restock event in August 2019 was Nike SNEAKRS Day ‘19.

August 8th was the day, as you can see on Nike SNEAKRS Day ‘19 official page ,that set the sneaker world on fire.

Although this was an EU specific event, there were clever people in the US using advanced tactics that we discuss in our Hypemaster Playbook that allow you to still participate in overseas drops.

This is the second SNEAKRS anniversary restock.

In 2018, Nike took to some mystery to announce 8 highly coveted models to release on August 8th 2018.

Nike sneakrs day restock models
Nike’s cryptic announcement of the models to be included in SNEAKRS day.

The models that were (supposedly) all available on this day were:

  1. As Tinker Intended: Air Jordan 3 “Tinker”
  2. Rameses: The mascot for UNC, so this ended up being the  $1000+ Air Jordan 1 Off White “UNC”
  3. “⚫️” symbolic of Off-White’s Vapormax in Black, ~ $1000 in resale value
  4. Chi-Town: Don C’s Air Jodan 312
  5. Japanese characters :  Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Animal Pack” collaboration.
  6. “⚪️” symbolic of Off-White’s Vapormax in Black
  7. Chinese characters: Atmos Nike Air Max 95  “Animal Pack” collaboration.
  8. 🙃: Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97

A similar mess ensued as compared to Yeezy day, with a lot of losers, but some very happy winners as these shoes were all worth tons of money on the aftermarket and either made the buyers a quick and tidy profit or saved them tons of money compared to having to buy them for retail.

SNEAKRS Day 2019

nike sneakrs day 2019 launch page
From Nike’s official Launch page for SNEAKRS DAY

Also slated for August 8th, SNEAKRS day 2019 was set to include some of this year’s hottest models, possibly including:

  1. Nike x Sacai Collection

    nike sacai blazer release date official image
  2. Off -White x Nike Air Force 1 Low

    moma off white air force 1 retail resale flight club price
    A size 10 of these MoMA Off-White AF 1’s fetching $12,000+ on Flight Club in early June 2019
  3. Nike Air Max 1 x Parra

    pic sneaker news release 2019 sb parra nike
    Pic from
  4. Nike Air Jordan 1 “Nigel Sylvester”

    Nike air jordan 1 nrg sylvester nigel 2018
    Nike Air Jordan 1 NRG Nigel Sylvester. From
  5. Cactus Plant Flea Market Vapormax

    cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
    Prices for the CPFM on StockX in May 2019

…and more surprises than 2018, with less confirmations and more mystery, with the potential of $2000+ resale models like the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1’s to come as well.

nike sneakrs day 2019 august 8th tag
The access granting SNEAKRS Tag for 2019

In exciting scavenger hunt style, physical participation in cities like London led users to retailers like Brick Lane where they would find their prize.

The Drop Date made a good write up on this to give you an idea of what kind of in person process Nike uses for major cities that are the best for reselling sneakers.

Nike Adapt BB Air Mag Restock

official image snkrs nike adapt bb hyper air mag lacing 2019

Aside from these bulk drops, Nike and Adidas are throwing out restocks of hyped individual models as well this month.

First, we have the Nike Adapt BB Air Mag restock, scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th.

So why are we so excited about this particular restock?

 Nike Adapt BB Air Mag model has managed to net $300-400 profits on all of its recolors. This isn’t that high of a margin but if you’re looking to hit consistent earnings from reselling shoes, it’s quite valuable.

With its retail price of $350, it’s considered expensive but the $600-700 resale price makes it cheap. In a way… So, why is it so popular?

stockx bb mag price 2019
From StockX, the August 2019 price of the BB Mags.

What’s interesting is that the Nike Adapt BB Air Mag is one of the freshest sneakers this year with its first iteration being released early in 2019.

On top of the homage to one of the most expensive sneakers of all time, the Air Mag, famous NBA stars like Jason Tatum and Kyle Kuzma promoted this pair of kicks back in January which greatly contributed to its growing popularity.

In a hilarious video interview, you can hear Kyle Kuzma comparing the laceless Nike Adapt BB Air Mag to the famed Kobe Bryant signature sneakers. As we know Kobe was, and still is, Kuzma’s idol so the interview conducted by LakerNation was quite enjoyable for all of us sneakerheads who enjoy NBA basketball.

kyle kuzma adapt bb sneakers la lakers
Kuzma wearing and performing well in the Adapt BB’s from earlier in 2019. From Tim Warner, Getty Images.

The model looks like something that dropped from the future and I believe the aesthetics were made like that intentionally. Namely, it brings us one step closer to the self-lacing tech from the Back to the Future 2 classic. Although not as perfect or magical as it appeared in the movie, these sneakers really make you feel like you’re wearing cybernetic implants on your feet.

stockx bb mag price data
Statistics from StockX

The profit margin is currently sitting at 62.9% but experts predict it’s gonna drastically increase in the following months or perhaps even weeks.


It’s gonna be tough to capitalize on these opportunities in the future when they happen in real time–however, if you manage to get your hands on our highly-reviewed Hypemaster Playbook, the process will become a lot easier.

Additionally, as of mid August, Yeezy is set to restock a fan favorite, its OG Wave Runner 700–we’ve got a whole article on that drop here.

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Yeezy Day Restock – What Models Released and the Impact on Resale Market

Adidas and the Yeezy brand dubbed August 2nd, 2019 “Yeezy Day”. This meant that close to 40 pairs (including some for kids and infants) of Yeezys were restocked and (supposedly) available to consumers.

The window of the releases started at 9am EST and lasted about 14 hours, as monitored by sneaker heads. There were a number of mixed reactions to the restock and how the release order proceeded.

Now if you’re like me, I was not going to let Yeezys completely rule my life and potentially frustrate me as to roll the dice and take either an L or a W or simply sit on the sidelines.

With valuable OG models worth around $1000 on the aftermarket on deck to restock, most decided that this was worth a shot.

yeezy day mafia restock release date 2019 august
From@YeezyMafia, the many models that dropped on Yeezy day.

Many people opened up their browsers a few times throughout the day for a minute or two to see if they could get beyond the waiting room to purchase – but for many, this effort proved fruitless.

As a result, we saw some funny memes surface that day.

The jury’s out in regard to why this unreliable waiting room situation happened on Yeezy Supply. It’s also unclear whether or not Yeezy Day was a planned restock of the sneakers.

yeezy waiting page splash frozen 350 fail
A typical scene on Yeezy Supply–sit, wait and pray.

We’re unsure if Adidas or West purposely held them from distribution upon the initial release of the silhouettes, or if they just produced more of them. From other research, no one seems to have nailed a trend or see a rhyme or reason.


Early Ideology: “Yeezys for Everyone”

For those who don’t remember, West spoke about his dream of Yeezys being widely accessible. In roughly 2015, and on previous accounts he exclaimed, “Eventually, everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys”. This was a goal that seemed unimaginable around that time when the very limited 750 and 350 models were reselling into the $3,000 and $2,000 range, respectively.

Image via Hypebeast

West also reflected on his childhood in Chicago and spoke to that with, “Next season, my focus is gonna be doing high school uniforms. Like, when I was growing up, kids wanted Jordans — kids got killed for Jordans. Now that I’m in a position, I’m gonna make sure EVERYONE gets Yeezys.” To me, this sentiment is super endearing and something to support – no matter what else people seem to criticize Kanye for.

What Did We See?

Image via @TeamKanyeDaily on Twitter, a wrap up of the actual timeline of what went down.

The models that released on Yeezy Day included:

  • Boost 700 Inertia
  • YEEZY 500/ YEEZY 700 Salt
  • 350 V2 triple white
  • 700 Utility Black
  • Powerphase Core White/Core Black/Gray
  • 700 V2 Vanta,
  • 350 V2 Sesame
  • Boost 700 Analog
  • 350 V2 Beluga
  • 700 V2 Tephra
  • 500 Utility Black/ 500 Supermoon Yellow
  • 700 Mauve
  • 350 V2 black
  • 350 V2 Static
  • 700 V2 Geode
  • 350 V2 Lundmark
  • 350 V2 Semi Frozen Yellow
  • 500 Blush
  • and 350 V2 Antila!

Among this plethora to restock, there were a few that were more desirable than others.

Let’s check out some of the stand out models to restock.

First we have the the “Brown” 750.

yeezy 750 brown stockx price restock drop
A slight price drop following the Yeezy day restock for the brown 750’s on StockX.

The 750 is noteworthy as the first silhouette Kanye released under Adidas. 

For the Yeezy day restock, the Brown / “Chocolate” 750’s were the least desirable from the model line to release, with a low resale price of around $750 during the release year of 2016, and not much rise compared to other models like the OG 750 Light Grey.

Next are the Beluga 350 v2 (first color way of the 350 v2) and the the Zebra 350 v2 (which had already restocked once).

yeezy beluga stockx 350 v2 price 2019
August 2019 StockX price for the 2016 Beluga 350v2 that was restocked on Yeezy Day.

Finally, an interesting choice to most snakehead’s pleasure, we saw the restocking of all colorways of the Calabasas Powerphases, which were valuable only for a short timeframe during their very first debut but have dropped as low as below retail on the aftermarket not too long after.

The Causes and Effects

The math typically goes something like this, more pairs in circulation = a lower resale price, just like printing currency. This hasn’t necessarily been the case so far in terms of the Yeezys that restocked. It may be too early to tell but it doesn’t look like the market has moved much at all beyond a slight drop, considering the slew of variations that actually did come out.

There’s a few possibilities as to why this mild reaction is happening: It could indicate that buyers are calling the bluff on the high resale prices, or that sellers are smart and stockpiling until a later date.

The latter could especially be true, as we’ve seen a handful of models like the OG 750 skyrocket in value over time, although it’s still rare to see folks not immediately dumping their pairs to make the quick buck.

The last outcome is that people who were successful on Yeezy Day bought their pairs strictly to wear because they love them so much…this is the optimistic, old soul sneakerhead in me speaking.

But what does this big restock day mean for the brand itself and their stability and future direction?

I don’t see why anyone, consumers or business analysts, can say this is anything other than a smart move by Adidas and Yeezy.

When you remove the scope of resale prices, how limited pairs are, and hype in general, I believe you’re left looking at a brand and an offshoot that has done a fantastic job marketing and selling sneakers and streetwear.

Thinking closely, the Yeezy line has an incredibly diverse catalogue of sneakers – the 350, 500, 700, 750, and others like the Powerphase and future basketball models can cover all the bases for a sneaker enthusiast. The Yeezy brand has become viral and has had some of the most demanded shoes reaching a global scale, let’s not forget.

yeezy supply trustpilot review 1 star poor bad
A lot of sour people taking L’s… The consensus on Trustpilot? 1 star for Yeezy Supply.

It’s also amazing that such a terribly reviewed website on Trust Pilot maintains enough reputation to have more than enough customers. Only in the insane world of hyped sneakers is something like this true…

What The Future Has in Store

Adidas isn’t that far off the top as many people who are clowning them wish them to be. The brand’s 4D technology we’ve seen recently is exciting and better than Nike’s, and Boost still remains a top 3 cushioning in footwear.

I believe a few strategic moves can put them back in the spotlight.

Image via The Cut

What’s next in terms of Yeezy restocks or better yet, new original sneakers? It’s hard to tell at this point. Will Yeezy Day be an epic annual event? It remains to be seen!

One thing’s for sure–despite concerns, restocks, and real and fake news, Yeezy’s are not dead….yet.

You can stay tuned and turn on post notifications on Instagram and Twitter for accounts like @TeamKanyeDaily, @theyeezymafia, @yzylab. And of course all your other places to consume sneaker media like Sneaker News, Highsnobiety, and Hypebeast. Stay up to date from blogs, YouTube, or any other forms of media you prefer. Don’t forget to set reminders on your phone for upcoming releases.

Be sure to check out other monthly guides and take a look at the Playbook we have featured.

Until next time, enjoy your sneakers, Yeezys or not !

– Erik

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How to Buy the Blue Off-White Air Force 1 Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in June 2019

2019 has every sneakerhead with their eyes set on the Nike x Off-White blue Air Force 1’s Expected value: well over $1000. Here’s our guide on how and where to cop them.

Off White x Nike – Blue Air Force 1 

off white virgil abloh instagram serena blue air force 1 mca ow
From Virgil Abloh’s Instagram, an exclusive look at the blue Off-White Air Force 1s. This pair was personalized for Serena Williams.

Everyone in the sneaker world has heard of Virgil Abloh and his brand Off-White – the streetwear super giant has been teaming up with the likes of Nike, Ikea, Evian and Converse for a few years now.

 The initial and now legendary Nike x Off-White Collaboration known as ‘The Ten’ pack included reworks of Nike’s most popular models including the Air Max, Air Force 1, Blazer, Zoom Fly, Air Jordan 1, Chuck Taylor and the Hyper Dunk.

All models flew off the shelves across the world and we have seen resale prices for deadstock the Ten models growing year on year. Check out our article on ‘Off-White x Nike : All You Need to Know’ here for more information on resale prices and a backstory into The Ten pack.

Since the inception of The Ten we have seen a number of re-worked models dropped from the Off-White x Nike team including additional colourways of the Air Force 1’s (dropped in Volt & Black), Blazers (Black & Orange), Blazers (Serena Williams) and the Zoom Fly (black and tulip pink).

Adding even more fuel to the fire that is the Nike x Off-White collaborations we have seen some highly exclusive pairs released to friends & family and some very lucky collectors who were at the right place at the right time.

 Off-White x Nike in 2019

2019 has every sneakerhead with their eyes set on the Nike x Off-White blue Air Force 1’s that have been teased via Instagram on the feet of Virgil himself.

virgil abloh instagram air force 1 blue mca on feet
An exclusive on foot look from @virgilabloh on Instagram from December 2018.

Half a year after getting one peek at this iteration, we’re finally seeing its debut.

Before the expected drop in June 2019 for the all blue version of the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 let’s take a look at some of the more select releases in the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 collections, which will give you an idea of the possibility of buying and the resale value of these blue MCA AF1’s.

Our exclusive cook group does its best to be on top of these and all the other rarest releases throughout the year. Check here for availability .

Nike x Off-White, Air Force 1 Moma

moma off white air force 1 retail resale flight club price
A size 10 of these MoMA Off-White AF 1’s fetching $12,000+ on Flight Club in early June 2019


Release date: January 27th 2018

Retail price: USD$175

Resell price: USD$3,272 -$12,000+(US 10)


Released exclusively at MOMA in NYC back in 2017 – the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 Moma featured the same overall silhouette as The Ten Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 except in an all-black upper, white text detailing and an exposed silver Swoosh. Designed to celebrate the opening of Items: Is Fashion Modern?, this special edition Nike x Off-White sneaker was near impossible to secure.


Nike x Off-White, Air Force 1 ComplexCon

nike af1 complexcon resale price stockx
A range of $2000-$4500 for the Off-White Air Force 1 “ComplexCon”.


Release date: November 4th 2017

Retail price: USD$150

Resell price: USD$3,509 (US 10)

Another super exclusive Air Force 1 Nike x Off-White – released as part of Nike’s AF100 collection at Complex Con in 2017, this silhouette unlike the others in The Ten line up had a slightly more simplistic look to it. An all-white leather upper and mid sole was accented with the Off-White signature touches including exposed stitching, the signature tag and a metallic silver Swoosh sewn across the side.


Nike x Off-White, Air Force 1 Blue Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

off white mca june 2019 release official photo
From @off____white on Instagram

follow us on instagramWe’re on IG too. Follow us here for the most up to date info

Release date:  Monday, June 10th 2019 (To be confirmed)

Retail price: USD$150

Current resell price: USD$4,000 (US 10)

After announcing the end of the Nike x Off-White men’s collaboration sneaker heads went into an absolute tailspin. However, in late December 2018 Virgil was spotted wearing a blue version of the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1’s.

The shoes have a full leather upper, bold silver swoosh and exposed stitching much like the other iterations of the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1’s we have witnessed in the past. Pegged to release in June 2019 in collaboration with The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art we can expect to see a release in person and through the Off-White e-store.

 With the collaboration between the two brands coming to a close and the super exclusivity of this silhouette, expect the resale prices to go through the roof on this one if you are able to secure a pair.

 How to buy the Nike x Off-White Blue AF1

Virgil figures of speech book mca chicago
Blue is the hue of choice for Abloh’s exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Official image of the “Figures of Speech” book

The exact time, date and location of the drop remains a secret – however the MCA’s exhibit will feature a pop-up store called ‘Church & State’ which will likely stock Off-White related items for purchase. Alternatively, you can expect to see a Frenzy based sale that will be geo-targeted to around the exhibition itself.

In late May Virgil teased via his Instagram profile the clearest view we have so far of the Nike x Off-White MCA Air Force 1’s – the video showed Virgil signing a pair of the Nike X Off-White Air Force 1’s MCA’s especially for tennis star Serena Williams. The video has made the rounds on every platform you can imagine and has all but confirmed the details of the silhouette to be released.

off white mca virgil instagram high snobiety
A clip of the video on @highsnobiety

Signing the midsole in typical Virgil Abloh fashion the all blue model has now been speculated to drop during Virgil’s Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Exhibition starting from June 10th.

Stay on alert for a drop out of nowhere

Don’t be surprised if there’s a shock drop on a random date via Serena William’s personal website – the relationship between Serena and Virgil is no secret with 2x special model Nike x Off-White silhouettes (the Air Max 97 and Blazer) designed and released especially for Serena Williams.

Like the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 MOMA’s we can expect to see a number of friends & family get early access to the blue Air Force 1 MCA pairs and start the asking for sales via StockX, FlightClub, Ebay etc.

Due to the notoriety of these sneakers and with most friends & family exclusive early drops that the sneakers will command a price around the USD$2,500 mark – once more sneakers become available the price might drop slightly but don’t expect this to remain like this for long.

As with the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 MOMA and Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 ComplexCon versions the resale prices spiked sharply after 3-4 months and have been growing steadily ever since.

It may even be worth taking a trip to Chicago to raise your chances on getting your hands on this piece of modern art in the form of footwear.

How to Buy the May 2019 Sacai x Nike Collection

The collaboration between Nike and Sacai is a partnership that’s gotten a well deserved buzz over the past 6+ months. When initial images leaked, the hypebeast community of the internet went wild, including myself.

(If you’re interested in July 2019’s Nike x Sacai collection, check out our article on that release here)

With prototype models and sketches of the beloved sneakers widely seen, the arrival of official images spells quite the future ahead of us for Nike and Sacai. The electric designer is finally bringing to life a Blazer alongside her LDWaffle. Four color ways are set to debut.

Keep reading until the end of this post (or just skip right to it), where we have a full list of the nearly 40 websites worldwide that are stocking the Nike x Sacai collection along with direct links to their website.

The 2019 Nike Blazer + LD Waffle

The Nike x Sacai LDWaffle we will receive color ways of orange and green alongside the blue and red design. The Nike x Sacai Blazer silhouette comes in black and blue alongside the yellow and navy design.

You can do some digging and find more color ways that are rumored to be in the vault but we at least have an official release for the other 4.

Nike’s work with Sacai in 2019 is a first since 2015 which touted a highly visual group of garments.

Image of each color way of the 2019 Sacai x Nike Waffles and Blazers via Sneaker News

Some History about the Sacai Label

To share some background on the Japanese high fashion label, Sacai: The founder/creator Chitose Abe found her calling from maternity leave matter of factly. The designer conceptualized something that had shockingly never been done before – or done well, rather.

This concept could be coined as hybridization—clothes that have unique look coming and going, and combining, for example, a shirt with a jacket. This became her trademark style. All of this occurred whilst home tending to her baby daughter at the time, Tohko.

Abe herself has mentioned in the past that “All I was wearing were jeans, chinos, V-neck sweaters, T-shirts, polo shirts,” and “I thought, is this it? I started to experiment to see if I could maybe fuse two garments—say, a sweater with a shirt.” I believe that it’s thought leaders like this that take fashion to a new level and in the right direction.

I believe that it’s thought leaders like this that take fashion to a new level and in the right direction. While it’s good to stick with the hits we all know and love, this is tasteful innovation.

The highly coveted Black/Legend Blue “Blazer” from this collection, as seen on

Born with inspiration

Even as a small child, Abe has had an eye for fashion. Being an enthusiast for the finer things, she has reminisced on her mother’s disdain for some of her clothing choices. Abe says, “She refused to go out with me, and sometimes even cried! But to me, fashion is an important part of my life; it’s a way of expressing myself.”

Abe graduated with her degree in Nagoya and it’s noted that she whimsically moved to Tokyo with only “two cardboard boxes”. From there she managed to find a living as a pattern cutter for the highly popular Japanese label, Comme des Garcons. The brand is spearheaded by Junya Watanabe – another icon to do work with Nike.

In 1999 she started her own label and called it Sacai. This was inspiration from her maiden name, Sakai. Her collection was a small group of knits from her home. Abe began marketing her line in Europe and the U.S. in the early stages. By 2009, she was presenting Sacai in Paris. The brand launched its first menswear collection to the public also in ’09.

Being very powerful and admirable , Abe was rumored to be the replacement to Alexander Wang who was the head of the Balenciaga house at the time. History aside, her brand has stood the test of time and has already gained a tremendous amount of awareness through this recent project.

Nike x Sacai Capturing the Fashion World in 2018 and 2019

Listen, to be more candid these sneakers are an absolute swish, no matter who you are. On feet these are sure to break some necks while still garnering some respect from old heads who can see the nostalgia in the timeless Nike silhouettes. The double tongues, swooshes, laces, midsoles are an eye catching component.

In my opinion these won’t be sneakers that will look better with heavy wear so I figured that’s worth noting – just an opinion though! From what I’ve read so far of folks that have early pairs, the LDWaffles are fairly comfortable.

The sneaker YouTube pioneer Foamer Simpson put them to his patented “Life Test” so if you’re curious to how these stand up, definitely check it out.

Retail and Resale Market Value of the Sacai x Nike Waffles & Blazers

Nike sacai daybreak green may 2019 release stockx price
Big bucks for these works of art by Sacai and Nike on in early May. The number has fallen since, check the site for current prices.

Regardless, these are expected to sell out quickly on their release date ofThursaday, May 30th 2019.

The LDWaffles and Blazers will retail for $160 and $140, respectively. So far we’ve seen quite the rollercoaster for the LDWaffles and their resale value.

There have been recorded sales up to $1500 at one time while now the lowest asks are in the mid $400 range for either color way. There may be a surprise at the stock numbers in relation to what was expected earlier this year.

So, for the investors and shoe flippers out there, you can expect to make $300 to over $1,000 per pair you get your hands on for this late May drop (here’s a whole list of resellable kicks coming out in May)

Some additional background on the LDWaffle – it’s the meld of the Waffle Racer and the LDV Vintage. You can see how the layers overlap in this insightful post from Highsnobiety’s instagram.follow us on instagramFollow Us @sixfiguresneakerhead

The Blazers are the More Valuable of the Collection

Big numbers for the Blazer on StockX as of mid May 2019, pre release date.

The Blazers on the other hand have had a super small sample size of sales so far and have boasted some prices for the deeper pockets.

The black/blue and the yellow/navy have seen an average resale price of over $1400 and $900 respectively. From a resellers perspective, it’s hard to deny these will be the hotter commodity. Inversely, consumers will be more hard pressed to get their hands on these coveted pairs.

Where to Buy the Nike x Sacai Collection in May 2019 ( a site list)

Here is a list of the retailers that will have the Nike x Sacai collection in stock. We will see the global release on May 30th. The stores stocking the Nike x Sacai collection of May 2019 range throughout locations in the United States, Mexico, Europe (Denmark, Italy, UK, France, Germany), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong) and even Russia.

From the Image above, here’s a full list of the stores, along with direct links to their site below.

Be sure to bookmark this for the release date:

Lane CrawfordAntonioliSNKRSUndefeated

ConceptsAntoniaBTSN Shoe Gallery

ShinzoKM20Citadium A Ma Manerie

HirshleifersSelfridges & Co SNS Sneaker Politics

KITHNikeJuiceSlam Jam Socialism

StarcowBodega Foot Patrol LUST

ENDOne Block Down Mr PorterNAKED

Sacai HavenMaxfield LATsum

OffspringNet-A-Porter JOYCE

NotreSocial Statussolebox

Each of the sites above has a different process, some have raffles, some are doing in person, so for your highest odds of getting these shoes, sign up to each of their email lists, follow their Instagrams, and bookmark everything relevant.

It’s clear that this release is going be very reminiscent of an Off-White sneaker release as they’re very limited and are expected to gain value over time, making these a potentially solid investment (check out our post here about sneakers and investing). Is this one of the biggest releases this year? Sound off.

– Erik

How to Buy: The Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) Nike Air Vapormax

At the time of this writing, people are paying up to $2000 on the aftermarket for Cactus Plant Flea Market Nike Air Vapormax, which are set to release on Tuesday May 14th 2019. With a retail price of $250, that’s a near 10x peak return on investment.

The average profit may drop as the release date approaches and passes, but price rises in the future could happen as we saw with shoe models like the Off-White Jordan 1 “Chicago”.

All of this hype and money sure leaves many curious on how to buy the CPFM x Nike Air Vapormaxes and other types of these releases that make up the billion dollar sneaker pie, so we’ll take some time to unpack this, starting with some history and ending with some present day numbers and opportunities.

Cactus Plant Flea Market: A Brief History

A screen capture from a psychedelic animation from the homepage on

One thing that’s worth understanding before actually learning the successful shopping formula to snag these coveted kicks is the history and why the hype is so strong with these.

Many people may not have heard of Cactus Plant Flea Market before until now, but they’ve been around for a minute and are known to be Pharrell Williams’ and Kanye West’s favorite brand.

Ye is a cosigner of the brand, and Williams could be accredited as someone who “made” the brand’s designer Cynthia Lu who worked for his company Billionaire Boys Club in the Girls division.

Its cryptic marketing generated tons of appeal, with a slow leak of products dripping in starting in March 2015 on their website,

During the past years, celebs have been seen rocking the brand, but with hot streetwear/footwear collabs dropping lately like the smashing success of the Off-White x Nikes, CPFM was ready to jump on the bandwagon and drop their take on what they consider to be hype shoes.

Celebrity Influence and Hype

travis scott cpfm jordan air max nike release on feet price
Pic from High Snobiety. Travis Scott rocking the CPFM Vapormax.

Like every other sneaker drop that sells out instantly for $1000+ pricetags, the CPFM Vapormax has been seen on feet on celebs who were given early pairs.

Travis Scott was one of those seen rocking the kicks courtside as pictured above. Despite his nickname Cactus Jack, he’s not associated with the shoes or the brand.

Lil Uzi vert rockin a fit finished off with the CPFM’s.

On May 4, 2019, 10 days prior to the drop, Lil Uzi vert was also seen with these shoes on his Instagram. The picture received over 1.3 million likes and around 35,000 comments, many that were referencing the CPFMs.

The celebrity marketing of the shoes on their social media is a huge part as to why shoes like these command such insane resale values that approach some people’s monthly salaries.

Let’s take a closer look at the design to try and understand this game more.

Detailed and on feet pics of the Nike x CPFM Vapormax

cactus plant flea market vapormax release 2019
Pic from @avanope on IG, these kicks are fully charged and literally lit.

A trippy four eyed smiley face on the heel, neon underglow like cars from Tokyo Drift and “JUST DO IT” slapped across the exterior, all on an otherwise dull grey makes these shoes true works of modern art.

Also from @avanope, you’ll see that these shoes are chargeable.

Even to the non-sneakerheads or those aloof about hype streetwear, these shoes will cause second looks and craned necks like a Ferrari does, just because of how loud the design is.

Here are some official pictures from Nike:

cpfm vapormax official image rear nike
Signature CPFM smileys. From Nike.

Deconstructed and reconstructed, hacked together components, true to the Flea Market part of the Cactus Plant, these shoes are haute-garbage-couture streetwear that pushes boundaries by risking the look of a 6 year old’s school art project–but somehow, they work.

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Nike x Cactus Plant Flea Market Air Vapormax : Where and When to Buy

Those who combine a variety advanced bot and manual methods to acquire these kicks will benefit either in immediate dollars on a flip, or in the glory of maybe being the only person in their friend circle who owns these rare CPFMs.

You can get your hands on these using the Nike SNRKS app (here’s a free guide on how to use it best). There will also be some physical Nike Lab retailers that will stock these.

Although advanced, using sneaker bots can get you not just one but multiple pairs for maximum profit. I know people who are planning to profit $5000 this weekend and have enough success to keep a pair for themselves. Getting to this level isn’t easy, but with the right education, persistence, and a bit of luck, this kind of prosperity is possible.

Resale value of the CPFM Vapormax

cpfm goat
from GOAT

As of early May 2019, pre release date, the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Air Vapormax is reselling at a range of just under $1000 up to $2000 per pair, for a peak profit of $750-$1750.

Statistics above are from GOAT.

The kicks are going for a slightly lower pricepoint on StockX, in the $800-$1000 range. Either way, for those flipping out there, a $500-$1000 profit is nothing to sneeze at.

cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
Prices for the CPFM a bit lower on StockX in May 2019

Drops like these have happened in high frequency these past few years, showing that the sneaker resale market isn’t going anywhere soon.

Best of luck on copping these, and take a look at our resources here or join our private winner’s circle which we have open for a limited time.

Take care guys,


12 of the Best Under Retail Sneakers to Buy on StockX Right Now

For every hyped release we see from Nike, Off White, Adidas, Yeezy, Fear of God etc we know one thing is for certain – people are buying them for the sole intent of reselling them. Why else would you be here if not to learn the tips and tricks from some of the masters in the game!

But we are all aware that the sneaker resell industry is a tough one – somewhere along the line you or someone you know is going to be caught up in the hype of a release and end up buying a ‘brick’. For the un-initiated to buy a ‘brick’ or ‘bricking’ is when an item that is quite hyped fails in a truly shameful and spectacular way. 

Take a look at the 2018 release of the Nike x Acronym Presto’s – everyone (yours truly included) hit this release with the expectation of resell prices much like the original release from 2016 (which still resell for $600-$800 today), sadly we all found the hard way that all color ways other than the ‘Racer Pink’ version bricked to an average or 10%-20% under retail.

All is not lost however, even though some of the shoes are selling for under retail that doesn’t mean they aren’t a quality shoe!

Listed below with thanks from StockX are 12 of the best under retail sneaker deals available right now, either rock them on feet or snag a bargain as they may increase slowly over time.

(all prices are current as of February 2019, check them out individually on StockX to see what the prices are.)

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which are sponsored by

1. Adidas NMD Hu X Pharrell Inspiration Pack, Black/ White

icon(click image above to check out the price on StockX today)

Retail Price: USD$250

Lowest Ask: USD$209 (black), USD$195(white)

% under retail: -16% (black), -22%(white)

The first on our list forms part of the Pharrell x Adidas inspiration pack – expected to reach resell prices similar to the ‘Holi Grail’ pack or the original ‘Human Race’ collaboration these ones are currently going for an average of 16% under retail. Arriving in a black or white upper, white midsole and accented laces/midsoles these are some super comfy sneakers that you can pick up for under retail, our recommendation is for straight to feet on these ones, don’t expect the price to increase in the short term on these ones! 

Buy the Adidas NMD Hu x Pharrell Inspiration Under Retail Here

2. Adidas, Yeezy, Powerphase Calabasas, Black

icon (click the image above to check out today’s price for the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas)

Retail Price: USD$120

Lowest Ask: USD$74

% under retail: -38%

Are Yeezy’s dead? Well in the case of the ‘Calabasas’ model the answer is yes. The third colorway in a series 3 – the Calabasas Black is a sleek shoe with minimal branding across the shoe. Released in March 2018 the Black colourway has been dropping in price since their release. It’s amazing that at one point people were paying up to $300 for these–maybe in the future these will rise in value, but either way right now at around $70 they’re a total steal.

Get the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas under retail here

3. Nike Air Skylon X Fear of God, White


icon(click the image above to check out the current price on 

Retail Price: USD$150

Lowest Ask: USD$121

% under retail: -19%

Released alongside the more hyped Air Fear of God 1 and Air Fear of God Shoot Around, the Skylon’s never really had a chance! Coming in a white upper, black Nike ‘Swoosh’ and touches of Jerry Lorenzo across the shoe these dropped in December 2018 – looking quite fresh and easy to pair with any outfit these are an easy cop for personal usage, once again don’t expect these to increase in price anytime soon with the Air Fear of God’s dominating the release. 

Buy the Fear of God x Nike Air Skylon “White” here

4. Nike Air Skylon X Fear of God, Black

icon(click the image above to check out the current price on 

Retail Price: USD$150

Lowest Ask: USD$116

% under retail: -22%(black)

The black version of the Nike Air Skylon pack was slightly worse in terms of resell than the white version previously mentioned. An inverse of the aforementioned white version this colourway came with a black upper, white Nike ‘Swoosh’ and white sole, these shoes are sleek and an easy way to get a hold of a Fear of God x Nike collab. It’s also cool to keep track of which color is performing better to build your knowledge more.

Buy the Nike Air Skylon x Fear of God here 

5. Nike Jordan 4, Retro Laser Gum, Black


icon(click the image above to check out the current price on 

Retail Price: USD$200

Lowest Ask: USD$148

% under retail: -26%

Get the Air Jordan 4 “Laser Gum” under retail here.

Jan 2019 witnessed the release of the Nike Jordan 4 in retro laser gum -the uppers of these Jordan 4’s re laser engraved a white midsole, black accents and gum sole made for one fine looking shoe. A homage to the original White Laser’s from 2005, Sneakerheads were expecting the resell on these to hit the same levels. Unfortunately the resell on these peaked right after the drop – currently these are levelling out to around retail but a great pair for personal usage. At a high of $300, these are a potential long term investment sitting currently at just half of that high price and well below retail.

6. Nike React, ISPA, White/ Crimson Orange

iconicon(click the image above to check out today’s price on 
A Techwear lover’s dream – Nike dropped the first ‘ISPA’ pack (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) model in November 2011. Releasing in a white, crimson orange and black colourway the ISPA model utilized a synthetic TPE upper and fortified tapping on the shoe collar. The sole of the ISPA’s featured the highly successful React Element 87, unfortunately that wasn’t enough to help these models bricking. If you’re a tech wear aficionado get on these now as they will easily pair with your Acronym or ACG jacket.

Retail Price: USD$180

Lowest Ask: USD$115 (white), USD$111 (orange)

% under retail: -36%(white), -38% (orange)

Get the Nike React ISPA under retail in White/Light Crimson here

7. Nike, Air Jordan, 3, Chlorophyll

iconicon iconicon(click the image above to check out today’s price on 

Retail Price: USD$190

Lowest Ask: USD$113

% under retail: -41%

Released in November 2018 the Chlorophyll Air Jordan 3’s paid homage to the Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll from 2012. Grey uppers with green and black accents across the midsole/ sole itself these Jordan’s were sleek and quite easy on the eye. The stock numbers on this proved to kill the resell on these, these look like they have reached the lowest price they will hit so grab a pair now whilst they are at their lowest!

Get the Air Jordan 3 “Chlorophyll” under retail here.

8. Adidas, Ultra Boost, Clima Core, Black Solar Red 


iconicon(click the image above to check out today’s price on 

Retail Price: USD$220

Lowest Ask: USD$115

% under retail: -43%

A personal favorite of yours truly – the Clima Core version of the Ultra Boost included knitted uppers covered in black with lime green/red colouring appearing underneath the knit uppers. The Clima Core dropped in two colorways and both whilst easy on the eye had limited to no resell value. If you’re after an easy entry into the hyped Ultra Boost market why not try a pair of the Clima Core’s in Black Solar Red.

Get the Adidas Clima Core Black/Solar Red under retail here.

9. Nike Air Force 1, Foamposite , Triple Black

icon(click the image above to check out today’s price of the shoe on StockX)

Retail Price: USD$200

Lowest Ask: USD$90

% under retail: -55%

A hybrid between the ever popular Air Force 1 and the Foamposites – this mash up shoe didn’t go down as well as Nike would have hoped. The model is structured off the Air Force 1’s but using materials/ hints from the Foamposites. Personally, I’m a fan of these. Dressed in all black this model featured a seamless Foamposite upper, moulded Swoosh, Air cushioning, ankle strap, suede accent and a rubber outsole – a great beat around shoe for winter or rainy days but don’t expect these to turn you any sort of profit. 

Buy the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite here.

10. Nike, Air Max 1, Atmos, We Love Nike

icon (click the image above to see the current price of the shoe today from StockX)

Retail Price: USD$140

Lowest Ask: USD$55

% under retail: -61%

Here’s one that was for the true Nike fans. Dressed in white, royal blue and grey box colour scheme – the Atmos We Love Nike was an interesting mash up that not everyone was a fan of. Not surprisingly these are going for over 50% under retail – dropped in May 2018 these shoes are by no means the most coveted of Nike x Atmos collaborations but if your after a simple clean sneaker these might be the shoe for you.

Get the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos “We Love Nike” under retail here.

11. Adidas, NMD R1, Marble Aero Green


iconicon(click the image above to check out today’s price on 

Retail Price: USD$170

Lowest Ask: USD$58

% under retail: -66%

Another in the Adidas NMD line, the Marble Aero Green dropped in July 2018 with a refreshed look removing branding on the side panels. Instead we witnessed white/aero/mint green marbling across the upper giving this NDM model a cleaner look compared to the other models in this list. The NMD model is super popular due to its comfort and versatility – this model is minty fresh on feet and available now for more than 60% under the retail price–a total steal in our books!

Grab a pair of the Adidas NMD R1 Marble Aero Green way below retail here.

12. Adidas, NMD R1 STLT, Olive


iconicon(click the image above to check out today’s price on 

Retail Price: USD$170

Lowest Ask: USD$49

% under retail: -68%

The final shoe on our list is another NMD R1 model by Adidas – once again the branding has been removed from the side panels and placed on the sole/heel of the shoe. Featuring a mesh upper in olive and lime this shoe has been dropping in value since appearing in February 2018. Perhaps we will see a rise in the near future as this current low is pretty astonishing–these are reverse resell, as they can be had for over $100 off

Grab a pair of the Adidas NMD R1 Olive way below retail here.

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Two Sneaker Reseller Stories: Business for Passion and Profit

Some people don’t know if they can start a shoe resale business simply because they don’t have an example to relate to. That’s why in this post, we will be profiling two different sneaker resellers/business owners that a wider audience can relate to: 15 year old student Ethan Cohen and 29 year old Kevin Royal.

Both of these stories are from 2019, describing some self made participants in the billion dollar sneaker market who come from all different walks of life and different ages .

Young Money

young money ethan benjamin kickz
Ethan with some of his cash profits from sneaker sales.

Let’s begin with Ethan Cohen, who created a six figure resale empire from nothing at 15 years old.

His incredible step-by-step story breaks down the beginnings of a young dreamer to a successful sneaker slinging entrepreneur.

Ethan is the founder of (@hastrestocks on IG), a now very well known and respected presence in the sneaker resale community with six figure revenues.

To give you an idea of his current success, I actually got off the phone with Ethan last week on his 15th birthday weekend where he reported having made $9,000 from SneakerCon in Ft Lauderdale on February 2 2019. This isn’t his first multi thousand dollar weekend: he’s made $8,000 in 24 hours selling memberships to his private group, and over $19,000 selling software.

All of this entrepreneurial success came from his interest in sneaker reselling and his endless pursuit at crushing it in that arena.

Turning $50 into $10,000 per month+


ethan sneakers haste restocks
Sitting cozy

follow us on instagram


We’ll only have to go 2 years back to see exactly where his story started.

In 2017 at just 13 years old, his drive to make money was incredibly strong, and he was open to anything.

His money compass was drawn to the world of sneakers, initially with a pair of Yeezy’s (here’s our 2018 post discussing whether or not these are “dead”.)

Learning that a $220 pair of shoes generated $800 in profit with tons of buyers worldwide, he did everything that he could to learn about the world of sneaker reselling as a young outsider.

At just 13, Ethan didn’t have the money to buy a pair of shoes worth $200, even if he knew how to get them. So he had to work hard to raise this money on his own, starting with just $50.

He actually hadn’t resold anything before, so he had to get the muscle going with something simpler and a smaller investment.

Gifted with good insight combined with tons of proper research, he was able to take the $50 to flip various rare streetwear items including Supreme and even Kylie Jenner Lip kits that sold for nearly double the retail price.

To give you an idea of how profitable hyped streetwear can be, here’s a post breaking down a $10,000+ streetwear month.

Snowballing the $50 into $200, then $200 to $400, and eventually $5,000 then $20,000 and more, Ethan is true proof that one can make a self made sneaker business with the correct information and drive.

A Lifelong Passion for Sneakers

kevin royal feets shoe business owner
Kevin Royal (@thesebrosaintroyal IG / @Royalty1290 Twitter)

Not everyone out there slinging shoes is a teenager who is a tech whiz.

Some are people with much different backgrounds and life goals who have more of a history and passion for sneakers and are happy that the resale market exists as a tool to simply fuel passion and to actually change lives in some cases.

At another side of the sneaker market spectrum, Kevin Royal is a 29 year old teacher and coach who also runs a New Jersey/New York City based business named Royal Feets (@thesebroseaintroyal IG and @Royalty1290 on Twitter).

He first got into sneakers at a young age, thanks to his mom dressing him in the coolest athletic wear since he was just a kid. 

At just 2 and 3 years old he was already rocking OG Retro Jordans.

The seed that truly planted his personal passion for sneakers comes from a vivid memory in 1995 at just 5 years old when his dad gifted him with the original Nike Retro Jordan 11 “Concord”. 

From that point on, he carried the interest for Jordans into his teenage years, where in his first years of high school beginning in 2004 he began to take matters into his own hands and make his own money to buy these shoes which are otherwise quite expensive.

A Defining Moment

Kevin’s good friend Pat was running a surprisingly successful business selling shoes, primarily as a reseller on eBay, which inspired him and other friends to take the game more seriously.

In 2006, Kevin was motivated by the release of the Air Jordan Retro 6 + 11 “Defining Moments” pack, which really opened up  which were worth $1,000 at the time and today hold that value and up to $1800 on flightclub, generating $700+ in profits nearly immediately for those who bought them.

From then until now he’s secured many thousands of dollars in rare sneakers, some of which he keeps for his collection and others which he sells to help fund his lifelong passion for these sneakers today through his sneaker business Royal Feets LLC, known for its solid customer service and responsiveness.

More than just dollar signs

Kevin royal on twitter @Royalty1290
Satisfied customers from Kevin’s Twitter account @Royalty1290

There’s more to this business than just money though: Kevin’s biggest reward isn’t just having the extra cash to rock the shoes for himself, it’s in his ability to help others.

As a teacher and coach of middle school boys, he was able to recently give away a pair of proper basketball shoes to one of his students who had formerly been playing just in Vans because he couldn’t afford an upgrade.

“It’s awesome to be able to wear nice shoes and all, but it’s an even better feeling to be able to bless others!”, Royal said.

Tips on getting shoes at retail

Kevin Royal instagram royalfeets thesebrosaintroyal
Business is better with friends.

Kevin admits getting shoes at retail is tough, but describes how people can participate manually (without the use of a sneaker bot, which intimidates most first time users) and still build a nice shoe resale business:

“You have to be aggressive. You can’t just think that you’re going to go online (or in store) and cop a pair. You’ve gotta have friends and family involved in raffles, app reservations, etc. There are multiple different avenues you can go when trying to get shoes for retail. Just make sure you are on your toes about everything and enter for all the opportunities presented to you.”

His words are solid advice that will help you in all areas of life: be aggressive when it comes to going after what you want, it’s better to work as a team, and be sharp enough not to let opportunities go unseen !

For those that are in for another cool story about someone starting a business from scratch, check out our story on Alex here if you have not already.


How to Buy and Release Date: Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2019

Saddle-up sneaker squad! The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe is coming back for an encore. Are you going to be ready to cop a pair on their release date of January 31st? They’re going to retail for $550 according to @py_rates Twitter account, and they are due to fetch a solid resale price that is worth going after. 

Why the Hype for the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2.0?

Wild design + designer collab = sky high resale value. That’s just simple math.

With Tom Sachs having creative reign that borders on the line of too much but still within the realm of cool, this shoe has generated loads of interest among sneaker resellers and fashion trend followers worldwide.

Although many of the buyers of these kicks will be puddle shy, these are actually heavy duty utility pieces of footwear appear to be designed for the rainy streets of Seattle and London, or to muck around in sloppy east coast winters. Their nickname is the “March” Yard Overshoes because March is such a miserably wet month in New York City where Tom Sachs lives.

The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe Wears Well and Sells Even Better

Having an awesome inventory of kicks is a sneaker plug’s dream.

Sure, you can sling wack designs if you have to.

It’s never your job to figure out why someone wants a shoe that looks like my grandpa’s old walking shoes (not calling anyone out here).

If it sells, sell it. But let’s be real, it’s always nice to pick up something that has real swag and functionality like the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2.0.

Tom tested the hell out of this thing and built on what he had already accomplished with the Mars Yard Overshoe 1.0.

It still has the same combat boot slash snowshoe appearance that keeps you staying fashionable in the elements, so even though they’re white and expensive, you can be a bit more rough on them than you would be to a normal pair of shoes.

The power of the shoe comes from a surprising array of technical components, which include:

  • Nylon-reinforced Dyneema to protect your ankles from wet winter weather
  • Magnetic “ladderlock” buckle strap
  • TPU Midsole
  • Sticky Rubber Outsole
  • Big-ass toe bumper

Here’s an interesting fact: Tom runs the first ever Nike urban wear/test facility in New York.

For the 2.0, he replaced the first generation’s Velctran upper with polyester tri-cut knit because he found that it was more appropriate for urban environments. Gotta keep elevating the shoe game!

How Much Money Can You Make selling a Nike x Tom Sachs Collabs?

Short answer? A lot of money. Tom Sachs Nike shoes tend to be quite lucrative.

Many don’t know how big of a name he was in the world of design before the hype of his Nike shoes.

One reason the shoes carry so much value is that Tom Sachs name carries weight in the art world…period.

Sachs first blew up on the scene as a sculptor. Now he has his crafty hands in all sorts of projects, including the NikeCraft Mars Yard shoe line.

The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 1.0

In 2017, the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard 1.0 was sold through an ultra-exclusive release only to people who attended Nike’s “Space Camp” event. Participants had to do an hour of calisthenics and other physical tests for christ’s sake, all for a shot at these sneakers.

The lucky attendees were able to buy the shoes at a $65 retail value, and those who wanted to sell their exclusive souvenirs could have made thousands of dollars in just one sale.

Roughly two years later, Nike released another version of the shoe for all the poor saps who failed to score a pair the first time. Right now, the NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0 is reselling for $3,000+ on StockX.


The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2.0 is expected to see a wider release than the original Mars Yard.

At a retail price of $550, doubling your money seems to be a sure bet. Pretty awesome too that it means $500+ in one sale.

When it comes to expensive shoes, the Mars Yard is getting all the love.

Right now the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 1.0 is selling for around $1,800 on StockX.

How do you feel about tripling your money? It’s up to you to learn what it takes to be part of this billion dollar sneaker pie.

nike mars yard overshoe 2019


How to Buy a Pair of the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2.0

Nike hasn’t revealed exactly how you’ll be able to snatch up a pair of these clunky beauties, but chances are they’ll be available through a good ‘ol fashioned online raffle that you can enter by submitting the email address associated with your Nike account.

That’s how they typically do things with their limited release shoes.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t have to attend a goddamn “Space Camp” to score a pair.

The thing that sucks about their raffles is that they’re impossible to hack using bots because they don’t rely on a set time and a normal checkout process. Since the raffle has no checkout time, bots are about as helpful as a rock in your shoe.

Luckily there are some other tricks to increase your chances of scoring. One way is to sign up to multiple Nike accounts. You sneaky devil!

The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe 2.0 is just one of many shoes that’ll be hyped through the roof this year. Our Hypemaster Playbook breaks down what it takes to scale from $0 to a six figure reseller–with the opportunity now here, you might as well be one of them.

If you’re just getting started, check out our beginner’s guide to reselling rare shoes for profit and you can check out our many other blog posts for more advice on getting in on the shoe game. 





StockX Review: Pros and Cons of Selling Sneakers on

Whether you’ve been a reseller for a while or are new to the game, you’ve probably heard of StockX. Maybe you’ve even seen their advertisements that were all over YouTube. But what exactly is StockX and are they good for sneaker resale?

StockX refers to themselves as “the world’s first stock market for things.” Basically, they are an online platform acting as a “middleman” between resellers and sneakerheads. StockX has expanded to also feature other products like streetwear, watches, and handbags.

The History of StockX

StockX is a joint venture between former IBM consultant Josh Luber and Billionaire Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers owner. Luber had created Campless, a website dedicated to sneaker resale pricing using algorithms from eBay sales. Gilbert was thinking about a stock exchange for sneakers after watching his son buying and selling shoes online. StockX was created, Campless was absorbed into the company, and Josh Luber became StockX’s CEO.

How StockX Works

StockX provides an easy platform for resellers and customers to use. For buyers, when you find a shoe model you like, you can make an offer that any reseller can accept or you can purchase immediately at the lowest asking price listed. After purchase, the seller ships the shoes to StockX where they are authenticated to ensure they are not fakes. After the shoes are verified, they are shipped to the customer.

For resellers, you can list sneakers for sale on StockX or you can sell them immediately for the highest bid. After a sale, you ship the shoes to StockX to be authenticated. Once the sneakers are verified, funds are released to you for the sale.

Another cool feature for doing research is checking out existing portfolios of sellers who have shoe collections in the six figures, and creating your own to help follow the sneaker market closely.

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Why Resellers like selling Sneakers on StockX

Whether you like StockX or not, their platform is reseller-friendly in many ways. That is partly why StockX handles $2 million worth of transactions every day. What makes StockX a great platform for reselling sneakers?

Sneaker Info already on StockX

Because all shoes sold on StockX are deadstock, there is no need for resellers to upload photos or shoe descriptions. StockX has all of the shoe information on their site already, including shoe model, colorway, release date, and retail prices. Having to take photos of all your sneakers and come up with descriptions is a time-consuming process for resellers. Not having to do all that work makes StockX easier to use than other selling platforms.

StockX’s Authentication Process

What might be the best feature of StockX, for sellers and buyers, is their authentication process. Many buyers are nervous buying shoes online, not knowing if they are getting the real deal or a knockoff. Resellers know that their reputation lies in providing a quality product. Selling one fake pair of sneakers could ruin your whole resale business. Once a sale is made on StockX, shoes are shipped directly to them to be verified by dedicated staff. StockX staff looks at every little detail to verify shoes are 100% real. Once that is determined, shoes are given a green verification tag and shipped to the customer.

Anonymity of StockX

One feature that separates StockX from its competitors is that both buyers and sellers remain anonymous during the process, similar to the stock market. It’s all about the sneakers. Sites like eBay have thousands of sneakers sales listed, but you have no idea who you are dealing with or if the shoes are legit. Because StockX verifies every pair of sneakers, there’s no risk for customers.

Being anonymous makes selling sneakers easy for newer resellers. On eBay, customers often look at the number of reviews a seller has before buying anything. As a new reseller you haven’t built up those reviews yet so it’s hard to compete. That’s not the case with StockX, where every seller is on the same level.  

Why Resellers don’t like selling Sneakers on StockX

For as many good features as StockX offers sellers through its platform, there are also some aspects that sellers don’t like. Because of this, many resellers only use StockX for its analytical data, choosing to sell on other platforms instead.

Free Market

StockX encourages a free market, meaning customers determine the value of sneakers. Many resellers don’t like the fact that buyers can place bids lower than the average market value, which could potentially lower the value of a shoe on the site.

Large Fees

Every online resale platform charges sellers fees for using their site. That isn’t surprising because that’s how they make money. However, StockX’s fees are higher than most. StockX charges seller’s a 9.5% sellers fee, although this can go down as you sell more sneakers. On top of that StockX has increased shipping fees over the years and also has a payment processing fee too. More fees mean less money in your pocket after a sale.

A review of buying shoes on

cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
Prices for the CPFM on StockX in May 2019

New users come onto StockX and are often initially confused,  because instead of just seeing one price like you’d see in just about every other store, there are 3 different prices that sometimes vary widely in values.

Here are the 3 different prices that you’ll see above a shoe on StockX, and what each of them mean:

Last Sale

This is the last sale that happened for the pair of shoes you’re looking at. Next to this number, you’ll see if the price has gone up or down compared to the previous sale.

Buy (aka Bid)

This number shows you a number that’s often below market value. It’s the price that a prospective buyer put out there for sellers to let them know that they’ll buy shoes immediately at this price.

After putting out a bid or Buy request, the buyer is bound to fulfill their promise to immediately purchase the shoe at the price.

StockX shows the lowest price on the market and its size.

Sell (aka Ask)

Often slightly above or at market value, the Sell or Ask is how much the seller is hoping to get for their kicks. They’re bound by this number to sell immediately at this pricepoint. 

StockX will show the highest number out there along with the size that goes along with it.

StockX Competitors

Through the good and the bad, StockX is a great option for resellers looking to flip shoes for profit. With that said, these guys are absolutely not the only way to sell shoes. There are many other resale online platforms that are excellent options as well. What alternatives do you have as a reseller? Here are some of StockX’s biggest competitors as well as other resale websites and Apps you can use:

For the last several years, StockX has provided a great platform to not only learn how to sell sneakers, but also to learn about sneakers themselves and gain insight into the resale market and shoe values. It’s not a perfect platform, but it worth checking out if you are looking to make money flipping sneakers.

Regardless of what platforms you choose to use for reselling sneakers, take time to invest in learning everything you can about sneakers and sneaker reselling. One of the best ways to do that is by purchasing the Six Figure Sneakerhead Hypemaster Playbook. In our playbook, you will not only learn the history of sneakers, but also the ins & outs of every aspect of sneaker reselling. If you are interested in making extra money this year or starting a new resale business, you owe it to yourself to invest in your future.