Adidas x Beyonce “Ivy Park” Collection: Release and Resale Guide

Image via Adidas

Beyonce – singer-songwriter, actress, pop icon, and business mogul has had an Adidas partnership since April in 2019. Coming soon, the musician turned fashion inspiration will be launching her first collection with the three stripes.

Upon its initial announce 9 months ago, there was an uproar in excitement and praise for such a monumental partnership. To many, the relationship between the artist and brand seems organic. It feels like the right spot for Beyonce.

Earlier in 2019, an unnamed brand executive remarked that Adidas is confident Beyonce will have as much success as other high-profile collaborators, such as Kanye West and Pharrell.

“It’s nice to have someone from a female lens to push the brand in that space,” the executive noted. “I know she has two big ambitions — one is more on the philanthropic side of things; we’ve pushed a lot into the world of girls in sports, and she aligns with that. I think that’s one of the reasons she was attracted to our brand.”

It’s a nice change of pace to hear about a brand’s goals and vision instead of consumers just speculating. With a wide cast of stars, Adidas has made a powerful impact in covering their bases. Of recent, the sportswear label has rostered names like Donald Glover, Jonah Hill and Na Kel Smith. This is just adding to their veterans like Kanye West, Pusha T, James Harden and Pharrell Williams.

Inspiration and Vision

Something we all may be asking is, what is Ivy Park? And that’s a great question. Ivy Park is a new activewear brand co-founded by Beyonce, made for women who want to look and feel at the top of their game. From the creator herself we hear “It incorporates my personal style and expands that to include something for everyone,” says Beyoncé when asked about her Adidas Ivy Park line in a recent interview with Elle. “I love experimenting with fashion, mixing high and low, sportswear with couture, even masculine and feminine. This new line is fun and lends itself to creativity, the ultimate power.”

Another piece of info to keep track of is that the upcoming collection isn’t a women’s exclusive drop as the apparel pieces and sneaker options will also be arriving in men’s sizing as well.

What’s Included

Now we’ll run through the lineup we’ll see in the first Ivy Park collection.

Image via Adidas

The Nite Jogger, a fairly recent silhouette from Adidas will get a revision for Ivy Park. Various cream and beige nylon, suede and mesh composes the upper that sits on a full length boost midsole. Safety orange toggled rope laces match the hits of stitching. The lacing system has no eyelets, but instead a maroon lace/bungee type rope that wraps around the back of the sneaker – a similar trend to what we’re seeing in Off White shoes. Another noticeable difference is a thinner, soccer style tongue on this particular Nite Jogger.

Image via Adidas

I can’t speak to the comfort since I’ve never tried them on but they certainly look like a cozy, casual shoe. Maybe even an upgraded Iniki which I always found to be top notch in comfort.

Image via Adidas

The second sneaker to talk about is a fan favorite and approaching veteran in the sneaker game, the Ultra Boost. Launched in 2015, we’ve seen an entire lifespan of the Ultra Boost – from undiscovered, to revered, to mocked and everything in between. But one thing is undeniable and that’s the comfort level. Beyonce and the team were smart to choose an Ultra Boost and better yet one that has the original 1.0 materials and patterns.

Image via Adidas

A simplistic yet unique look is what we see from the collaboration. Sticking to the color palette we saw above, a maroon pantone dominates the mesh primeknit, laces and boost midsole with Ivy Park branding on the heel cup. A bright orange rubber outsole is what you’ll be kicking up when you’re running the streets in these.

Image via Adidas

Last but certainly not least on our agenda is this new model which we believe to be called the Super Sleek 72. Originally, sneaker personalities and news sources were saying this looked to be an interpretation on the indoor soccer classic Samba shoe.

A white leather and suede upper is stacked on a platform, gum sole. Maroon and orange accents are on the stripes, heel panel and midsole outline. From what we see, the materials used are plush and premium.

Resale Predictions

To understand resale, it would be helpful to know our baseline retail prices which we don’t at this moment, but that’s okay. For rough estimates we can say Nite Joggers = $130-$150, Ultra Boosts $180-$200, and Super Sleeks $100-$120. I believe the more lucrative option would be to shoot for the Super Sleeks. Mainly because it’s a new model along with a lower retail that has easy room for secondary markup. I like the Ultra Boosts also because folks still adore them as a top 3-5 sneaker for comfort in the game right now. That fact mixed with its overall aesthetic make it a safe play for a reseller.

Image via Beyonce Instagram

The Bey Hive has been very vocal about the excitement for this collection being rolled out. The immense reach of Beyonce should never be underestimated. I mean have you seen the prices for those concert tickets? And they still sell out instantly. The story for the first Ivy Park x Adidas collection? It remains to be seen.

Release Info

The Ivy Park collection launches on January 18th on and various retailers. Retail prices will vary between models. Expect $100 – $200.

What’s next for Beyonce and Adidas? Is Ivy Park just the first theme of many? We’re not sure what to expect for now but stay tuned for more updates.

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– Erik

Adidas x Pharrell Williams 4D: Resale Guide

Image via Sneaker News

Pharrell Williams takes on Adidas’ most advanced technology, bringing eclectic design inspirations together with standout colorways to create the brand new Pharrell Williams 4D silhouette.

FYI: We’ll get pretty detailed in this post, so if you want to just know the resale value and the sitelist/release links, you can just scroll to the bottom.

History of 4D Technology

The Three Stripes has been making the 4D technology in their sneakers for some time now. While this isn’t an incredibly brand new development, I think most can agree it hasn’t hit huge strides into the market. We don’t see them around on feet every day like Yeezys, Jordan, or other hyped pieces of footwear.

The campaign behind the shoes focuses on three separate pieces that make up the greater process of the creation. Firstly, CRAFTED WITH DATA – Years of athlete data turned the liquid into solid: A midsole precisely tuned for sports. Second, GROWN FROM LIQUID – World’s first 3D-printed midsole.

Bringing thousands of athletes together in one precisely tuned stride. And last, TUNED FOR SPORTS – Precisely tuned for support and cushioning. Increased lattice density provides support, while decreased density creates comfort and cushioning.

The 4D tech has been tested on a few different silhouettes but none seem to be a smash. The Alphaedge, Ultraboost, Futurecraft, and ZX 4000 are a few in the collection. Can Pharrell Williams be the one to take the 4Ds over the finish line and break a mold?

A Tech Synopsis and a Closer Look

Comprised of a Primeknit upper atop an Adidas 4D midsole, the forward thinking silhouette is the first iteration of the Pharrell  Williams Hu line to utilize the revolutionary technology.

Leveraging Adidas’ extensive archive of computational athletic data, Adidas 4D is a high-performance midsole crafted with light and oxygen using Digital Light Synthesis technology.

Made to support multi-directional movement during cross-training, the Pharrell  Williams 4D silhouette features a flexible, yet supportive, Primeknit upper. Meanwhile, the Adidas 4D technology offers a snappy ride with more comfort, cushioning and stability.

Available in Active Purple and Tech Olive colourways, with contrasting three stripes details, the Pharrell Williams 4D also features standout footbed graphics as well as instantly recognizable Hu branding. 

The runner has been an adored style of sneaker for decades and decades now. It’s bounced around between brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony and Asics primarily.

While the Pharrell 4D takes the approach of the runner, it boasts more of a lifestyle attitude. A problem I see with this upcoming release is there isn’t a super clear audience targeted for this shoe and a lot of overlap in similar styles resulting in these falling by the wayside.

Now we’ll look at some detailed shots for you to gather your own conclusions on the Pharrell Williams 4D.

Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News

Conclusion and Resale Predictions

Adidas and 4D technology has been exciting to see without a shadow of a doubt. Many see sneakers as a vehicle to increased athletic performance and triumph. I agree with this sentiment and am happy that research development hasn’t faded away in the sneaker trends. In a current affair of brining back classics, we still need the advancement to continue.

While we just got done seeing countless “sneaker of the year” lists from various media outlets, bloggers, youtubers, etc., we may have noticed something. There weren’t many, if any, shoes from Adidas in the top 10. Why do we think this is? Could this be a fresh start for Adidas in 2020?

One reason for this, especially in the case of the 4D sneakers, is the price point which brings us into discussing the resale potential that is… unhopeful. Based on what we’ve seen previously, shoes that feature the 4D tech have retailed at no less than $300.

This means there has to be a huge following and movement for the shoes to resell for good profit. The competition for the $300+ price seems more appealing to most consumers – Yeezy 700s, new Jordan releases, hyped Dunks, even some Off White or Fear of God models. With that being said, maybe Adidas would consider lowering the price on 4D shoes, but who knows how much that will cut their profit margin.

Production and marketing aside, it’s tough to say these will have ANY resale value. Conversely, you may find these under retail come a few months down the road. I personally like the shoe but can’t even come close to justifying the price tag in buying them. Pharrell, who has stayed quiet recently, has had some heavy hitters in his past catalogue so we can’t discard his reach. Best bet is to wait and see what the websites look like in a few weeks.

Release Info

Priced at $400, the limited Pharrell  Williams 4D launches on December 20th at selected retailers globally, and on January 11th on

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Where To Buy (Purple)

Where To Buy (Green)

That’s all we have for this new Adidas release, until next time SFS family. Be sure to give us a follow on all socials for any additional news or other upcoming sneakers and streetwear you’re interested in.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope everyone’s 2020 is off to a hot start.


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Nike SB Dunk Low “Raygun Tie Dye” – Home & Away Release Guide

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Coming up soon on the ever long sneaker release calendar is a rejuvenated pair of classic SB Dunks, the Rayguns – now with a psychedelic tie dye twist. Older SB fans will be very pleased with these two pairs of upcoming sneakers.

If there was an unofficial list of fan favorite Dunks to be remastered, the Rayguns would definitely be on it.

The History of the Rayguns

Image of original 2005 Raygun Dunks via

The original “Raygun” colorway of the Nike SB Dunk came in 2005 which could be considered to some as the golden era of Dunks. Posts and images suggest the colorway will return as a tribute to the late Sandy Bodecker, the veteran Nike employee and godfather of Nike SB who passed away last year.

Fun fact – the original release got the name from the Roswell Rayguns, a fictional ABA team from New Mexico that was the focus of a Nike ad campaign during the 2002 NBA Playoffs and shared the same color scheme. Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Paul Pierce, Jason Williams, Baron Davis and Jermaine O’Neal were on this team to name a few.

In more recency, we’ve seen shoes like this Kyrie 3 draped in the Raygun pantones.

The SB Dunk Moment

With Off White Dunks releasing today, it’s safe to say we are in a full fledged SB Dunk craze. The new Complex Sneakers Podcast did their first episode on the reemergence of the timeless silhouette which I highly recommend listening to.

Recently we’ve seen hits like the Parra, Halloween “Night of Mischief”, Viotech, and new iterations of Supreme Dunks that have been moving units. I feel that the bubble still has room to grow and more consumers will hop on.

A Closer Look

As alluded to earlier, there are two separate pairs releasing on December the 27th. A black and a white pair that are labeled as “Home” and “Away” respectively, just like the 2005 releases.

A trippy tie-dye print is on the quarter panels, heel counter, heel tab and insole. A “58” tag is also present on the inside of the tongue. Apart from the new print, the original shoe’s design is largely left intact: orange and yellow hues provide contrast with the black leather forefoot, and a special alien graphic appears on the lateral heel.

Image of Home pair via Sole Collector

Image via Sneaker News

Image via Hypebeast

Image via Sneaker News

Image via Sneaker News

Image via Kicks on Fire

Release Info

As of now these are not on the SNKRS calendar like a lot of other hyped releases we’re seeing recently. BUT rumor has it that the black “home” pair will be on SNKRS in full family sizes, it may be added close to release. They will indisputably be on at the least on December 27, 2019.

Being that it’s an SB, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a rogue release where they hit local skate shops as well as online stores like or This is a shot in the dark at this point but in this Dunk resurgence we’re constantly reminiscing on old stories where you had to really go out and make an effort to get info and buy sneakers – including checking in with your local skate shops.

Rumbles are saying the white pair will be a more limited skate shop only pair, but stay tuned for any further news.

We hate to give such little info but at this time there’s no retail price announced. A fair guess is in the $110-$130 price range. Perhaps even $100 even.

Resale Predictions and Past Trends

We’ve seen a pattern of old Dunks getting remastered. One that comes to mind is the pair of “Black Pigeons”.

Image of Black Pigeon SB Dunk via Sneaker Bar Detroit

My thought process is the that these pairs of Rayguns will follow the pigeon model, especially the more accessible black “Home” pair. At first it may not resell for much but come a year or two down the road and it could triple in price like what we’re seeing now with the new pigeons.

The white pair should be a homerun in the resale game. Whether you’re an old dunkhead or a new adopter, this is an awesome shoe to build a collection around or add to one.

From a personal standpoint I’m happy this is still a low and Nike didn’t do a high. Off rip we can remember Dunks like the De La Soul’s, Diamond’s, and Cali’s that all had their second coming in a high silhouette when the original was a low.

Unanimously they were less coveted than their former releases.

Image of Diamond Supply Low and High Dunks via UBIQ

Below we’ll see the recent activity on the 2005 versions. We’re seeing sales at about $800 and $550 and active high bids over $1,000 and almost $900 respectively for the black and white pairs!

Image via StockX

Image via StockX

What’s next for the Nike SB Dunk? Will we see old school models like the Paris, London, Futura, or Stussy’s more in the future? Sound off, we love to hear.

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– Erik

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Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 17 Dec 19 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

Week 17 for Supreme’s Fall/Winter season is here. No collaborations, just Supreme in-house pieces, and a lot of them.

Even late here on a Wednesday, the night before the drop, the retail prices to go along with items is still being held close to the vest. Prices given are mostly estimates along with a few almost guaranteed like tees and sweatshirts. Anything worth noting will be bolded with resale value.


Let’s run through the pieces.

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $48, Projected Resale: $300+

Box logo tees are here, the reason most of you may be reading. The only differences from the hoodies last week is that there’s no baby blue color but instead we have the classic Supreme red on white version. We’ll discuss strategy for copping down below.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Pictured above are the Checkerboard Puffy Jacket and Beanie respectively. Fairly straight forward pieces. Classic pattern with some neutral colors. Arc style branding on the chest and back of the jacket which has a hideaway hood. One large logo on the front of the beanie. Very cozy boys. If we were to guess, these aren’t a big value play for resale.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $30-$100

Next are the Polartec Half Zip Pullovers and Pants. Judging based on similar previous Polartec items, the retail prices should be around $118 and $138 respectively for pullover and pants. A Polartec piece released a couple weeks ago is selling for $50-$75 over retail currently so these could be a nice little flip. I wouldn’t count on the pants reselling.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $20-$50

Moving on we’ll team up the Thermal Zip Up Hoodie and the Bandana Fleece Neck Gaiter. Firstly the hoodie looks to be a slight upgrade from a normal hoodie and may run a little over the usual $158 budget. Worth noting that this particular camo isn’t seen too often so that may be a sought after piece.

The gaiter has my attention for snowboarding use but I’m unsure of the resale. This should weight in at about $40 which is a little expensive for such a small item. But hey, the longer you hold on to it, the more it may appreciate. Kinda low risk, low reward here.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $50-80

Alright listen up now, this New Era Earflap Hat should fly. The retail will most likely hover around the $60 range but I’m guessing the resale value will be at least 2x in the next few months. A fresh box logo and a unique style fur bomber should be received well. As mentioned in my previous posts, some other winter style hats from this season have preformed well already.

Image via Supreme Community

Potential Profit: $20-$40

Similar to the last, is this Facemask Polartec® Camp Cap. Retail is mentioned at $58 for this cap. I would tread lightly and see if other colors are selling out before going for one. Either way you’ll make your money back reselling but maybe not by much.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Now onto this plethora of tees. In order (left to right, top to bottom) the names are as follows: Bandana Box Logo, Aguila, D’Hiver, Money Power Respect, Bridge, Bite, Clowns, and Eat Me. Every tee will be $48 per usual.

Since we already covered the box logo I’ll be referring to the rest of the shirts when I say that they WILL NOT RESELL. There’s just too much other noise going on within this week for these to gain any traction. However, there’s a couple nice designs to cop for your personal stash which should be seamless buys.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $70-$130

Rounding out this week, we have a very topical item. The Snow Tube. Rumors are rumbling that the tube will go for about $100. An accessory like this is incredibly memorable and is bound to have many whacky Instagram promo photos and videos.

It should sell out quickly so be ready on this one. Especially with accessories, it may be better to put on ice (not literally) and keep in the closet for it’s value could appreciate 2-3x in a couple years from now.

Last Week’s Hype & Strategy

The anticipation was real for last week being that box logo hoodies and beanies dropped. With the box logo tees and other hot clothing pieces and accessories coming in week 17, we could expect some lingering hype and attention to the Supreme site yet again.

While sell out times weren’t able to be recorded, we were still able to see which items went first which could translate into this week.

Size small are always what goes first because this is the default size up on the screen and it saves an extra click to go with small right to checkout. Keep that in mind, maybe be quick and go for medium, large, or XL as there could be less initial traffic.

Additionally, the quickest colors to sell out were pink, blue, and then yellow (in order). We imagine this week and the tees will follow the trend.

Release Info

When: December 19th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 21st.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Supreme also recently made an appearance on our Best Fashion Brands of 2019 list.

Thanks for reading. Hoping the best for everyone this upcoming week. If you weren’t lucky with hoodies and beanies, go for the tee as a very nice consolation prize.

– Erik

Jordan 4 WNTR Release Guide

Image via House of Heat

With 2019 coming to a close and being fully immersed in the winter season, we have a brand new, cozy Jordan 4 to talk about.

FYI: If you’re here for release details, like the release date and a sitelist of where to buy, you can scroll straight down to the end of the article.

The unmistakable model from 1989 gets a wintry upgrade with the Air Jordan 4 Retro Winter, stylized as WNTR. It’s got all the original flavor, with fleece-lined areas for warmth and the iconic quarter-panel grid made with perforated synthetic material.

For it’s 30th anniversary, this year was filled with Jordan 4 retros that we’ll talk about including our most recent addition. 2018 was the Jordan 3, and 2020 will be the Jordan 5 (along with the Air Max 90, expect some heaters).

Detailed Look

Image via Sneaker News

Taking a closer peek at the shoes, Jordan Brand truly did their thing on these with a perfect balance of iteration and timelessness. Personally speaking, I’m a massive fan of the materials on these. The fleece/sherpa interior and sockliner is the obvious selling point.

The upper is mostly constructed of what is said to be a waterproof leather material which looks promising. Another curious choice was to put a ballistik style material on the tongue and netting panels. This should hold up super well in the elements.

I’m happy that this pair of sneakers was crafted. Winterized shoes have NOT been executed well in the past (looking at you Jordan 9s and 12s along with various Air Maxes and Ultraboosts). However these 4s had a talented team working on them.

The color coding on these are loyal blue, habanero red, white, and black. After many Shoetubers have taken an early look at the Winter 4s, they’ve gotten stellar reviews. We’ll let the photos try to do the justice.

Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News
Image via Sneaker News


Here’s a couple specs given from the manufacturers

  • Leather upper offers durability and support with OG design lines.
  • Visible Nike Air technology provides lightweight, resilient cushioning.
  • A rubber outsole gives you traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • The tongue, collar and sockliner are fleece-lined for warmth.

4s in 2019

It’s important to discuss all the other Jordan 4’s to hit the shelves this year in honor of the 30th anniversary. Let’s dig in.

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

One of the more influential and hyped releases this year had to be the Bred 4 returning after a 7 year hiatus. It was everything we expected along with Nike Air branding that replaced a more recent jumpman.

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

My personal favorite to drop this year was another classic, the cool grey 4. To me this was a super sought after pair that released ONLY in 2004 previously.

When I first was getting into sneakers and looking back at the Jordan catalog, I immediately gravitated towards these (was only 10 years old when they dropped, gimme a break).

Tried getting some on eBay, failed massively in terms of condition so I was happy to add these to my collection this year.

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Besides being a big year for the 4, it was a huge year for Drake and the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA title.

To celebrate, this Raptors colorway dropped along with an almost identical version additionally donning Champagne Papi’s signature on the tongue.

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

This “Mushroom” 4 flew under the radar being that it comes in women’s sizing. Fellas if you’re a mens 10.5 or under, you can go scoop these for close to retail. Super clean color way.

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Keeping it recent, the “What The” 4s were more on the outlandish side from a design standpoint. For those unaware, this pair mixed coloring inspiration from 4 classics – bred, fire red, white cement, and military blue.

Image via StockX

While these released a while ago, we can’t NOT mention the Eminem “Encore” 4s that resell for 10’s of thousands of dollars. People are already calling the Winters the “poor man’s Eminems”. To be honest, from a pure aesthetics standpoint, I’d rather have the Winters but that’s just my opinion.

Release Info

The Winter Jordan 4’s will be available at 10am EST this Saturday, December 21, 2019.

The price tag is $200.


Now for one of the more important puzzle pieces of this release. Will it resell?

The answer to this question may not be super clear and dry right now. Will certain sizes make some money, especially shortly following the release? Perhaps. Right now, early sales indicate payouts just over the retail price.

Early reviewers say these should be fairly available which translates to a lower demand on the resale market. We can probably infer this from the large amount of footsites on the list above. $200 isn’t bad, but it’s not the best price point to have a good profit margin. To be fair, it’s only $10 more than a normal pair of AJ 4s so I would say it’s a fair tradeoff for the premium materials.

Stay tuned in the morning on Saturday, see how quick they’re flying and pay attention to what people are saying on Twitter.

As mentioned before, it’s an awesome shoe to begin with so I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if they are going out to buy for immediate wearing purposes.

That’s it for this model.

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Thanks y’all.

– Erik

Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 16 Dec 12 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

Hi all. We know why you’re here. It’s BOX LOGO week. I hope everyone is well prepared for release day or saved up some pennies if you’re unlucky and need to buy on the resale market.

There’s no collaboration this week so we will focus our efforts elsewhere.

We’ll discuss how to cop, best practices, predictions, as well as the rest of the droplist for week 16.


Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $168

Projected Resale: $800+

Box logo hoodies are without a doubt the most well known piece of Supreme. The iconic box logo trademarked in 1994 can be recognized by such a large spectrum. Weather you’re into streetwear or not, odds are you’ve seen one and know there’s pandemonium and sentiment surrounding them.

This year we will see 8 colors (in styles/color codes that are unreleased at the moment) but we will call them – Carolina blue, pink, grey, brown, red, navy, yellow, and black. Remember these for later.


Image via Supreme Community

Quilted Hooded Plaid Shirt

Image via Supreme Community

Next up is this all over plaid hoodie. Quilted on the inside. Looks super warm and rugged to go along with your workwear look. This will most likely hover around the normal price of a hoodie. And yes, it will sit and have no resale value.

Brushed Wool Zip Up Sweater

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly for this small selection of outerwear, a sweater. A full zip, all wool piece is what we’ll see. Very mature and Mr. Rogers-like. Imagining this will be set somewhere around $110-$140. Once again, it will completely be overshadowed by the box logos and sit in the store. Easy cop if you’re interested.


New Era Box Logo Beanie

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $38

Projected Resale: $150-$200

The beanie is of course a complimentary piece to the hoodie. The image above also gives a better look at the actual box logo colorations. If you couldn’t infer, these have also had their fair share of profitable reselling. Some color ways from last season have sold for up to $230.

Facemask Beanie

Image via Supreme

Additionally is this beanie/ski mask combo which is super interesting. This should be an easy cop like we’ve mentioned already. A fairly functional piece if you see a good amount of winter weather or hit the slopes. Should be priced slightly more than a normal beanie. Do not count on a flip for these!

Shiny Nylon Crusher

Image via Supreme

Now for hats. This mini bucket hat has a similar material we’ve seen before on other hats and jackets, very slick.

2-Tone Leather Camp Cap

Image via Supreme

With all the hype surrounding the box logo hoodies and beanies, this camp cap is my next favorite item and one I can see having a little resale value. May not be a lot, but this clean design especially in leather should draw some attention.

Shadow 6-Panel

Image via Supreme

Lastly on headwear is this classic 6-panel. If you’re into it, should be a super easy cop.


*Christmas Item Mockup* Supreme Nutcracker

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out week 16 is a nutcracker. Just in time for those chestnuts during the holiday season. Unfortunately no word on price as of now but I wouldn’t expect to pay over $150.

I’m guessing it would be less but you never know. Unique accessory which usually could hold value but tread lightly. I would judge it’s potential resale off of it’s retail price.


There’s nothing more that needs to be said about this drop in terms of the potential resale value. If it ain’t a box logo, it’s not reselling. Pray to the Supreme gods you get lucky.

Now for a little strategy. The 3 colorways to go after for resale will be the pink, Carolina blue, and the grey. Yellow could also be a sleeper as we rarely see hoodies, not to mention box logos in that hue.

Conversely, if you’re just looking for your best chance to cop, try going for the red, brown, or navy. Early popularity voting has these on the lower side. With all that being said, every single color way is profitable but you may get a better payout based on colors.

If you are going on mobile, try downloading an app like Filler as an autofill for quick checkout.

If you’re on desktop, make sure you have your autofill on as well as copying your credit card number to give yourself any advantage you can.

For those fortunate enough to live by a store, an overlooked option is to wait outside stores and perhaps chat with people who just picked up from a reserved time slot. Have cash on you, you never know what could happen and you could come away with a good deal and have your box logo in hand. We’ve heard a few success stories with this method. Keep tuned on StockX and negotiate around the StockX payout or less. Cash is king to some.

Predictions for the hyped colorways mentioned earlier are anywhere from $800-$1000. Down the line you can expect black or yellow at $700 and at the bottom of the spectrum you could see maybe red, brown or navy selling for $600-$650 on release day.


When: December 12th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 14th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Truly wishing everyone luck who’s going manual and would love to see some first timers get a box logo. Share all your success with us!

– Erik

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Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 15 Dec 5 2019 Droplist

Collaborator and Theme

Coming in after a spicy week collaborating with Nike, Supreme has tapped a New York collective for week 15 of F/W 19 – the hip hop duo dead prez. The socially conscious rap group seems like a perfectly organic fit to partner with Supreme.

Focusing less on music, dead prez continues to work on health and fitness, meditation, sustainability, empowerment, community building, social services, and entrepreneurship. Founding member M-1 comments, “When you talk about growing, expanding and awakening, it allows you to open up like a lotus to all the things that are here in the world.”

Dead Prez hip-hop artists, left, and M-1 before their performance Saturday night at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield.
Image via The Recorder

This collection sees artwork from Let’s Get Free and Revolutionary But Gangsta across a quilted work jacket, hoodie, sweatpants, T-shirts, 5-panel caps, and a bandana.


Spellout N-3B Parka

Retail price: $368

Image via Supreme

This cotton blend parka with faux fur is sure to keep you warm this winter. Many pockets across the lower front, chest, and interior for all your holiday goodies. If you want if for yourself, you have a good chance of copping if you’re quick on Thursday.


Dead Prez Quilted Work Jacket

Image via Supreme

The only other jacket to be released is in the dead prez collection. Very simple bomber/workwear vibes. I would be cautious of this piece, can’t see it reselling for much more than retail. $198

Back of Work Jacket, image via Supreme

Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Polartec Half Zip Hoodie

Retail price: $158

Image via Supreme

Moving into the hoodies and sweatshirts segment. First we’ll talk about this Polartec. Always incredibly soft pieces. A great addition to anyone’s personal collection if you ask me. The camo may go first and be the hot commodity. Otherwise I’m a big fan of the rest of the color combos. 

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt

Retail Price : $248

Image via Supreme Community

An all-over print hoodie is another piece we see from dead prez. This features their middle finger embroidered over the sweatshirt. I believe this product will sit since it’s more expensive than a regular hoodie. If you’re interested for yourself, log on in time and you should be able to secure. Can’t imagine this will resell much.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Embroidered Sweatpant

Retail Price: $178

Image via Supreme Community

Of course you can’t have the hoodie without the matching sweats. Similar to the hoodie, we would tread lightly if you’re thinking of buying for resale purposes. 

Shirts and Tees

Supreme x dead prez Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

Firstly is this clean front and back printed tee with one of the dead prez logos. Nothing to get over-excited about but it’s a cool piece if you’re a fan of the group. I think it’s a great call to go after. Black or white are usual suspects who are sought after.

Supreme x dead prez RBG Tee

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme Community

The counter part is this middle finger logo tee. Out of the two, this must be the favorable one if you’re going out for resale purposes. Staying on theme, the 5 colors releasing are black, camo, red, grey, and white. 

Corduroy Shirt

Retail Price : $138

Image via Supreme

Up next is the corduroy shirt. All corduroy with tonal Supreme branding on the left chest pocket. A truly functional piece but I believe is too expensive. I would like this for personal use but may wait and see if it’s cheaper on the secondary market. 

Micro Stripe Mock Neck

Retail Price : $88

Image via Supreme

Lastly on all of the clothing is this mock neck. Again a staple piece that everyone should own but you may be better off to wait until after the release if you’re interested. 


Supreme x dead prez 5-panel

Retail Price : $48

Image via Supreme

The only hat in the dead prez collective is this logo 5-panel. In terms of the dp branding I feel this isn’t there strongest logo unfortunately. I would not advise going after this for resale. 

Dimensions Logo Denim Trooper

Retail Price : $78

Image via Supreme

Moving on, here is piece of headwear that will have a more promising resale value. It seems Supreme consumers gravitate towards some of the more outlandish pieces – like last week’s Faux Ushanka Hat that sold out quickly. I would guess this cozy trooper could have similar projection. Either way this is an awesome addition. 

Gonz Logo Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Next is a Gonz Logo beanie. The Gonz Logo is typically very popular and hits well. However I can’t imagine this beanie doing super well on the secondary market. Would tread lightly unless you’re buying for your own stash . 

Metal Plate Beanie

Retail Price : $36

Image via Supreme

Lastly is another average looking beanie, nothing spectacular. Same advice as the last! 


Knoll Wassily Chair

Image via Supreme

Now we present one of the “10 most important chairs of the 20th century”. Designed in 1925, the iconic Wassily chair became an instant classic. It’s available for a retail of $2,782 normally so we can only assume the Supreme leopard iteration is a bit more. $TBD

dead prez RBG Bandana

Retail Price : $24

Image via Supreme

And to wrap up week 15, we have a dead prez bandana. Like I mentioned last week about the Nike bandanas, these are never a bad play considering their inexpensive retail price and potential for a high percentage flip. 

Resale Value Recap: None noteworthy

This may seem like a mellow drop and it probably is, BUT… rumors are swirling that box logo hoodies and beanies are expected next week. All in all, this week seems to be a dud in terms of resale value but harbor a couple hidden gems or pieces to keep on ice and rock in the future.


When: December 5th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 7th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone luck on their desires on this week 15 drop.

– Erik

Supreme F/W 19 Week 14 Drop

We’re approaching the final stretch of the Supreme Fall/Winter season of 2019. It’s Thanksgiving week and we only have 6 more weeks following. Because of the holiday coming up, this week’s drop will be on Friday, so don’t sleep too hard after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Pieces of Week 14 Drop, Image via Just Fresh Kicks

This drop can be broken into two sections – the normal, in-house Supreme wear, and the collaboration pieces. First we’ll discuss the photo above.

Heavy Outerwear

Image of Window Pane overcoat via Supreme

Up top, we see pink and black colored overcoats. These are made of a wool blend and traditionally very warm coats. Speculating this will be around $500. Last year, their safety orange overcoat with Loro Piana lining was a huge hit. Dress these up or down, wear over a hoodie or a suit.

Next, in the top right we move to a quilted, plaid zip up shirt. These are quilted inside and out, with flannel material on the exterior. Safe to say this has a workwear influence behind it. Available in a bright and a monocromatic color combo, you can choose your vibe for this one. A piece like this will sit so if you want it to rock, this should be an easy buy. Don’t bank on a large resale price.

Hoodies and Crewnecks

Moving down the list is what they’re calling a mirrored logo hooded sweatshirt. You know the deal with hoodies – unless it’s a box logo or a collab, you should be okay to grab your size without a bot if you’re on the site in time. Retail is always $168. Typically, the longer you keep them on ice, the higher the resale price gets! It may not be huge but you can stack a little cash on these. Always a good play to go for a hoodie. They come in a spectrum of colors but the versatile, muted ones are most popular.

Image of Scatter Text via Supreme

Coming up is a wild looking crewneck that’s called the “scatter text”. As much as it may look like it, this isn’t a fuzzy Coogi sweater. All cotton regular crewneck. Again, available in a few different color ways to suit your style. This is a tough one to gauge. For resale value, we imagine it will be on the middle to lower end. Don’t expect a huge jump over night but as time goes on, this may be a big commodity for it’s unique look.


Image via Supreme

This nylon 6 panel hat is first on the docket. This features an “ascension” logo resembling a North Face-esque mountain scene. Personally I think this would be a great addition to anyone’s collection, beginner or veteran. It says Supreme on it, has a sweet emblem, and has a few nice colors. Hats like this are generally around $48 and sometimes double or triple in resale price. I’m already convincing myself to scoop one, ideally the olive or peach. Good value play here.

A faux fur Ushanka hat is the odd looking one of the bunch. So this means it could either brick or skyrocket. My best guess is yours but my prediction is these will be available in S/M and L/XL sizing on each color way. There’s a small box logo on the front and we know how folks fiend over that. Play it by ear on this one. Retail could be anywhere from $70-$90.

Image of Breed Beanie via Supreme

As we get colder and colder, beanies are becoming more necessary. I feel this “Breed” beanie bottom left will do well, especially in the easy colors like black and brown. These will most likely be $38 give or take a few. If you already have things in your cart and have time, maybe you want to add one of these. They’ll hang around the site for a little bit and still have potential for a little flip.

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly is this “International” headband with Supreme and London front and center. The London store which opened in 2011 has been a massive success. In addition to that, headbands are all but guaranteed to go quickly and be a fantastic value play. If you have a low budget, try to go for one of these first thing at 11 EST. Should be around $32.

Collab Time

The Nike x Supreme FW 19 collaboration, Image via God Meets Fashion

This latest drop from Supreme is also marked by an expansive collaboration with Nike. Building on their storied relationship, the duo has crafted a capsule defined by premium leather constructions with retro sports styling.

Since we haven’t been able to see retail prices, some of these items are tricky to judge on how they’ll preform on the resale market. Rumor has it the leather pieces will be incredibly pricy, maybe up to $700-$800 for the leather hoodie. It’s always a good idea to judge an item based off it’s retail price. If you think it’s overpriced (by Supreme standards) then odds are other people have a similar thought and won’t have a strong urge to buy. So keep that in mind.


Nike x Supreme Leather Anorak, image via Supreme Community

The two hoodies, the leather version being labeled as an Anorak and the other being called an Applique should both preform well. Fair warning as previously mentioned, the Anorak will have a lofty price tag. But as we say, big risk could come with a big pay out! The Anorak also has a beautiful box logo on the back too.

Applique Hoodie, image via Supreme Community

The Applique on the other hand will have immediate resale value as it will have a regular hoodie retail price tag at $160. While it’s mostly cotton, there are some leather accents. This may be item of the week for some.

Leather Baseball Jersey, image via Supreme. Community

The next duo is the leather baseball jersey and leather warm up pants. Again, these could be up to $400-$500 so be prepared if you have your eyes on these pieces for the personal collection or just looking to max out your credit card.

Image via Supreme Community

Accessories and Bags

Image via Supreme Community

First on the list, these sunglasses are estimated for around $100. Fitting with a retro theme, these aren’t a frame you see on most folks outside of dads. As usual, the red version may be the most popular. And don’t forget about those sexy box logos on the arms. Wouldn’t expect a crazy flip for these but still a great opp.

Image via Supreme Community

If you’re looking for some ice, you might as well get this 14k gold ring. Not much to be said about this one, blow some off your paycheck to get a Nike check on your finger. No Supreme branding, so you may want to leave it in the store if you had intentions of reselling.

Image via Supreme Community

Moving on we have the leather duffle bag. If you’re a big traveler and love to flex, this is for you. A very sick item to add to a personal collection. Duffles haven’t been preforming super well of recent but that’s not to say this can’t appreciate in value over time. I feel this is one of those judge by retail items.

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out the Nike x Supreme collab of FW 19, we have a trio of bandanas. Similar to the headband mentioned earlier, this is a perfect item to go after no matter where your interest lies. Whether you’re looking to resell or keep, you can’t go wrong. This will be put at $20 so there’s only room to sky rocket.

Release Info

When: November 29 (due to Thanksgiving), Japan Release November 30
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving an has some luck on this week 14 drop.

– Erik

Nike Air Foamposite One “Shattered Backboard”

Image via Kicks on Fire

A timeless hoop shoe gets a modern color combo this holiday season. Coming in the day before Thanksgiving, the Foamposite One is getting the shattered backboard treatment. Per usual, I’ll talk about some history, closer details on the shoe, the resale guide, as well as all the release info you need in order to cop these. Let’s go.

What’s in a Foamposite?

Time to learn about these unique sneakers. The Nike Foamposite, believe it or not, is 22 years old. That may be older than some of you readers. The Nike Basketball line introduced these in 1997 with an incredible technology that’s still used today. This advanced tech caused them to put the shoe at a lofty $170 price tag which was quite expensive back at that time. Primarily this shoe was designed for Penny Hardaway.

Image of original patent photos via Sneaker News

You can read more here about the actual process and how they use “pourable foam” to make the sneaker, it’s quite interesting.

Foamposite is made out of a material called polyurethane liquid.  It is heated to about 130-175 degrees fahrenheit and molded into the shape that we are now familiar with.  When worn on court, the Foamposite molds to the foot of the user resulting in a glove-like and unique fit.

Additionally, what’s odd is a company called Daewoo were the ones who made it possible to have the Foamposite material we all know and love today.  Daewoo went out of business in 1999, but they will forever live on as the sole company that made highly durable material, possible.  Their main business was to make cars and electronics so sneakers was much of a surprise when they produced the foamy material.

The SBB Line

The sneaker community has seen a lot of this color way in recent times. Semi self explanatory but to shed some light on the inspiration of this color combo – It is inspired by the uniform colors worn by MJ in 1986 when he shattered a glass backboard while dunking in an Italian exhibition game. Being that it was ’86, it’s only right that they drape an Air Jordan 1 in those hues.

You can see the actual clip here. Now let’s reminisce and take a look back on our catalogue of SBBs:

Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 High

Image via Flight Club

Reverse Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 High

Image via Flight Club

Shattered Backboard Jordan 31

Image via Kicks on Fire

Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 Low

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 High “Satin”

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Shattered Backboard Jordan 270 Mars

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 Mid

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Details on the Shattered Backboard Foamposite One

Image via Kicks on Fire

Any Foamposite traditionally never has too many differences from the next. As we talked about before, the foam material takes up a majority of the shoe. Generally a Foamposite is like a NikeID, only the colors will differ.

Image via Kicks on Fire

The molded foam has an all over graphic print in black and white. This print has the resemblance of shattered and broken glass, staying on theme. Finishing touches include black leather trimming, white laces, a blacked-out carbon fiber shank plate and a milky white translucent outsole.

Image via Kicks on Fire

Resale Guide

To be frank, it’s difficult to bear a $230 price tag if the sneaker is not either super limited/special for some reason, or a much desired and anticipated collaboration. As of recent, Foamposites haven’t been doing super well on the secondary market. I believe this can be attributed to the fact that 1. There are much lighter, more responsive shoes used for basketball and 2. People want a versatile looking sneaker, something that can be worn in a variety of occasions.

While this is a part of the Shattered Backboard collection we’ve seen, it would be hard to argue that it’s lost a little bit of it’s exclusivity and furthermore, demand. We ran through the list of sneakers and about half of them are preforming well. Bids are in the $1,000’s for the original SBB 1’s and well into the $600 – $700’s for the reverse SBB 1’s (my personal favorite). The satin SBB 1’s also have recorded sales just this week up to $800.

So far, the early pairs that have been circulating have been selling for just over retail, and after fees the sellers may even be in the red. With that being said, if you’re planning on buying these to rock, you should have a great chance!

Release Info

Release Date: November 27, 2019

Retail Price: $230

Where to Buy: Nike 10am ET
Foot Locker 10am ET
Finishline 10am ET
Dick’s 10am ET

Will the SBB Foamposite One restore some clout to the theme? Only time will tell. Pairs are pegged for November 27th so get yours then.

For a full list of the most profitable drops of November 2019, check out our post here–we make lists like these every month.

Sign up to our email list below and you’ll also get a free preview of our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook along with details about our exclusive winner’s circle.

Thanks for the time, hope you liked reading about the Shattered Backboard line and the newest addition. How do you feel about the SBB in general? Is it being run into the ground, do you want to see more? Let us know, we love hearing from you and as always, enjoy your sneakers.

– Erik

Soulland x Nike SB Blazer Release Details

Image via Sneaker News

Skate culture and sneakers have always had a close relationship. Skating and it’s popularity has had it’s ebbs and flows throughout the years. Now in 2019, it seems like skateboarding has had a major revival in mainstream pop culture. 

With skate brands like Supreme and Palace as hot as ever along with hit movies like Jonah Hill’s Mid90‘s, I think it’s safe to say this is true. Not to mention we’re seeing a massive amount of chunky shoes, that were regularly reserved to old skate silhouettes from DC, Lakai, Etnies, or of course Nike SBs.

Soulland, the label founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, is now on round 3 of it’s run with Nike and it’s skateboarding models. Soulland is putting it’s twist on a classic, the Nike SB Blazer. Earlier this summer, the Scandinavian brand revealed the collaboration at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The sneaker is given a nickname 03. Soulland delivers it with this name to celebrate the revitalizing vibes that arrive on Friday.

The Story of Soulland

Image of store front via

To me, it’s always important to know who the other side of the collaboration is. Let’s talk about Soulland and provide some background. 

Soulland opened up its first flagship store in Copenhagen in August 2013, which in addition to showcasing latest collections also is home to pop-up concerts and social events.

Soulland was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. Through Soulland, Silas Adler, Creative Director and Jacob Kampp Berliner, CEO, present their take on the modern clothing brand.

With design principles and aestethics deeply rooted in artisanship, Soulland produces high quality menswear with a timeless twist. Soulland strives to support independent manufacturers and believes that sourcing as locally as possible will create healthier local relationships and environments. We love this mission and it’s something we all can agree on.

“Soulland notably sources materials from production facilities in Italy, France and Portugal, increasingly focusing on GOTS certified factories and the idea of Sustainability. Soulland’s philosophy serves the goal of creating garments with a contemporary and cutting edge feel whilst putting emphasis on subtle touches, both with regards to design and materials.” (

Image of Soulland shop in Denmark via Pinterest @Linh Le
Details on the SB Blazer
Image via Sneaker News

There’s a lot to unpack on this shoe – this isn’t the standard issue Blazer. An all snakeskin upper with a jewel swoosh is on top of the classic, textured sail midsole.

Hockey style patterned laces are thrown over the tongue which features the exposed foam we all have grown to love. A dark red Nike SB emblem is notched into the tongue tab.

Image via Sneaker News
Next we go to the back of the shoe. Large chenille swooshes wrap around the heel of the shoe giving off a luxe touch.

Additionally, FRI and DAY are embossed on the heel tab in a plush tumbled leather, a lovely contrast to the snakeskin. To wrap up, we see the bold Soulland logo stamped on the outsole.
Image via Sneaker News

History with Nike

As previously mentioned, this is not Soulland’s first time working with the Swoosh. In 2017, the Danish menswear brand put out SB Dunk highs and lows.

Image of the Soulland Dunk High via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image of the Soulland Dunk Low via Sneaker News

If we go back to 2016, the first installment of the Friday collection had begun. Staying true to their skate roots, they teamed up with legendary skater Eric Koston to work some of his signature shoes. Soulland made a Koston 1 as well as a Koston 3 Hyperfeel.

Image of the Soulland Koston 1 via Sneaker News
Image of Soulland Koston 3 Hyperfeel via Sneaker News

The goal with this campaign was to make Eric Koston’s most iconic model and his latest signature model to transform into lifestyle ready wears while retaining the performance qualities that make them such regular skate standouts.

Resale Predictions

Image via Sneaker News

When it comes to cashing in on the sneaker market, what can we expect from this Blazer?

It’s tough to tell at this point. However, at $150 retail, it would be hard to imagine you wouldn’t at least get your money back on the secondary market.

We have seen the Dunk highs preform extremely well over there 2 years of tenure. Their counterpart, the low, hasn’t done as well. This wouldn’t worry me as this upcoming Blazer will undoubtably be the best sneaker that Soulland has done. Similarly, I feel good about these based on the trends we see right now – Blazers, snakeskin, misplaced swooshes. Can’t go wrong.

Retail Price: $150
Resale Value: ~$200-$300
Potential Profit: $50-$150 per pair

Initial Thoughts

To summarize, this is *subjectively a great sneaker. All hype aside I believe a lot of folks would want to get their hands on these, myself included. In an atmosphere where we are so influenced by hype, we also are seeing more and more big heads like DJ Clark Kent, Mayor, Wale, and more tell us to cop what we like.

To me, this is a pair of shoes a lot of people will like and enjoy – and to add, will look good the more wear they get. In conclusion, skate them, go get a latte in them, go to the movies in them, spill some beer on them, whatever.

Release Info and Sitelist

Release Date: Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Price: $150

As of now launch events will happen at Soulland’s store in Copenhagen and the legendary Mortar skate shop in Tokyo. It’ll also be available on Nike SNKRS in Europe, and at select retailers. We are hoping to get a larger, US release soon.

As always, members of the SFSH Cook group and readers of our Hypemaster Playbook will have the tools and resources they need to succeed and profit.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about these sneaker. Is skateboarding back? Let us know how you feel about this skate culture resurgence and as always, enjoy your sneakers.

– Erik